Best Electric Tea Kettle for the Office

No coffee maker at the office? With an electric kettle and a pour over dripper, you can have coffee whenever!

No coffee maker at the office? With an electric kettle and a pour over dripper, you can have coffee whenever! The Aicok Kettle at Amazon.

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Electric tea kettles are great. They generally heat up faster than a stove top kettle and don’t require that you have an entire stove to do it. This makes them great for the office if yours doesn’t have a kitchen.

And the winner is…Aicok Stainless Steel Electric Kettle at Amazon. 

They are much safer than stovetop kettles because they are engineered to turn off once the water boils. Plus you can place them on any surface you wish to because the bottom of the carafe stays cool to the touch.

But you may wonder what you should be looking for when deciding which electric tea kettle you should get.

I have taken the time to do some research, pair it together with some first-hand knowledge and try and find 3 electric kettles that will suit the needs of those of you looking to enjoy some freshly made tea or coffee in the office — even if your office has no kitchen!

Aicok Stainless Steeel Electric Kettle

This is a gorgeous electric tea kettle. It is made with brushed stainless steel and will make an elegant addition to any office. But is it more than just good looks?

Just as hot as you like

It has precise temperature control. You can heat your water to 6 different temperatures with a mere push of the button. The temperature settings are 160º for delicate tea, 175º for green tea, 185º for white tea, 190º for oolong tea, 200º for french press french press coffee, and 212º for anything that needs boiling water (cup o’ ramen anyone?).

Good capacity. Easy clean.

It has a holding capacity of 8 cups (or 1.7 liters) and measurement lines, so you know how far you have filled it up. It also has a 90-second memory function which will remember what temp you selected and returns to heating if you pick up the kettle and put it back down. There’s a removable filter for easy cleaning and a power base that can swivel 360 degrees.

See all the features of the Aicok Stainless here at Amazon. 

Solid guarantee

The company will also stand by its product giving you a 30 money back guarantee if you have any issues or the device does not meet your expectations. If you have an issue with it after that, then they will replace the product for you, free of charge, provided that you are still within the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Should you buy this one?

I like the way that this kettle looks. It has a futuristic feel to it, which is appropriate since we are heating water without a stove! Also, the 6 temperature presets is a nice touch and helps to ensure you don’t overheat your water, giving you the perfect brew every time.

Make tea, make noodles, make coffee. An electric kettle makes the office feel more like home.

Make tea, make noodles, make coffee. An electric kettle makes the office feel more like home.

Aicok Glass Electric Kettle

Another product from Aicok, this 1.7-liter capacity kettle could become a conversation piece at the office because it is made of glass and it is pretty fun to watch water once it has reached a rolling boil.

Blue bubbles!

The Aicok glass has an LED indicator light to let you know when the water is beginning to boil and it will cut off at the desired temperature. It will also cut itself off once your water has reached the set temperature.

Cool look, stay-cool handle

Along with the cut off safety feature, this kettle also has a double layer stay-cool handle so you don’t need to be worried about burning yourself while pouring a glass of tea, coffee, or whatever else you may be making (instant oats is fast and filling).

Good boiling speed

It has 1500 watts of power to help the water boil faster, and it can come to a full boil within 5 to 6 minutes. Perfect if you need your water to reach a boil quickly, so you can be on time to your meeting, with a fresh cup of tea in hand.

Check out the blue lights on the Aicok Kettle at Amazon.

Keeps it tidy

It has a convenient design that lets you hide the excess cord under the base of the kettle, cutting out any unwanted clutter. As well as a 360-degree power swivel base.

Of course, Aicok will stand by their product to ensure you love it. They offer a two-year warranty on this device. If you have any issues with it, simply contact the manufacturer, and they will handle it.

Should you get this one?

This is a very nice looking product, and it gives you a good amount of power in a small device. The LED indicator on the inside of it is a very nice touch and makes it easier to tell if the water is ready while adding a bit of ambiance to your workspace.

Although it boils water in 5 minutes, several other devices can boil your water much faster than that. All in all, this is what you want if you’d like a little more visual interest in your office kettle. 

Bella 1.2 liter electric ceramic tea kettle

The Belle tea kettle is a little bit of a different design, and that is why I decided to put it on the list. Of course, it is more than just a decorative piece, but the white ceramic along with the ability to choose from many different designs with different colors is a huge plus for this piece.

Easy on-off

It only takes a flip of a switch to get from cold water to boiling water for your tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or any other reason you would need to boil water. It also has a blue LED light that turns on whenever you turn on the device, making sure you always know when it is on or off.

Gooseneck controlled pour

It also has a fully detachable base so you can take the kettle with you. There is a gooseneck spout helping you to have a controlled pour and keeps you from spilling any water on your desk, your keyboard, or worse.

See the Bella Kettle at Amazon.

Should you get this kettle?

The full ceramic construction is fairly unique in the kettle world. It makes it feel like you’re adding a bit of old-world charm to your space, instead of yet another piece of machinery. For me, tea and coffee is about the ritual as much as the drink itself, which is one of the reasons I like this kettle.

Wrap – Up

Any of these three products will work in your office. The glass Aicok is nice to watch work, and the Bella is beautiful to look at. But I think the winner here is the Aicok stainless steel electric kettle from Amazon.

Not only is it beautiful, but it has 6 presets that will heat the water up to the temperature that you need and not a degree higher. No more scorching your tea or burning your coffee, which is important to someone like me who cares about the quality of my beverage.  Because of that, I think it is the best product on this list.

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