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What’s the Best Way to Pack Cookies for Shipping



Remind that special someone you love them with a care package.
Remind that special someone you love them with a care package.

For someone living away from home for an extended period of time, there’s nothing more comforting that receiving a care package. The contents really take you back. You might be getting a lovely letter from your mom and dad, expressing how much they love and miss you. It might be a garment you thought you might not need, but in hindsight are glad to have. Or it might be foods that you just can’t get or replicate in the foreign and exotic place you now live.

Chocolate, snacks, and cereal are popular choices, as are cookies. But the problem with getting cookies in the mail is that they always break. It might be the thought that counts, but there’s no need for anyone to receive a package filled with crumbs! It’s quite simple to pack cookies for shipping. Follow these guidelines to ensure it’s not a Pandora’s Box scenario when the goods arrive.

Choose the right type of cookie.

First, you should choose the right kind of cookies. No, I don’t mean the preferred type of cookie of the recipient. I mean the type that will stay fresh in the mail. Depending on where you’re sending them, the cookies may go stale en route to their destination.

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Avoid sending soft or buttery cookies. The moisture means that they are more likely to deteriorate on the way. Choose dry and crisp ones instead. Shortbreads and sugar cookies are the best option. Chocolate chip is also a good choice—everyone loves chocolate chip cookies!

Wrap the cookies.

Enjoy cookies that taste just like the ones mom makes...because she made them!
Enjoy cookies that taste just like the ones mom makes…because she made them!

Wrap the cookies individually in plastic wrap, and store them with the flat sides facing each other. This will make them less likely to crush against one another. Wrapping them in plastic wrap will also keep the air and moisture out, meaning they’re less likely to go stale on the way.

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If you’re sending homemade cookies, you should pack them shortly after they’ve been baked. Nothing says “home” like mother’s own homemade cookies. Allow them to cool off and pack them immediately to guarantee their freshness. But, wrap them too soon and you’ll be doing so with the moisture from the heat, which will absolutely ruin them.

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Think about the packaging material.

The packaging in which the cookies are stored in the supermarket is simply too weak to protect your precious baked goods as they fly across oceans and continents. It looks nice on the shelf, but it’s just too fragile for the journey.

Pick a sturdy container.

Choosing the right container is important. You should choose a solid Tupperware box. This will keep the air out, as well as protect the cookies from damage.

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To further ensure they don’t break and crumble, put a layer of bubble wrap around the interior of the box. This might seem a little excessive, but it should guarantee their safety.

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Lastly, you should choose a heavyweight cardboard box to send them in. If the Tupperware box doesn’t fit snugly inside, you should add some scrunched up tissue paper in around. This will prevent the container from sliding around the box as it’s transported over to your loved one. You should have about two inches of padding between the Tupperware and the box’s edges. Try to lightly shake the box once the container is inside. If you hear it shaking about too much, you’ll need to add some more padding.

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Show your love.

Follow these easy steps to ensure your cookies arrive safely to your friend, son, daughter, or whoever it is that you want to remind of home. A beautiful, intact shipment of homemade cookies is a great way to show your loved one that you care.

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