Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

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Need to open some large cans? Use an electric opener and save your strength!

Need to open some large cans? Use an electric opener and save your strength! The Black + Decker opener at Amazon. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is not even one person in this world that doesn’t have to use a can opener from time to time. Heck, I need them several times per week.

Skip to the end? I like the Black + Decker Spacemaker Opener.

But what about for big cans? I host quite a few events throughout a month’s time, and nearly every time I have a party people ask me to make my baked beans. Of course, I oblige. But because we are generally feeding several people at a time, and I am always pressed for time (I always wait until the last minute to start cooking) I need some help opening the several giant cans of baked beans I have.

I guess I could use a regular ole can opener but who wants to sit there and crank a lever for minutes at a time? Enter the electric can opener for large cans.

Now, this is a subject in which I like to think of myself as a sort of expert on. Over the years, I have gone through quite a few electric can openers, and most of them seem to break way too soon. Others don’t hold on to the cans for the entire rotation and I end up having to guide the can myself, negating any benefits you get from electric can openers.

Today I want to share with you the electric can openers that are strong enough, and durable enough to open the largest to the smallest cans.

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

This can opener may look like it is just your run of the mill electric can opener, but most certainly isn’t. It has a motor that is powerful and will keep it going for years after you purchase it. Its precision “Power Cut” blade makes opening canned goods a breeze. The base on this thing is wide enough to keep the unit standing while you open some of the larger cans that you can buy.

One-touch operation makes this opener quick and easy to use.

With a magnetic lid holder attached to a press and release lever, removing the lid is safe and easy. No need to worry about sharp edges!

Here’s the Cuisinart electric opener at Amazon.

The lever, magnet and blade are all removable, making clean up much easier than with some electric openers. It’s also a good height allowing you to open cans that are taller.

Also, it comes with a limited 3-year warranty.

Should you get the Cuisinart?

This is probably the opener you picture in your mind when you think of an electric can opener. While it isn’t anything fancy, the price on this one keeps it within any budget. Plus, Cuisinart makes good quality products and the reviews favor this opener.

Bartelli Soft Edge Electric Can Opener

This innovative new product is handheld and electric at the same time. This solves the problem you often run into with opening larger cans. Many can upright can openers are not strong enough to hold up larger cans. The fact that this one works while the can sits on the countertop means size no longer matters. 

Here’s the Bartelli opener at Amazon. 

It will open any sized can with ease, all you have to do is mount it on the can and press the button. The unit turns around the can then automatically shuts off when it has completed opening the can.

When you’re done, you can place it in a draw and keep open that counter space which many other electric can openers would take up. This makes it great for apartments or homes with small kitchens and limited counter space.

It is very safe, automatically cutting around the side of the can so there are no sharp edges and creates a resealable lid because the edges are so smooth. This product uses 4 double A batteries and comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Because this opener is so safe and easy to use, it is great for individuals with arthritis or other joint problems. No more sore wrists from manually opening cans, or spinning the can in electric openers that aren’t up to par. Let this one do all the work for you!

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Should you get the Bartelli can opener?

This can opener is perfect for anybody who has arthritis, hand injuries, or just doesn’t want to have to work hard to open a can. The assistive shut off is an awesome addition to a can opener that’s very reliable.

For the most part, this will work every time. But when using it on heavier cans, the gears sometimes begin to slip. If you use your other hand to guide the can along, that should stop it from slipping.

Black + Decker Spacemaker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

This is can opener is a monstrous thing. It mounts under your kitchen cabinet (this is why it is called the space saver) freeing up counter, and cabinet space.

The can opener glides through and cuts the can in a matter of seconds. The magnet of the can opener will hold the can up on its own, but if you are opening a large can, it is a good idea to hold it up, so the gears don’t begin to skip. It also comes with an auto shutoff function that turns the can opener off when it completes an entire revolution.

The Black + Decker Spacemaker is a 4-on-1 can opener. It opens cans (duh), and has a built-in knife sharpener, bag opener, and bottle opener.

See the Black + Decker at Amazon. 

The Black + Decker Spacemaker is a 3 in 1 can opener. It opens cans (duh), has a built-in knife sharpener, and a built-in bottle opener.

It has a swing door that hides everything on the device making it sleek looking, and the power cord can be stored in the back of the unit.

This device comes with a limited 1-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects.

So many cans to open... So glad you're getting an electric can opener!

So many cans to open… So glad you’re getting an electric can opener!

Should you get the Black and Decker?

This is my favorite device because it has so many different uses and you can mount it underneath your cabinets. It does everything it is supposed to with ease, and you never have to go searching through your cabinets for the can opener again.

Make sure you have the right skills and tools to install it or know someone who does and can help out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with cans of all sizes?

The Bartelli and the Black + Decker should work with cans of all sizes, the Cuisinart will work with many sizes, but maybe not all sizes.

Due to the design of the Bartelli, it is able to open any size can with ease. It sits right on top of the can and has no base, which means it isn’t restricted by the size of the can, large or small.

Black + Decker’s Spacemaker can open cans of all sizes. The magnet can hold cans of most sizes up on its own, but it’s probably best to support heavier cans a bit to prevent the gears from slipping, just in case. Again, since this opener does not have a base, it isn’t limited to standard can sizes.

The Cuisinart will work well for most household can opening tasks, but is limited by its base. Since it is almost 11” high, it can open most cans with ease, but if you have oversized cans that need to be opened for parties or cookouts, you might run into a problem and have to revert back to a manual opener.

Will it leave sharp edges on the lid?

Some of these will, some won’t.

As stated in the name, the Bartelli Soft Edge Electric Can Opener shouldn’t leave a sharp edge on cans, though some have reported finding metal shavings or splinters leftover after use.

The other two openers listed do leave sharp edges, though no sharper than a standard manual opener. Both of these options have magnets to help hold the lid after opening so you don’t have to worry about pulling the lid off the can and cutting your finger.

All of these options are safer than a manual can opener which results in sharp edges that you have to touch to remove the lid from the can.

How loud is it?

With any new kitchen appliance noise is a concern, these can openers are no exception.

Electric can openers do create a bit of noise, as most electric appliances do. Thankfully, none of these produce an offensive amount of noise, and they don’t make the noise for too long either, as they each quickly complete their task.

The noises they do produce can help you understand whether or not the machine is working properly. For example, the Bartelli will sound different when the batteries are drying.

Do these come in other colors?

The Cuisinart Deluxe only comes in black. This may seem limiting but it will go with any color scheme you have. The other two have other color options.

The Bartelli can be found in some fun colors to match your kitchen scheme or personality. You can pick between blue, purple, and red, whichever suits your fancy.

The Black + Decker Spacemaker comes in black or white. Not much variety, but either one will match most kitchens.

Utility is more important than aesthetic, don’t forget that when shopping for your new electric can opener.

Is it plug or battery operated?

While the Cuisinart and the Black + Decker are both meant to be plugged in, the Bartelli is battery operated.

Make sure you have an outlet within reach of where you want to place or install you plug-operated opener. If you don’t, you’ll find your kitchen cluttered with extension cords and get frustrated opening cans when the whole reason you bought the thing was to eliminate stress.

High-quality, batteries are recommended for best use. Do not use off-brand batteries and expect it to last long, it takes a bit of juice to power it. Good-quality rechargeable batteries are your best bet for the Bartelli. This will cut down on cost and your environmental impact.

How easy is it to clean?

Don’t wash these with soap and water, this might cause them to rust (a stated above).

The Cuisinart and the Black + Decker are easy to cleat as the metal parts come off and can be washed separately from the base. Use a damp rag to wipe off any mess and let air dry before putting it back together.

The Bartelli does not come apart, so it might be a little more difficult to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp rag, making sure clean the blade well.

Wrap – Up

For the longest time, I hated using electric can openers because they would always break on me. But now that I have finally found some that work I will never go back to using manual can openers. Of course, I still have some around for emergencies though.

Oh and as a PSA no not wash these with soap and water. Otherwise, the gears will rust and the can opener will be worthless to you. If you need to clean your can opener, just wipe it down with a rag.

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    I totally agree that manual openers were a bit of a task, however many electric can openers have their own issues like the one’s you have already answered in this post, especially the concern is the sharp corner that these openers leave behind. But if you want to go cheap I think manual ones are dependable. Thanks for the review.