How To Get Started – Hunting 101

So, you want to start hunting. There is something about the intimate experience you have during the hunt.

For some people hunting isn’t just a hobby for getting trophies to display. A lot of hunters rely on the meat from the hunts as a source of food that is essential to their survival. It shouldn’t be a surprise considering that is how all of us used to get our food.

Chances are you probably don’t HAVE to hunt to get meat, but many folks will tell you that wild game is more healthy than industrially raised livestock.

The animals live a more natural lifeeating what they would naturally be eatingHey, that has to be a good thing, right? I mean, it isn’t like a deer or wild boar would eat corn!

So let’s get to some of the details.

Do you have experienced hunters to help you?

Most of us do. Chances are that person can help you out a lot and let you borrow gear before you buy your own stuff. That is a good idea.

You should also seek out a hunting safety course also. You will learn the laws, great tips on hunting, and maybe able to get a guide or two to show you the ropes.

They may even be able to give you insider tips about the best places to hunt locally. That depends an what you are going to hunt, however.

What will you be hunting?

Depending on where you live, you may have a huge variety of things to hunt.

1. Bear
2. Mountain lion
3. Wolf
4. Buffalo
5. Rabbit
6. Coyote
7. Quayle
8. Dove
9. Deer
10. Elk

You need to check with your local game warden and animal management department to find out the laws for you area. The laws vary a lot and so do the hunting seasons.

What will you use to hunt?

Guns are the most common weapon to use for hunting. And for good reason…

  • They can kill the animal fast to reduce suffering. It is a noble way to go for an old animal.
  • Guns are cheap.
  • Guns are part of the American tradition.
  • Guns are basically fun to use, shoot, and clean.

You can use a fixed blade or folding knife on a hunt. This is a totally different kind of a hunt though. You obviously need to get very close to the game.

It is not for the faint of heart, and it can get to you. However, hunting with a knife is an experience of which there is no substitute. Learn about hunting knives and keeping them sharp. You might also be interested in this post on how to clean your hunting knives.

Check out hunting knives made in the USA!

Bow hunting is a classic way to hunt and bridges the gap between gun and knife hunting. It can be more difficult to accurately shoot game at a distance but that is what draws many people to the bow and arrow hunting camp. Often times, you must shoot the animal and then track it while it bleeds to death.

I hope that helps you get started hunting. The main thing is to know your local laws and work with experts to learn more about hunting.

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