What’s the Best Small Radio for the Kitchen

Listen to some sweet tunes while you cook with a kitchen radio!

Listen to some sweet tunes while you cook with a kitchen radio!

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Updated November 9th, 2018 – The kitchen and its radio are synonymous. Breakfast is incomplete on a Sunday without your favorite radio show. Cooking on a weekday is way more enjoyable with the background hum of the afternoon news. It fuels conversation over dinner and provides your day with some food for thought. It’s an essential, but which one should you get?

Which kitchen radio is best for me?

Whether it’s a small and cheap portable, or something more advanced, the radio you get depends on what you use it for. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. A good radio for the kitchen makes all the difference. The question is: what’s the best small radio for the kitchen?

Do you just want something functional, without too many bells and whistles? Do you need a radio that can talk to your smartphone and source recipes from Google? Or, are you looking for something in between? Either way, there’s a radio out there for you!

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Listen to classical on a classic radio

We’ll start out small, in terms of ideas anyway. Sometimes you just want to play classic hits on your favorite radio station. This kind of radio serves the same function as the bathroom radio—just something to sing along to while you complete a banal task. For this kind of radio, you’ll find plenty of Sony models with extendable frequency rods. These are perfect to sit on the refrigerator, and they’ll happily sing to you while you do the dishes.

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The Sony Portable AM/FM has been around for decades and it’s still a family favorite. Cheap and basic, it’s what most you might have listened to as a kid. You can pick these up for about $30 and they last a long time. Most families bought one back in the 80s and they’re still bashing out the tunes 30 years later.

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The problem with the old Sony models is that they never developed their style to keep up with the 90s and 00s. They look straight out of the 80s, which nostalgic moms and dads might still appreciate. Younger generations might want something a little more modern to suit their trendy kitchen.

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If you're supposed to sing to your garden plants, should you also sing to your cucumber sandwich?

If you’re supposed to sing to your garden plants, should you also sing to your cucumber sandwich?

Vintage tunes, new vintage style

Oddly enough, in this postmodern world we live in, vintage-style models have become popular, more so than the originals of the 80s. Places like Urban Outfitters sell tons of models, vintage in appearance but equipped with all the latest tech. You can easily find a “vintage” radio that you can plug an iPod into. These are more expensive than Sonys, but they do look quite nice.

Have a look at the Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio. It looks like it has come from the 20s, despite being made out of colorful plastic. It doesn’t have any special features, but it might fit into a more modern kitchen, alongside a Smeg refrigerator perhaps.

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These two will set you back a little more than the trusty Sony, with a price point ranging from $50 to $300, depending on the seller.

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Cook to electronic beats on a futuristic gadget

For the modern family, look no further than the Triby. This voice-activated smart radio with fridge magnet is the height of kitchen radio technology. It’s a beautifully minimalistic design with a slightly retro feel to it, perhaps a compromise between the above. What makes this stand out from any competitor is that it encompasses smart technology.

See the Triby – Smart portable speaker with built-in Alexa Voice Service at Amazon

The Triby connects with your other smart devices, accessing everything from calendars to music. The delightful Alexa voice service will meet all of your demands, and she learns too. The more information you offer her, the more she knows about your preferences. All it takes is to engage her with “Alexa?” and she’s listening to your next request.

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Alexa will tell you the latest news headlines, information from Wikipedia, set alarms, source you a ride from Uber, and even access other smart devices in your home. The Triby smart radio is the ultimate kitchen radio, and it sticks securely to your refrigerator, the center of all domestic activity.

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When considering a new radio for the kitchen, think long and hard about what you want, and what you want to spend. If you want the simplicity of listening to the morning news over your toast, I’d recommend a Sony. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, I’d suggest going straight for the Triby. Smart technology fans will also enjoy all it has to offer, which is a lot.

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