Bradley Electric Digital 6-Rack Smoker

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Bradley Digital

Electric 6-Rack Smoker

This will be a thorough and candid review of one of the most used, most popular smokers in the USA. It is a little long but take the time to read it all before you buy it.

Smoked meat has become one of the most popular dishes for parties, family gatherings or even just a simple meal. If you are the type of person that loves to do picnics and outdoor activities, then having an excellent smoker to prepare your favorite smoked meat is an absolute must. 

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Many restaurants and eateries around the world specialize in cooking different types of barbecue and smoked meals. And of course, barbecues will always be part of the special occasions in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties or just getting together with friends on the weekend.

Some of us have our own special style of cooking our favorite meat; some people simply grill the meat and top it with barbecue sauce. There are also those who marinate the meat with extra ingredients such as garlic and onion before the cooking process begins. 

In some countries like the Philippines, chicken and pork barbecue is sometimes marinated with vinegar, pepper and garlic for extra richness. However, no matter what style we use for cooking our meat, we always need equipment that is up to the task of delivering exceptional results.

Smokers have become popular all over the world and many different models of smokers are available in different sizes at varying price points. Smokers have a wide range of features, heating elements and specifications, some of us choose to fuel our smoker with charcoal and some with wood

If you are looking to replace your old smoker, or perhaps this will be your first one, take a minute to have a look at our review of the Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker.


Detail of Construction

The Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker is a stainless-look electric smoker. The total weight of the smoker is 71 lbs. and overall dimensions are 11.50″ L x 33″ H x 15″ W.

This brand of electric smoker is built with stainless steel and aluminized metal for durability and style. The exterior portion is made up of epoxy powder steel, while the inner portion is polished stainless steel for a smooth and clean surface.

This electric smoker includes a digital panel, which enables you to control the temperature, length of cooking time and the amount of smoke needed. These features allow you to cook your meat easily, without extending a lot of extra effort. It also includes a digital smoke generator and automatic feed system, which enable you to cook your meat safely and with minimal effort. The smoker comes with a rectangular shaped drip tray and drip bowl included. 

It has an ash catcher, which can be easily removed and cleaned without making a mess. With its fully insulated construction, this Bradley electric smoker is sure to last for quite a long time and cook amazing meat that is sure to keep you coming back for more.


This model includes a 6-rack design with organized space, which enables you to cook large quantities of delicious meat at one time. The total cooking area of the device is 780 SQ inches and each of the 6 racks has a total cooking area of approximately 130 SQ inches.

With its large cooking area, the Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker is ideal for cooking professional style meals right at home in your own backyard. If you are the type of person who loves hosting parties and special events, this type of smoker is ideal for you. This is also ideal for you if you want to try a variety of smoked foods such as sausages, cheeses and nuts as the smoker is capable of producing both hot smoked and cold smoked foods.

Heating Elements

This 6-rack smoker comes with a 500-watt heating element and a 125-watt smoking element. Many of its features and functions are digitally controlled such as ignition, temperature and automatic timer control. This allows you to set the proper level of temperature and cooking time automatically and alleviates the need to check on the smoker every few minutes.

Unlike traditional charcoal-operated smokers that require a fair amount of attention, this Bradley smoker can be operated with minimal effort and supervision. You can even smoke your meat while doing tasks on the other side of the house, or watching your favorite TV show in the living room. 

All you need to do is put your meat on the racks together with the ingredients, set the level of temperature, amount of smoke and cooking time; and you are all set. It includes an automatic feed system, smoke controller and allows for cooking your meat without a manual fire system. This type of functionality allows you to smoke up your favorite meals safely and easily!

Cooking Details

As mentioned above, this particular model has 6 racks, with a total cooking area of 780 SQ inches. This means that a wide variety of meat choices and quantities will fit comfortably into the cooking area of this smoker. This makes this smoker ideal for cooking large portions of pork, chicken, beef, sausage, fish and turkey. For cold smoked foods, this electric smoker works perfectly for cheeses and nuts. 

The digital temperature controller can be set up to 300ºF and the minimum temperature can be set based on ambient temperature. Though a digital thermometer is not included with the product, you will find the temperature control to be very accurate and can be relied upon even for long cooks. 

If needed you can check your meat from time to time or buy a separate smoker thermometer to make sure that the smoker is set on the exact right temperature.

This cooking device is intended for outdoor use only and is capable of processing up to 10 hours of hot and cold smoked foods. A whole turkey would fit perfectly in the smoker, which is ideal for a family dinner. For your smoked chicken barbecue or chicken sandwich meals, smoked chicken with barbecue sauce would be a perfect choice. 

If pork is your favorite type of meat, maybe smoked pork ribs, pork barbecue or a smoked pork sandwich would satisfy your cravings? For a beef dish, why not take a shot at cooking up your very own smoked beef creation and share it with your friends and family?

If you want something a little different, different types of sausages would be a good fit on the spacious smoker racks. You might try cooking European style sausage as your first new recipe? 

Studies show that fish is healthier than other meats, as it contains fewer calories and more protein. You may want to use your smoker and cook smoked fish for your family dinner. You may want to check out your smoker recipe book or search on the Internet if you are not sure how to cook these dishes. Whether you prefer eating meat or fish, this model of electric smoker will create amazing meals that will satisfy your taste buds.

Cleaning and Assembly Process

This Bradley smoker includes specific instructions for the assembly process, but the instructions are very simple and easy to follow. You do not need to have any technical skills in order to follow the directions and complete the assembly in a proper fashion. You should be able to assemble your newly bought smoker in less than 5 to 10 minutes. If you are not sure how to follow the instructions, Bradley has a 24-hour customer service support line, which can help you with your queries.

The cleaning process is not complicated, this type of smoker includes an ash catcher, which can be easily cleaned and removed from the machine. With the help of the ash catcher, you can avoid creating a mess by minimizing the amount of ashes floating around. All you need to do is remove the ash catcher, dump the ashes in the trash can, rinse the ash catcher with water and soap, dry it with a hand towel and put it back into the machine.

The drip tray, drip bowl and cooking area of the smoker are also washable. They can easily be removed, cleaned with soap and water and then put back into the smoker. You do not actually need to have any special cleaning devices or materials in order to clean all the parts of this smoker. 

All you need are the usual cleaning tools, which can be seen in your kitchen such as water, soap and a hand towel. Specific instructions for cleaning are also included in the user manual.

Most quality smokers will last for a long period of time if you are willing to maintain, clean and take care of them properly. You do not have to worry about the cleaning process and specific instructions, because all of them have been provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you want your smoker to last longer, make sure that you handle it with proper care and always follow the instructions given for assembly and cleaning processes.


Bradley, which is the manufacturer of this electric smoker, has recommended some accessories that can go along with this cooking device. These accessories aim to enhance the use of the machine, or customize its features for better usage and longer durability. Let’s take a look at the list of some accessories given by the manufacturer.

If you want to make sure that your machine is set at the right temperature, Bradley offers a digital smoker thermometer that you can use to double check the temperature of your food.

They also offer a wireless digital thermometer, which can be connected to the Bluetooth system of your smart phone or apple device. It uses a specific application called iGrill, which connects to the thermometer via Bluetooth and checks the temperature of the cooking device. It also plays an alarm or warning system if the smoker is not set at your desired cooking temperature.

If you want to cook your sausages in a proper cooking manner for the best results, Bradley’s sausage hooks might be ideal for you. These hooks are made up of heavy-duty plated stainless steel. Each package consists of 4 hooks and is sold at a price of $20 USD. They also have jerky racks, which are intended for cooking sausages and other small sized dishes, which are sold at a price of $25 USD.

For smoked fish, Bradley offers some inexpensive and high quality fishing lures to match up with your recipes. These fishing lures are ideal for cooking fish fillet, deboned fish barbecue or smoked fish sandwich. You can buy these fishing lures at your local stores or online at a price of $12.00 USD.

For longer durability and smoker protection, Bradley offers a heavy-duty weather resistance guard for your electric smoker.

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This weather resistance guard protects your machine from the elements and serious damage if it is set at a very high temperature. This would be ideal if you plan to use your machine daily, and cook very hot smoked dishes.


The Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker has a full one year warranty which starts from the date of purchase. During this period of time, Bradley is accountable to replace the machine if it is seriously damaged, or repair the device if the damage is repairable. All you need to do is bring the smoker to the store where you bought it and show them the receipt.

There are some local dealers and online stores that provide warranty extensions for this smoker. At Walmart for example, they provide an additional one year warranty if you register with their warranty extension plan. All you need to do is make sure that the machine is bought either at their local or online store and register online with their warranty extension plan.


Buying the right brand of smoker that will meet your cooking style and needs is very important. This Bradley smoker offers a high quality smoker at a reasonable price and allows for great flexibility in quantity and type of foods prepared. If you are a seasoned pro or a new chef, you will be very satisfied with your overall cooking experience using the Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker.