Hamilton Beach Chef Prep 525 Watt

Powerful Processor with Four Functions

Frederick J. Osius founded Hamilton Beach Brands in April of 1910, naming it after his advertising manager and mechanic because he didn’t like his own surname.  Hamilton Beach Brands has became a household name of trusted appliances in America.  The Hamilton line of food processors offers versatility and assists the home chef in preparation of meals.  With a unit like this in your kitchen, you’ll be slicing and dicing all your vegetables, making soups and sauces, creaming your own butters and even kneading bread without the hassle.  This review focuses on the Hamilton Beach Brands Chef Prep 525 Watt Food Processor (70670).

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Dimensions and Capacity

The Hamilton Beach food processor has a large 10 cup capacity work bowl for large batch processing, but its versatility can easily handle smaller amounts as well.  It measures 15.12 H X 7.84 W X 9.72 D inches and weighs 7 pounds.

Blades and Power

The Chef Prep 2 speed plus pulse control processor runs on a power house 525 watt motor and processes more in less time than its competitors.  This model comes with three stainless steel blades, a slice and shred disc, crinkle and fine shred disc, and a chopping blade.  The blade variety enables the processor to have four versatile functions – slice, shred, crinkle cut and fine shred.  The oversized feed shoot is large enough for whole vegetables and blocks of cheese, saving you time from pre-cutting.

Cleaning and Storage

The processor’s sleek black design fits conveniently on any counter within easy reach and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.  To free up your valuable counter space, the processor can be stored in a cupboard.  The blades fit right into the bowl and the unit features an internal cord space for compact storage.  You won’t have to dig around for missing blades or deal with a hanging cord.   The Chef Prep has grippers on the bottom of the appliance and will stay in place when in use.   After use, clean up is as simple as tossing all the removable parts into the dishwasher and wiping down the base with a damp sponge.  The Chef Prep processor is manufactured in America and comes with a one year limited warranty to cover defects in materials and workmanship.

User Reviews

Other customers had great feedback on the performance of the processor.  It works quickly through slicing veggies, making dip and even mixing dough.

But mostly, it is the high quality of the unit at it’s very affordable price that had folks smiling. You should check it out if you think this might be the model for you.

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