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KME Knife Sharpening System

KME Sharpeners is a class act.

They take great pride in their work and all of their USA with American materials. Period.

KME Precision Knife Sharpener System with 4 Gold Series Diamond Hones - Base Included

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See the KME Sharpeners EKFD Knife Sharpening System – Diamond Stone Kit

KME states on their website that they “strive for absolute excellence in product performance, materials, workmanship, customer service, and we build all of our products to last a lifetime, or more.”

KME stands behind their products and they have a great desire to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase of any KME Tool.

There are not many companies these days that can offer the dedication required to ensure 100% satisfaction. This review will be of the KME Knife Sharpening System.

The company started when Ron Swartz decided to solve the problem of sharpening arrow broadheads when a friend mentioned he was having some difficulty with it.

(Broadheads are a type of arrowhead and are typically used for big game hunting.) The first iteration was a crudely implemented prototype and maybe it wasn’t pretty, but it did the job.

It was essentially a block of wood, tapered on one end which held the blade in a slot.

This progress was enough to keep Ron going and chasing perfection. After a few revisions and some needed refinements, Ron produced the KME Knife Sharpening System.

Later the KME Knife Sharpening System was developed and has seen great success since it was released.

KME Knife Sharpening System is simply awesome.

Ron was able to come up with some very innovative solutions that make this sharpening system one of the best on the market. Here are some key innovations:

  • 360º rotational clamp with two Horizontal Stops – This makes sharpening each side of the blade very easy. Some other systems require that the user remove the blade from the clamp and flip it over before re-securing it the clamp.
  • One Large Hand Knob Clamps the Blade – Many other sharpening systems use two screws to safely secure the blade, one to adjust to the knife thickness and the other to tighten it down. KME implements a single mechanism to secure the blade safely to the clamp.
  • Neoprene Padded Jaws – This is just a simple way to solve the problem of scratching up your knife blades. I have definitely scratched up a knife or two with some other sharpening systems because they do not have padded clamps.
  • Two knife positioning reference lines on the jaws – The reference lines allow the user to have repeatable results when sharpening their knives.
  • Jaws open on demand – The user just has to depress the spring-tensioned rod on the back to allow the jaws of the clamp to open. This is much easier than loosening two screws like many other systems.
  • Spherical bearing rod guide – The revolutionary design allows the user to maintain the exact sharpening angle with out varying throughout the sharpening process.
  • Fully adjustable sharpening angle from 17° to 30° for sharpening all types of blades. This feature enables the user to keep the filet knife razor sharp and keep the hunting knife at a still sharp, yet very durable 30º cutting edge.
  • Solid Cherry hardwood pistol grip and stone carrier for durability and comfort.
  • Interchangeable extra wide 4″ stones for maximum coverage when sharpening.
  • The KME system features solid cherry hardwood for classic styling that can compliment your kitchen, workshop, garage, or hunting cabin.
KME Precision Knife Sharpener System with 4 Gold Series Diamond Hones - Base Included

See the KME Sharpeners EKFD Knife Sharpening System – Diamond Stone Kit at Amazon

The KME Knife Sharpening System with Diamond Stone Kit includes three DMT Dia-Sharp® sharpening stones with fine, coarse, extra-fine, plus one 1 oz. empty water bottle and instruction manual. Black composition case stores all items.

KME offers a wide range of accessories for any specific needs.

Two items that we classify as Tapered Diamond Rod for Serrated Blades.

The Accessory Base allows the user to hold the KME Knife Sharpening System so you can work from a tabletop. It is also made from solid cherry hardwood.

Of course the Tapered Diamond Rod for Serrated Blades, enables the user to sharpen all types of serrated blades like bread knives, steak knives, or any range of tactical knives with serrated blades.

The Tapered Diamond Rod can also sharpen your broadheads too!

What if you need other types of sharpening stones?

Good question!

KME Knife Sharpener 4 Standard Stone Set with Hard Arkansas Stone - Model KF-4S

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See the KME Knife Sharpener Complete 4 Ceramic Stone set

KME has a HUGE selection of sharpening stones ranging from Extra Coarse Diamond Stones to 10000 Grit Chosera Water Stones.

Yes, 10000 grit.

If you are not quite sure what stones you need, you can call Ron Swartz and he will provide his expert advice to help you make an educated decision about your purchase.

Here is a link to the KME Knife Sharpening System with Standard Stones.

This standard stone kit includes four KME sharpening stones extra coarse, coarse, medium and fine, plus one 1 oz. empty water bottle and instruction manual. Black composition case stores all items.

What about pros and cons?

There are not many cons on this sharpener.

The jaws that hold the blade have the same drawback that many other clamp systems have – the jaws have a hard time clamping down on small blades.

We are talking about knife blades like small paring knives or small pocket knives. So, my advice is that if you plan on sharpening small blades often that you check out other sharpeners, maybe an electric sharpener or go old school and just use a bench stone.

However, at the time of this writing, Ron plans on offering an accessory for purchase that solves this problem – a smaller set of jaws to hold the smaller knives.

This accessory should address the problem. There is not a specific release date set but I would definitely expect to see these jaws well before the holiday season.

There are a lot of pros for this sharpening system. The 360º rotational clamp and the single hand knob for tightening the clamp makes sharpening faster than ever.

The neoprene padded jaws will keep your knives from getting scratched up during sharpening.

KME Sharpeners offer a ridiculous number of addon sharpening stones so you can rest assured that you will be able to find the stone you need for your application.

The customer service is 2nd to none.

Using the Sharpening System

Here is a video from KME.

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User Reviews and Testimonials

“I have used all kinds of knife sharpening systems in my 20 years of knife making. Most have left me wanting more, they have been disappointing at best. The best system I have found for me to use has been a block and ceramic sticks. I can put a finish edge on any blade with relative ease.

Up until today’s mail came and I opened my package from KME I thought ceramic sticks were the way to go. I have just sharpened my first knife with the KME system and I am impressed. I put a razor edge on a knife that I could barely put an edge at all with ceramic sticks (it’s a cheap import that I keep around……………..I don’t know why I keep it around, it’s junk)

The KME Knife Sharpening System is the best knife sharpening system I have seen to date. I know I am going to be very happy with it for years to come.”
Roger Shirley, RDS Custom Knives, Marietta, Ohio

“Hi all, First of all, I just got a chance to work with my new KME knife sharpener. This sharpener is without a doubt the finest I have ever worked with! First I practiced a bit on a knife that had a pretty good edge, just to get a feel for how it all worked. So far so good, got a better edge then it ever had before! Then I got ready for the big challenge: a recently purchased brand name knife that had a 23-25 degree angle on one side of the blade, and 25-27 degree angle on the other side. Good steel, but the factory sharpening was pathetically inconsistent! After about 2 hours of serious work with all four stones in the KME system, I now have a knife with a consistent edge and even angles on BOTH sides of the blade. I really wondered if it could work on a knife this bad, and it does. THANKS, Ron for the phone advice on determining edge angle, and everyone at KME for a great product that works as advertised!”
Randi, Worcester, MA

“I am amazed at how well the KME Knife Sharpener works, I took an old knife that had been through numerous deer seasons and was dull as a blade can get. I put a razor-sharp edge that was shaving hair off of my arm and leg better than a razor. Needless to say, I looked pretty stupid when I was done with barren spots all over the place but I could not stop, it was addictive. Awesome product!”
Jim H. Forristell MO.

“HOLY Smokes! That thing is incredible!!! Thank you so much. As soon as I got it opened, I went to work… I am absolutely amazed at how easy your knife sharpener is to use, and get “hair splitting” results in just minutes! After I got my everyday pocket knife literally, razor-sharp in just a few minutes, I found myself searching through all my gear looking for knives to sharpen. Then I moved on to the kitchen knives. Totally amazing. Great design! I own many sharpening “systems”, but I can say without a doubt, yours is the best… hands down!”
Tom S. -New Hampshire

“To the crew at KME, I got the knife sharpener and have been using it on everything in sight. I have had your broadhead kit for a while and have just one word for both- GREAT, in my 43 years of hunting and fishing, not anything comes close. Great products that everyone at KME can be proud of.”
Charles S., Dundee, NY.

“I used to love to buy a new knife because they always seemed so sharp. Over time I would simply get a new knife or find someone that could sharpen it for me. Since receiving my KME knife sharpener, I get razor-sharp knives in minutes! All my old knives are now razor-sharp and I finally get to throw away that drawer full of sharpeners and gadgets that never worked anyway. Now I feel like I’m the “go-to” guy and I finally don’t have to rely on anyone else to have a razor-sharp knife! Thanks, KME.”
Perry M, South Carolina

“Ron, Just a note to let you know that I finally got around to using my KME Knife Sharpener. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement. I have had good results using other brands – but overall your product is by far superior. I will recommend your product to all my friends.”
Craig S, Grand Island, NE

“My brother called to tell me that I had to try this new KME knife sharpener. I ordered one and let me tell all the hunters, and sportsmen- Get one! Every knife I have will cut on contact, no pressure. Thank you KME, best product I have ever used.”
Jerry S, Salem, MO

I have used the sharpener some more since we last spoke. This thing is amazing! Every knife I own will effortlessly shave hair now. I was never able to get my knives this sharp with my other rod and stone system. The ease of use and quality of this knife sharpener is the best there is! You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to find a solution to help me sharpen the gut-hook on my main hunting knife. It should zip through anything now! Thanks again. You will be my go-to man for all of my sharpening needs in the future.”
Jeff L – Illinois

“After watching Ron take customers old, cheap, and nicked knives and hone them in 1-2 minutes to the point where when he drew the blade across his arm the hair just fell off, I had to get one for my self. As soon as I got it I sharpened everything I could from my knife collection to my mom�s favorite kitchen knife, and the results were better than anything I’ve yet tried or seen. Everyone I tell about it gives me their knife and says “Here I put a pretty good edge on it, but see what you can do”. When its done, I hand it back to them and what they thought was “pretty good” was, in fact, nothing compared to the highly polished ultra-sharp blade that the KME Sharpener put on it, they just couldn’t be more impressed. This system eliminates human error. Thanks for the awesome product! I tell everyone it is the nicest system I’ve ever used. I sharpen a lot of knives and the thing still works like new! Not only is the product itself incredible but, the customer service at KME is just outstanding. Every time I call I speak with the same man, the same man who was at the expo, and he remembers me and knows that good customer service lends itself to customer loyalty, and let me tell you as a customer of more than one purchase, KME Sharpeners is top-notch!”
Logan S, PA

A big thanks to Ron Swartz and KME Sharpeners for allowing us to use some images and testimonials from their website.