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Coffee, Espresso, Java, Joe


I’m a coffee addict. I didn’t like it much until I got my first job. Then coffee served as a social excuse, a reason for a break from work, and of course:

A wicked hit of caffeine when I need it.

Coffee is part of my daily life now. We make pour-over coffee at home. I have an Aeropress, a few French presses, a pour-over funnel, an espresso machine, sometimes I make cold brew, and I frequent coffee shops all the time. I’ve toured coffee farms and roasters in Kona.

I don’t personally have a single cup machine, because I rarely have a single cup. I do sometimes use the aeropress for the quick cup in a small quantity. You can travel with an aeropress so it’s more versatile than a single cup coffee maker in my opinion.

I’ve moved beyond drip coffee machines at home since I like the control of a pour over. I’ve probably had 10 of them over the years and they are fine if you keep them clean — even with bleach.

I’ve tried a few types of grinders: spinning blades, burr grinders, and hand cranks. Fine to Coarse grounds…drip brew and cold brew.

And I’m fussy about my coffee and beans — I even roast my own green coffee beans. It doesn’t get fresher than when you roast it.

BUT in a pinch, I have been known to drink gas station coffee or the hot brown liquid (that’s supposed to be coffee) at the place where they change my oil.

So, yes. I like coffee a little bit.