Best Thermoses For Coffee

Take that coffee to go, and keep it hot, in a new thermos.
Take that coffee to go, and keep it hot, in a new thermos. The Thermos Stainless King at Amazon.

We all love our morning cup of joe.

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But I hate when it gets lukewarm, or even worse – cold – as the day goes on.

If coffee keeps you going throughout the day, and you want to save money while still having your coffee made exactly the way you like each day, you may be in the market for a great thermos to keep your java nice and warm.

In a hurry? My pick is the Thermos Stainless King at Amazon.

There are many different factors that go into making the perfect thermos. Read through to see what’s most important to you, whether it’s insulation, handle comfort, spillage potential, or size. Then read through some of my recommended products!

Durability and Insulation

In order to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to find coffee thermoses that are built to last and will give you the best results over the longest period of time. This is why you should look for stainless steel thermoses.

This material resists rusting, stains, and lingering smells and it is a very strong and durable metal. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is a great bonus if you’re planning on using this thermos often and don’t want the hassle of hand washing it every time. Thermos Stainless King 68 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Beverage Bottle with Handle, Stainless Steel

This Thermos Stainless King is tough and durable. See it at Amazon. 

You’ll also want to ensure that your thermos has a double walled vacuum insulation design. This means that there are two walls of material – one to retain the temperature of the coffee, and the other to add an extra layer of temperature regulation and to keep your hand from burning from the hot coffee temperature. This type of insulation also determines how long your thermos can retain the heat of your coffee, so if you get a cheaper thermos without this kind of design, your coffee may be cold in just a few hours, like it would be in a regular mug.

Handle Comfort

Thermoses come with all types of handle designs. Some have a handle that actually folds into the body of the thermos, or comes off entirely, making for easy compact storage. If you opt for a large thermos, it’s probably best to get one with a handle so that it’s easier on your hand to carry (most come with them anyway).

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle comes with a sturdy handle. See it at Amazon. 

Some don’t have a handle at all! If you choose this option, make sure there’s some kind of rubber grip around the edge of the thermos so that it doesn’t accidentally slip out of your hand.

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Spill Prevention

It probably goes without saying that you don’t want your thermos to spill, so ensure that your lid has spill prevention capabilities and features. These include rubber stoppers to hold it in place, some sort of safety mechanism by the mouth opening to open and close it tightly and effectively (some even have an automatic feature), and a lack of ventilation holes. Who would want any heat to escape anyway? Contigo Autoseal West Loop Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug, 20 Oz, Stainless Steel

Contigo’s West Loop Travel mug from Amazon has an auto-seal that prevents leaks.


Think about your typical coffee habits when considering what size thermos to get. Are you a one and done type? You may only need 8 or 16 ounces. Do you need a cup every couple of hours to keep you going throughout the day? Opt for a larger option. Do you want to share? Find the largest one on the market, preferably one with a lid that doubles as an extra serving cup!

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I like my coffee hot. Maybe not this hot... But hot.
I like my coffee hot. Maybe not this hot… But hot.

Based on how much you drink, and how much weight you can handle, pick a size that works for you. Many top rated brands make thermoses in all sizes to accommodate your unique needs.

Top Picks:

The Thermos Brand Stainless King Beverage Bottle from Amazon is a classic for a reason. It features double wall vacuum stainless steel insulation, comes in different colors, and has a foldable handle as well as a spill resistant lid. It promises to keep your coffee warm for 24 hours!

Stanley has made a name for itself making durable, high quality thermoses since 1913. They offer all sizes and variable options for handle and lid features. The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle from Amazon has a reliable double wall vacuum stainless steel build that will last you years (and many coffee drinks) to come. The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle.

Contigo’s Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug from Amazon is another great thermos for coffee. With the same durable design as the other options, sweat proof handles, and a one touch auto lock leak-proof feature, this is a great pick to keep your coffee warm.


I think there’s a reason we call every insulated mugs a “thermos.” Thermos is the brand that you think of when you think of hot drinks (or hot soups!). I like the Stainless King from Thermos from Amazon. It’s very big, very sturdy and very happy to carry around your coffee, or whatever other hot drink you’re into these days.

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