Best Mini Fridge for Dorm

Dorm rooms. A lot of fun. Not a lot of space. Get creative with a mini-fridge.

Dorm rooms. A lot of fun. Not a lot of space. Get creative with a mini-fridge. Haier mini fridge at Amazon.

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Maybe you have an unlimited meal plan from the dining hall. Maybe you’re on your own for meals while at school. Either way, a mini fridge for your dorm is a great call.

Looking for the answer? I like the Haier Mini Fridge. You can get it at Amazon. 

They hold snacks and drinks for you and your friends, and also provide a little extra shelf space for a potentially cramped room.

Question is, which mini fridge is the best for your dorm?

I picked out the top 4 mini fridges available at Amazon. Here’s a run down of their most appealing features as well as their potential drawbacks.

Gourmia 6 Can Mini Fridge

The Gourmia GMF600 Portable 6 Can Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer is a best seller for compact fridges. It is the most affordable option, but also one of the smallest.

A compact way to store a 6 pack

Actual space available inside the fridge is small at 8.5” x 5.75” x 5.25,” or 12 liters. It’s ideal for holding a 6 pack of 12 ounce soda or beer cans. It’s only about 3 pounds, making it perfectly compact and easy to move often. It also features a removable shelf and comes in white, making it easily match any type of dorm decor (perfect for decorating with stickers or small posters!).

See the Gourmia mini fridge at Amazon.

Economical and portable

If you’re looking to house food or snacks other than 12 ounce cans, this may not be the model for you. But if you just want a convenient, economic small storage option, the Gourmia is a great choice.

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Midea Compact Refrigerator

This model is more expensive than the Gourmia, but it comes with many more features that make it worth the price. It’s much larger, with a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. It weighs about 22 pounds and features adjustable temperature control from 32℉ to 35.6 ℉.

Reversible door

One of the best features of this mini fridge is its stainless steel door with reversible hinges, meaning it can open to the left or right depending on your needs – perfect for getting the most out of your limited dorm space.

Check out the Midea Mini Fridge at Amazon!

Not the best freezer

A potential drawback of this model is its freezer space. While it has a spacious refrigerated interior for storing snacks and drinks, it also features a small freezing area/shelf on top. Some people noted dissatisfaction with the area’s freezing abilities, as well as the limited amount of freezer space it provides.

It can fit about a small bag of frozen vegetables and a couple mini cups of ice cream (not even a full pint). If you want or need the extra freezer space, this mini fridge may not be for you.

Simple fridge, good price

But if you’re looking for a simple fridge at a fairly economic price with some handy features, this is a decent option.

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Haier Refrigerator/Freezer

The Haier mini fridge is comparable to the price of the Midea, but may be much better suited for your dorm room needs. It has a 1.7 cubic feet capacity and weighs about 30 pounds. Its door is also made of stainless steel and features the reversible hinges.

Flat back design saves space

It has a recessed door handle and a flat back design, both features made with space saving in mind. The slide out wire shelving and adjustable storage options make this a versatile and convenient option for all kinds of foods.

Here the Haier at Amazon.

Just the essentials in here. Always be prepared for refreshment!

Just the essentials in here. Always be prepared for refreshment!

Powerful freezer

The Haier also bests the Midea on freezing abilities. Its freezer compartment comes with an ice cube tray and a manual adjustable thermostat. However, some warn not to turn up the freezer too high or the whole unit becomes a freezer, the refrigerator part included!

RCA IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

The RCA is the largest and most expensive model at the on our list, but this means you get a bigger bang for your buck.

Cool color options

One of the most appealing features of this mini fridge, particularly for dorm use, is the fact that it comes in multiple colors. Choose your favorite or one that compliments your room decor to bring a pop of color into your living space.

See color options for the RCA fridge at Amazon. 

Big capacity

Coming in at 47 pounds, 22” x 19” x 33,” and 3.2 cubic feet of storage, this is a large model perfect if you are on a limited dining hall meal plan and need to provide a few meals and snacks for yourself every week.

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Reversible door and slide-out shelves

It also comes with the handy reversible door feature, an adjustable thermostat, and slide out shelving for easy cleaning and storage. With low energy consumption and built in can and bottle holders, this model is ideal for a college student.


Mini fridges improve your quality of life in college, making them a good investment. Dorm living can be limited, so you’ve got to get creative. College is a fun time of learning and creating new friendships. The experience can be even better with a few snacks and drinks on hand in your brand new mini fridge.

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