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What are the Best Storage Containers for Lunch



We have high-speed internet at work. Your lunch box should be just as up-to-date!
We have high-speed internet at work. Your lunch box should be just as up-to-date!

Lunch is objectively the best meal of the day. Breakfast is rushed. Dinner is too late. Lunch is what we all look forward to, especially when we’ve prepared ourselves something special to bring to work or college. It keeps us optimistic throughout the morning and keeps us productive throughout in the afternoon.

We’re all grown up.

Gone are the days of the old brown paper bags and soggy bologna sandwiches. A paper bag won’t protect your meal from getting squashed, or keep it at the correct temperature. The traditional lunch bag certainly isn’t ideal for storing a cup of Greek yogurt or your hummus and chips.

You need something solid to protect your lunch in this busy rat race of a world. But, with so many choices out there, which container is best? You need to consider size, durability, and all sorts of other factors. So, read on and make an informed decision on your storage container for lunch.

Bento Boxes

There are certain foods that you shouldn’t store together. A sandwich in a box with an apple, for example, might get squashed and ruined. Certain sandwich fillers can make the bread go soggy and unappetizing. A yogurt cup can burst. This is why dividers are useful in a lunch container.

GRUB2GO Premium Bento Lunch Box (Large 68 Oz Capacity) | 2021 Model, 70% Bigger | Includes Bamboo Chopping Board Lid, Carry Bag, 2 Dividers, Utensils, Sauce Container

Keep things separate until you need them! A bento box is a great way to store your lunch. There are a ton of models out there, but the stylish version by GRUB2GO has a ton of nice features that made it hard to beat.

See the Bento Box Lunch Box by GRUB2GO at Amazon

THE ORIGINAL Japanese Bento Box (Upgraded 2020 Black & Bamboo Design) w/ 2 Dividers + Larger Utensils w/Holder - Leakproof Lunch Container

It comes with a compartment for your utensils (included), has multiple leak-proof layers, and is BPA-free. You can also get a handy Neoprene lunch bag to keep it in!

See the Premium Bento Box + Lunch Bag by GRUB2GO at Amazon

For recommendations on bento boxes for the kids, see these posts on the best bento boxes for kindergartners, and this post on bento boxes suitable for toddlers.

Lunch Box 2.0

No need for fast food. With the right lunch box, you can bring your favorite healthy meals to work!
No need for fast food. With the right lunch box, you can bring your favorite healthy meals to work!

Nobody likes stale bread in their sandwich.
Keep bread fresh with one of theses bread boxes.

Ecolunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Bento Box (1, Regular)

Lunch boxes have come a long way from that plastic Ninja Turtles box you had in middle school. One of my favorites is the Stainless Steel Rectangular 3-in-1 ECOlunchbox. A very durable model, it’s perfect for the more active individuals amongst you! Sit on it. Toss it down the hall. Drive a car over it. OK, maybe don’t do that. But, you can be sure the ECOlunchbox will offer optimum protection in every bumpy situation.

See the ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Stainless Steel Food Container at Amazon

Designed by a mom, the ECOlunchbox is environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic bags that occupy many a school bag. It’s also multi-layered. You can use the bottom layer for sandwiches, while storing fruit and snacks in the middle and top layers. All three tiers fit together neatly to make it a quality lunch box.

Putting avocado in your lunch? Here’s how to ripen avocados fast.

For Salads….

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Salad Kit ,Green

There’s nothing like a refreshing, light salad in the middle of the day. For that, we’ve got the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Salad-to-Go container. This one’s perfect for the office worker trying to maintain a healthy diet. It contains a separated salad dressing container and is leak-proof, so you won’t find balsamic vinaigrette all over your presentation notes.

See the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox – Salad Kit at Amazon

If you often find yourself on the road during lunch, skip the drive-thru and bring along the Rogue River Homes Portable Salad Shaker. This nifty set comes with a cup, lid, reusable fork and a mini container for dressing. You’ll hardly be able to wait until lunch to tuck in and, with this model, you don’t have to!

See the Rogue River Homes Fresh Salad To Go Portable Shaker Container Set at Amazon

Going on a picnic date? Check out these recipes for salads and other foods perfect for that romantic afternoon in the park.

Mason Jars

Did you know that you can store your smoothies, juices, and more in a mason jar? These trendy containers are good for more than just canning fruit preserves. (Although, if you are so inclined, please check out this post on how to start canning your own foods at home.) Mason jars these days come with all kinds of cool accessories, from straws to sippy cup lids and more!

Time for lunch!

So, rather than messing around with sandwich bags, why not treat yourself to a quality container for your lunch? Make the lunch you want and get the right container for your favorite on-the-go meals and snacks.

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