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I’m a coffee addict. I didn’t like it much until I got my first job. Then coffee served as a social lubricant, a reason for a break from work, and of course…

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A wicked hit of caffeine when I need it.

Coffee is part of my daily life now. I make pour-over coffee at home. I have an Aeropress, a few French presses, a pour-over funnel, an espresso machine, sometimes I make cold brew, and I frequent coffee shops all the time. I’ve toured coffee farms and roasters in Kona.

I don’t personally have a single cup machine, because I rarely have a single cup. I do sometimes use the aeropress for the quick cup in a small quantity. You can travel with an aeropress so it’s more versatile than a single cup coffee maker in my opinion.

I’ve moved beyond drip coffee machines at home since I like the control of a pour over. I’ve probably had 10 of them over the years and they are fine if you keep them cleaneven with bleach.

I’ve tried a few types of grinders: spinning blades, burr grinders, and hand cranks. Fine to Coarse grounds…drip brew and cold brew.

I have carafes for keep it hot and fresh – no one likes old stale coffee.

I have countless coffee mugs, travel mugs, thermoses, and double-walled stainless containers too.

And I’m fussy about my coffee and beans — I even roast my own green coffee beans. It doesn’t get fresher than when you roast it.

BUT in a pinch, I’ll drink gas station coffee or the hot brown liquid (that’s supposed to be coffee) at the place where they change my oil.

Lately, I’ve been getting into bulletproof coffee and other versions that have MCT oil and grassfed butter.

So, yes. I like coffee a little bit.

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