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Best Leave In Meat Thermometer for Oven

black and gray digital thermometer stuck in side of cooked turkey

  The best leave in meat thermometer for your oven will assure you that you’re cooking or roasting a delicious meal to share with family and friends. With one of the best oven leave in meat thermometers we review here, you can measure the internal temperature of the meat, so you have a healthy, but … Read more

Heat and Sweet: Delicious Grilled Desserts

If you didn’t know about grilled desserts before, then you’ve been missing out on some of the tastiest food on earth. The tastiest grilled desserts on this earth can go toe to toe with the best non-fried non-heated, cold desserts out there. You just need to find the right ones. Grilled Pineapple Sundaes This looks … Read more

Here’s How to use a Smoker Grill in 8 Easy Steps

Barbequing in the United States is a tradition as well known as apple pies and the fourth of July. Grilling hot dogs and steaks in your backyard is one of the most American traditions out there and that’s why there are so many grills and brick ovens in residential areas around the USA. This is … Read more

How to Use Smoker Chips in Any Type of Grill

Smoker chips are wooden chips that emanate a flavored smoke when you burn it. When you blend more than one smoker chip together, they give off a combination of different flavors. If you want to use smoker chips, first, know about the most common types to use for grilling. The 5 Types of Smoker Chips … Read more

The Best Oven Thermometer – So You Can Cook Perfectly

What is an Oven Thermometer? Doesn’t it get frustrating when you place a dish in the oven and adjust the timer to ensure your food cooks thoroughly? When you take it out, the food is undercooked. You followed the recipe and even double checked to make sure you are following each step properly. You don’t … Read more

Best Wireless Thermometers for Smoking {Dual-Probe}

It’s no secret that barbecuing is an American tradition. Whether it is summertime cookouts or tailgate parties during football season, one thing can be counted on: Outdoor chefs around the nation are firing up their grills and doing their best Johnny Trigg impressions. The hottest pick? I recommend the ThermoPro Thermometer at Amazon. It works … Read more

Best Porcelain Grilling Brushes

Make those sausages taste better. Clean your grill.

Looking for a grill brush for your porcelain grates? You’re in the right place! One of the most overlooked aspects of grilling the perfect steak is the cleanliness of your grill grates. If you do not properly clean your grill, your taste-buds will suffer. My Favorite Brush? Take a look at the Brushtech at Amazon. The … Read more

Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates

Keeping your grill clean with the products below is the best way to prolong the life of your grill.

There is no doubt that stainless steel is quality cookware. It is tough and durable, and will long outlast its users with minimal care. High quality stainless steel retains heat more effectively than cast iron. It won’t rust or corrode nearly as readily as cast iron. It will not leach its flavor into the food … Read more

Best Indoor Grill for Burgers

    Who doesn’t love having burgers on the grill? The grill lines from the grates, the flavor that the charcoal and hickory chips infuse into the meat. It is no secret that hamburgers on the grill are simply better than any other burger. Need to know NOW? I picked the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing … Read more

Best Way to Clean Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grill Grates

grill grate

Cast iron has been used in cookware for thousands of years, spanning different civilizations. Its durability remains unmatched. Compared to many other modern forms of cookware, it remains relatively inexpensive. The health benefits of cast iron are singular—no other widely available cooking surface actively contributes a considerable amount of a necessary nutrient (iron, naturally) the … Read more

Best Indoor Grill for Chicken

    There are times when you want to have some grilled chicken but aren’t able to make it to the grill. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe you don’t have enough charcoal or propane (depending on the fuel your grill uses). It could just be that you don’t want to fire up the entire … Read more

Where is the Best Place to buy Weber Grills?

With the changing of the seasons quickly approaching us, there is no better time to purchase a new grill. Why, you ask? Even though the weather is changing, the leaves are falling, and some of us are beginning to experience cooler temperatures, this is still a time of year that prominently features barbecue. With the … Read more

Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio

At first glance, you might think that a grill mat isn’t worth investing in. It doesn’t help the grill perform any better, it won’t make your charcoal burn any hotter, and it certainly won’t make your food taste any better.  Want to skip to the end? I like the GrillTex Under the Grill Protective Patio … Read more

Who Makes the Best Gas Grills

The barbecue has become a staple in the American tradition. We use it as a way to bring friends and families together, but we don’t even really need a reason to throw barbecues. Sure, we tend to use summer holidays as an excuse to throw some wings, ribs, and beans on the grill while chugging … Read more

Best Grill Mat for Wood Deck

    Grilling out on the back deck is as American as ketchup on a hot dog! Preferably a nice, char-grilled hot dog. There are no shortages of blogs, books, and even clubs celebrating and expanding the knowledge around back deck grilling. In a rush?  Check out my favorite grill mat at Amazon. However, with … Read more

Best Basting Brush For Grilling

the best basting brush for grilling

Basting brushes are essential tools for any novice or a grill-master. Whether you’re just grilling a few pieces of chicken or a full ham, a basting brush can make your life infinitely easier. You can check out my favorite basting brush at Amazon. They allow you to slather on large amounts of any oil, sauce, … Read more

Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for a Smoker

  It’s no secret that barbecuing is an American tradition. Whether it is summertime cookouts or tailgate parties during football season, one thing can be counted on: Outdoor chefs around the nation are firing up their grills and doing their best Johnny Trigg impressions. Barbecuing is more than throwing your food on the grill and … Read more

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Stainless Steel Grill

    When purchasing a stainless steel grill, one of the major factors you consider is the aesthetics. Nobody wants a grill that they can’t be proud to show off when they have guests over. A beautiful grill does so much more than just look nice on the back porch. It makes you want to … Read more

Best Dual Probe Wireless Grill Thermometer

    There are a ton of tools out there that will kick your grilling experience up a notch. Everything from brushes to clean your grates to pans for the top of the grill. My top choice: Here’s the ThermoPro Thermometer at Amazon.  Today we are going to discuss one of my favorite subjects, a way to modify … Read more

Best Way to Clean Cast Iron Griddle

Cast iron griddle on a marble background

    There’s a lot of debate surrounding the best way to clean cast iron skillets. Do you use soap? Can you clean with oil? Should you even clean it at all? Part of this debate stems from the fact that how you should clean your cast iron griddle depends on how dirty it is … Read more

Best Grill Brushes for Stainless Steel Grates

Today I want to talk about brushes for stainless steel grates. Stainless steel is durable and allows for more sturdy brushes, making your clean up a little bit easier. My recommendation is the BBQ-Aid because it’s so sturdy and versatile. See it at Amazon. However, there are going to be some things that you want to … Read more

Best Instant-Read Thermometers

It seems like every guy out there wants to be known as the “go-to guy” when it comes to cooking the perfect meal on the grill.   And who can blame us really? My favorite is the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo because it’s built to last—feels sturdy. See it at Amazon. It is something that seems to … Read more

Best Grilling Pan for Your Barbecue

    Question: Who loves the taste of fresh shrimp hot off the grill? Answer: Everybody. The Problem: Grill grates are too wide and your shrimp ends up falling right through to the coals. Nobody loves that.  So you’re out of luck right? Wrong, a barbecue grill pan lets you get that smoky flavor into anything that … Read more

Best Grill Pan for Ceramic Cooktops

    Everybody loves having a freshly cooked burger, or maybe a nicely seared steak. But sometimes it is just too much work to fire up the grill for a simple meal for one or two people. Not to mention the weather doesn’t always cooperate when you want to grill. In a hurry? Check out … Read more

The Best Way to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill

Nothing you put on the grill says lush, decadent, buttery better than lobster. But, these delightful, 10-legged crustaceans weren’t always the delicacy we consider them today. Native Americans on the Northeast coastline often used lobsters as fertilizer. Colonial Americans regarded them as fit for children, the poor, and indentured servants. In fact, by the 1800s, … Read more

What are the Best Baskets for Grilling Vegetables

Grill all the things!

It’s time to get outside, light the grill, and start cooking. It’s good to remember, though, that while the grill has long been the domain of meat, there’s no reason why it can’t add flavor to your favorite vegetables. If you’re anything like me, you love grilling up all the veggies from your garden. However, … Read more

Best Way to Cook Country-Style Ribs on the Grill

Country-style ribs come from the blade end of the pork loin, close to the shoulder area of the hog. They may or may not include the “feather” bones and some of the shoulder blade, and you can find both boneless and bone-in. They are very meaty, meatier than many other rib cuts, and make an … Read more

The Best Brine for Smoking Salmon

In the days before refrigeration, brining was used to preserve meat and fish. At that time, a it was necessary to add a lot of salt. Today, with our modern refrigerators, we need only add enough to do the job of retaining the moisture in smoked meat or fish. The way brine works is simple—all … Read more

The Best Fish Baskets for Perfect Grilling

  With the summer coming to an end, you’ve had a ton of time to get out there and catch the big one. When it’s time to get that fish on the fire, trying to figure out what to cook it on its its own challenge. Grill baskets are the perfect answer. There are a … Read more

Best Way to Cook Salmon on the Grill

There’s a lot of us who answer “salmon” to the question, “What’s your favorite fish,” and that’s because of its unique buttery flavor, the tenderness, the intense color…. Well, we could go on and on, couldn’t we? You can bake salmon, pan fry it, poach it… …but one of the best ways to cook it … Read more

Best Way to Grill a Whole Pork Loin

There are some people who are afraid to grill a whole pork loin. I know you’re out there. You cut it up into slices, grill the outside, and then shove it in the oven to finish. No, no, don’t hide, come right out. Today is your day. There are, of course, some secret tips to … Read more

Best Indoor Electric Grill for Korean BBQ [2021]

Korean barbecues have become an incredibly popular dining experience as the world has become increasingly globalized. We’re not restricted to Chinese, Italian, and Indian restaurants anymore. There’s Thai, Nepalese, Moroccan options, and many more, including Korean. Make your own Korean bbq at home.  My recommendation is this electric grill from Amazon. Korean barbecue is an … Read more

What’s the Best Indoor Grill for Steaks

Cook steak whenever you please with the best indoor grill!

How do you cook your steak? Do you marinate it first? Do you tenderize it? Fry it up or toss it on the grill? There are so many ways to cook a steak, and it’s really up to you how you like it. Rare, blue, well done….They’re such a versatile cut of meat. One of … Read more

What’s the Best Pizza Peel for Big Green Egg

The folks at Big Green Egg don’t hold back on quality. They have gained a notable reputation in their industry as one of the best grills and smokers on the market, due to the quality and versatility. You can grill meat, smoke meat, and even cook a pizza with this eggcellent machine, you’ll just need … Read more

What’s the Best Lump Charcoal for Smoking

Looking for the best lump charcoal for smoking? You’re in the right place! My favorite premium option is the Fogo All Natural Hardwood (see pricing at Amazon, it’s expensive!). A cheaper, easier-to-get option is the Royal Oak (See pricing at Amazon). (Home Depot, Lowes, & Ace have R.O.) Smoking meat and fish seems to be more … Read more

What’s the Best Meat Injector for BBQ

    It’s no secret that most anyone can grill a plain piece of meat on the grill and walk away with an edible meal. If you’re looking to really amp up the flavors of your barbecue to a mind-bogglingly awesome level, though, you’re going to want to get your hands on a meat injector. … Read more

What’s the Best Lump Charcoal for Big Green Egg

  Big Green Egg leads the way when it comes to backyard ceramic grills and smokers. If you have shelled out the cash to buy one of these little beauties, it stands to reason that you want to fill it with high-quality ingredients. This isn’t limited to the meat and vegetables you’re cooking up. What … Read more

Best BBQ Appetizers

A good grill or barbecue should be more than just good times and meat. A balance of flavors is important at any meal. Some of your friends may even be vegetarians (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So, while you are slow cooking a prime piece of brisket (see my recipe for a great … Read more

Best Probe Thermometer for Smoking Meat

Although smoking was traditionally a means of preserving meat, it has recently become a favorite means cooking it. It’s easily the best way of bringing out rich flavors in brisket, ribs, and various other cuts of meat, succulent to the point that it falls easily from the bone. Meats can be treated in a brine, … Read more

Best Way to Smoke a Turkey

Turkey is one of the most iconic birds of the New World and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, too. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving day to impress your friends and family with your very own smoked turkey. While some may think a whole turkey must be roasted in the oven and balk … Read more

Best Recipe for Smoked Salmon

Salmon has come full circle in the last few hundred years, from a cheap and plentiful source of protein that needed to be preserved, to a high-priced delicacy, and now a food that can be bought at any supermarket. Salmon is certainly here to stay and, whether paired with scrambled eggs for breakfast or caviar … Read more

Best Smoked Salmon Brine

There has always been a certain romance associated with salmon. Whether as part of a Christmas breakfast and served with scrambled eggs, or as the main course at a lavish banquet, there’s something special about salmon. There is an old Irish story that recounts a legend of a salmon who possessed all the knowledge of … Read more

Best Infrared Thermometer for Grilling

Repeatedly prodding your meat with a probe thermometer may let juices escape.

    Men don’t always like to ask for help, even those who are avid barbecuers. In the super masculine world of outdoor cooking, some guys view thermometers as a “crutch.” However, experienced grillers who want to hone their craft—and people who don’t have the time to grill regularly—have realized that having a couple of … Read more

Best Smoked Brisket Rub Recipe

Everyone knows that a smoked brisket is only as good as the rub that seasons it. To really achieve the most flavorful and tender meat, it’s important to select a rub recipe that hits all of the major flavor profiles without masking the wonderful flavor and texture of the meat itself. Throw caution to the … Read more

Best Smoker/Gas Combination Grill

Cook steak whenever you please with the best indoor grill!

    We all like to think that we are great cooks. Some have paid their dues in the kitchen, while others like to wax lyrical about recipes they’ve seen on food television. In any case, grilling is an art in of itself and can be a lot of fun. Once you have mastered the … Read more

What is the Best Pizza Stone for Kamado Grills

Pizza stones are very impressive features in their own right. They’re often beautifully crafted, drawing attention from friends, not to mention they make super delicious pizza. Traditionally, pizza stones are used in big, old-timey, clay pizza ovens… but let’s be honest. Ain’t nobody got time (or enough clay) to build a giant pizza oven. For … Read more

Best Smoker for Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest meat options, and can be enjoyed in many different recipes and dishes. If you love the health benefits of fish, and enjoy the traditional smoky flavor of backyard barbecue, try using a smoker for your next fishy feast. I use this electric smoker for ease of use and consistency! … Read more

Best Pizza Stone for Charcoal Grills

Everyone loves grilling, and everyone loves pizza, so why does it seem like these two culinary cousins don’t get along at the BBQ family reunion? There are pizza parties, and summer get-togethers would seem a little strange if there wasn’t the whiff of smoke in the air. It would certainly be noticed and probably be … Read more

Best Way to Smoke a Prime Rib

A smoked prime rib isn’t just any ordinary dish. It’s big, bold, manly food that takes time, care and patience. Prime rib is a popular choice at steakhouses and barbecues across the country. And smoking the meat adds an extra element to an already mouth-watering piece of steak. Fans of smoked prime rib are probably … Read more

Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills

Repeatedly prodding your meat with a probe thermometer may let juices escape.

There are two types of people in this world: people who like smoked meats, and people who don’t know what they’re missing. If you’ve ever traveled down to the southern parts of the United States, you know how serious they are about their smoked meats. Find my top picks for smoker boxes here at Amazon. … Read more

Best Smoker Thermometer

In a world dominated by the instant gratification of takeout and lackluster frozen foods, there’s something so primitive and beautiful about dedicating a whole day to smoking a cut of meat. My Favorite? ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Thermometer at Amazon Adding a smoker to your arsenal of meat-preparation appliances is sure to elevate your cooking game, … Read more

Best Smoker Pellets

  Looking for the best smoker pellets? You’re in the right place. You probably know that smoking with wood pellets is convenient. All you have to do is set a timer—and then go do whatever else you need to do before your guests arrive. My favorite is the economic, Smokehouse brand for the fruitwoods (check the … Read more

Best Way to Smoke a Chicken

Smoked chicken. Hot, juicy, and tender. Comfort food with a southern twang, perfect on long summer nights as the sun goes down. For some, smoking meat is more than just cooking food. It’s an art form, learned through years of barbecuing in the backyard. Hours are spent preparing, cooking, and crafting a succulent slice with … Read more

The Best Pellet Smoker

  Summer is almost here, and with warm weather come family cookouts and competitive barbecues. If you’re anything like me and love a good smoked brisket—but hate high-maintenance cooking—then you might want to consider using a pellet smoker as an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Pellet smokers, pellet cookers, and pellet grills are the same … Read more

Recipe: Calzones on the Grill on a Cast Iron Skillet

I love pizza. Or, pretty much anything that has most or all the components of pizza, such as a calzone. Today, I will be sharing my experience making calzones on the grill and some reasons why you might want to do this. About 50% of the time, you can see a ball of dough in my refrigerator resting, slowly rising, and developing great sourdough like flavors, waiting to be kneaded (pun intended).

I might bake a loaf of bread, na’an, pita, pizza, or flatbread. Once, I even made some cinnamon rolls with Nutella spread over the top. The recipe for the dough that I make varies slightly but our cast iron pizza recipe has a good one to start with.

Recipe: Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Do you want to make some homemade pizza but you don’t have the “required” pizza stone?

Don’t worry!

Just make a Cast Iron Skillet Pizza instead.

There are a few alternatives to help you get your pizza fix without having the requisite pizza stone and we’ll discuss how to use a cast iron skillet or griddle.

Recipe: Colossal Sea Scallops (Seared on Cast Iron)

scallops in cast iron pan

Get some fresh Colossal Sea Scallops (more information below on selecting the right scallops).

Remove the scallops from the refrigerator, unwrap them, rinse them in very cool tap water and allow them to drain on a fresh paper towel. Gently dry the scallops and set them on a plate, leaving space between each scallop.