Cuisinart Elite 14 Cup Food Processor

Nesting Bowl for Any Job

Founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1971, Cuisinart quickly became a leading brand of kitchen appliances to sweep across America.  Having a Cuisinart in your kitchen is like having your own personal assistant; the unit acts as an extra pair of hands, doing all of your prep work in half the time.  From making salads to soups, main courses and side dishes, and even desserts and pastries, you’ll be preparing food like a professional chef in no time at all with a Cuisinart.   The Cuisinart Elite Collection 14- Cup Food Processor (FP-14) is just one of Cuisinart’s high quality food processor offerings.

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Dimensions and Capacity

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor, Die Cast This Cuisinart elite food processor comes equipped with three different work bowls that conveniently nest together.  The extra large 14 cup bowl is great for making meals for large gatherings and Holidays.  If you’re prepping food for a smaller family meal, you can use the 11 cup work bowl.  For smaller amounts such as nuts, sauces, drinks, and dips, the 4 ½ cup work bowl works perfectly.  It measures 7.8 X 10.2 X 17 inches and weighs 23.5 pounds.

Blades, Attachments and Other Features

The elite appliance includes a stainless steel slicing disc (1 to 6mm), a stainless steel shredding disc (fine/medium), large and small stainless steel chopping and mixing blades, and a dough blade, giving you 8 different options for all your food processing needs.  It comes with a lockable accessory storage case, custom spatula and a “How-To” DVD.  A recipe and instruction book is also included.  This amazing model runs on a powerful 1000 watt peak power induction motor which quickly slices, dices and chops through all of your prep work.  The processor is easily controlled with it’s on, off, dough, pulse touchpad controls which feature blue LED indicator lights.

The wide-mouth feed tube is large enough to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables and entire blocks of cheese – no more pre-cutting before you chop, slice, or grate your food.  The three nesting work bowls are made of durable polycarbonate construction and feature measurement marks up the side and drip free pour spots.  The exclusive SealTight Advantage System seals and locks the bowls to ensure safe processing and a clean pour from the bowl without leaks or spills.  The elite appliance has a retractable cord which allows you to pull out only the length of cord you need and store it in the base when not in use.

Storage and Cleaning

The processor will fit conveniently on any kitchen surface within easy reach.  Alternately, it can be stored in a cupboard to free up your valuable counter space.  The unique nesting design and storage case for your blades keeps all of the parts together in one easy to find spot.  All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.  This model comes in your choice of black, white, or die cast metal so you can pick the perfect companion to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor.  The removable parts go right into the dishwasher and the base can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.  The unit is built to North American Electrical standards and carries a three year limited warranty with a ten year warranty on the motor.

Amazon Reviews

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor, Die Cast From my research I’ve found that other users are overall very satisfied with this unit.

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Being able to choose from the three different sized bowls gives home chefs versatility. With such great features, it is definitely worth considering. Read the Amazon product page for more reviews on this processor, and see whether it is right for your kitchen!

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