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Taleggio Cheese Substitutes



Are you looking for Taleggio cheese substitutes? We have 10 for you!

Taleggio is a delicious cheese that you can use in several meals. However, there can be a reason for you to look for possible alternatives.

taleggio cheese substitutes

Whether you don’t like the pungent smell or you’re concerned about the high-fat content, our substitutes will have you covered.

In this article, we have discussed how the mentioned options are different from Taleggio cheese in texture, aroma, looks, and taste.

What Is Taleggio Cheese?

Taleggio is a smear-ripened variety of cheese that originated in Italy.

The term Smear ripened refers to soft cheeses overlaid with bacteria and yeast instead of a layer of mold. They are made in lowland areas and are not designed to have a long storage life.

Taleggio has a pink color with a softer texture underneath the rind and is rough at the end. The distinctive sweet aroma paired with the other characteristics makes Taleggio a great addition to any meal.

Substitutes For Taleggio Cheese

1. Fontina

fontina cheese in turin, piedmont, italy
fontina cheese in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

Similar to Taleggio, Fontina is creamy. Still, you can find it semi-soft as well as hard in texture as it’s available in a wide range at stores.

It also has several small holes that give it a rougher feel than Taleggio. The one that’s closest to Taleggio cheese has Italian origins. Others may have a milder taste.

Italian Fontina has an intense nutty flavor and tangy notes with a strong smell. It has a milk fat content of 45%, which is lower than that of Taleggio.

This cheese is perfect for roast meat, truffles, grilled cheese, and fondues because of its meltability. The only drawback to this substitute is that it’s slightly expensive.

One pound of Fontina will cost you about $23, but even with this price, the taste and quality make it worth the money.

2. Brie

brie on a dark wooden table
Brie on a dark wooden table.

Another great substitute for Taleggio cheese is Brie. This is soft cow’s milk cheese with a wide range of flavors depending upon the ingredients that go into the making process.

Brie has a more subtle flavor than Taleggio, and it’s also creamier. However, it is a closer substitute due to the intense smell.

You’ll find it easy to spread, making it a great addition to serving with fruit, crackers, and bread on a cheeseboard.

If you’re not looking for a milder taste, you can also go for Brie de Melun, which has a more pungent flavor. This cheese is mostly available at around $21 per pound, slightly cheaper than Fontina.

3. Havarti

sliced havarti with some savory food items to pair
Sliced Havarti with some savory food items to pair.

Originating from Denmark, Havarti is a pale yellow semi-soft cheese with no rind. The rind is the outer layer that you’ll see in many varieties, including Taleggio.

Unlike the previous options, Harvati has a milder flavor, aroma, and texture. The smell is more on the sweet side than sour or pungent.

This is the perfect alternative for those who aren’t fond of intense cheese varieties or those new to all the different cheeses. You can use this in sandwiches, chiles, and even on cheeseboards alongside bread and hard cheese.

The price is another bonus point that makes Harvati better than Fontina and Brie. Available at under $10 per pound, this cheese is both affordable and delicious.

4. Gruyere

sliced pieces of gruyere cheese
Sliced pieces of Gruyere cheese.

Just like Brie, Gruyere comes from cow’s milk. This Swiss cheese variety has a yellow color and hard texture that you can find in sliced form.

It has notes of fruity flavor, but at the same time, it’s slightly saltier and tangier when compared to other cheese varieties. It has a creamy texture, and its melting properties work well in pasta, soup, and sandwiches.

Gruyere leans towards the pungent side in terms of smell but worry not! The color and its overall look make up for it.

Similar to Fontina, this alternative will cost you $23 per pound.

5. Robiola

fresh italian robiola cheese
Fresh Italian Robiola cheese.

Robiola is a delicious Italian cheese variety made from cow’s milk, but you can also get it in goat or sheep’s milk. This cheese is actually from the Stracchino family, just like Taleggio.

The similarities end there because this substitute doesn’t have a rind, and the color on the inside is a creamy white instead of pale yellow. Robiola has a mildly tangy, creamy flavor, making it a great alternative for Taleggio.

It’s a versatile option, so it’ll go with various foods, ranging from soups to spaghetti and risotto. Since this is a spreadable cheese, you can also enjoy it on crackers or bread. Still, it’s most commonly used as a table cheese.

If you choose to go for this alternative, make sure to wrap it in a piece of paper and store it in the fridge. This is more costly than the rest of the options.

6. Bel Paese

Bel Paese slice
A thick slice of Bel Paese.

Here is another great Taleggio cheese substitute for those who stay away from the trademark pungent aroma and tangy flavor. Made from cow’s milk, Bel Paese is a semi-soft Italian cheese that comes in a disk shape.

It has a subtle buttery taste with a milk-like and creamy smell. It’s meltable, just like Taleggio, so you can use it on casseroles, sandwiches, and pizzas.

You can also have it as a dessert, cheese, or even a snack.

7. Urgelia Cheese

Urgelia cheese sliced into a big chunk
Urgelia cheese sliced into a big chunk.

This substitute for Taleggio cheese has Spanish origins. It is made from cow’s milk, giving it a semi-soft texture. Aside from the buttery and creamy consistency, this variety is different from Taleggio.

Even in terms of taste, Urgelia is more flavorful with its saltier notes. Its melting properties go great with dishes such as pizzas or pasta.

Urgelia also gives a mildly bitter aftertaste that lasts for a while.

8. Limburger

Limburger cheese blocks
Limburger cheese blocks sliced.

Limburger originated from Belgium and is an excellent substitute for Taleggio cheese. This variety is famous for its pungent aroma, so it’s perfect for you if you love the strong smell of Taleggio.

If you get this cheese fresh, it’ll be much firmer and crumblier, similar to Feta.

For this reason, you’ll have to let it sit for a good deal of time for it to develop its characteristics. After six weeks, the cheese will become softer and saltier, and two months later, it’ll start getting creamy.

It’ll take about three months for it to get the intense aroma. It happens due to the presence of bacteria in the cheese.

You can use Limburger as a spread when it has reached two months, or you can melt it for pizzas and use it in sandwiches.

9. Pont-l’Eveque

a small Pont-l’Eveque slice with almonds
A small Pont-l’Eveque slice with almonds.

Pont-l’Évêque is an excellent alternative for Taleggio cheese. This substitute is from France and has an intense smell.

The center of this cheese is soft and creamy with a smooth texture. It has a pale yellow color and a strong smell similar to Taleggio. It has a rind that you’re not supposed to eat.

You can melt it for meals or spread it. Either way, it’ll work great!

10. Gorgonzola Dolce

Gorgonzola Dolce cheese slice
A creamy Gorgonzola Dolce cheese slice.

Lastly on our list is Gorgonzola dolce. This is an Italian word that means sweet Gorgonzola.

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, this cheese is soft and buttery with a pale yellow color as well as blue and green veins. It also has a pinkish or sometimes grey rind that’s not edible.

You have to age it for at least 45 days before using it. That’s the time it takes to develop its texture, color, and taste.

Gorgonzola dolce has a subtle sweet taste with hints of sour flavor and a kick of tanginess. You can use it in risotto and pasta as well as many other dishes in which you would normally use Taleggio.


What does Taleggio cheese taste like?

Even with the pungent aroma, Taleggio surprisingly has a subtle flavor.

There are some notes of tanginess that taste distinctive. This unique flavor is the reason this cheese is popular.

What is the best alternative for Taleggio?

Brie. Brie is made of soft cow’s milk, similar to Taleggio.

The variety of different flavors allows it to be more versatile. It has a milder flavor and creamy texture, making it easily spreadable on bread or crackers.

It also has an intense smell that is identical to that of Taleggio.

Is Robiola a good substitute for Taleggio cheese?

Yes. Robiola is an Italian variety made from cow’s milk.

It is from the same family as Taleggio, and you can get it made from sheep or goat’s milk as well. This cheese doesn’t have a rind, but the mild, creamy taste makes it a great alternative to Taleggio cheese.

What can you use instead of Taleggio in pasta?

There are many different cheese varieties you can use. Try going for those cheese types with better melting properties.

It includes Fontina, Gruyere, Bel Paese, Urgelia, and Limburger.


Taleggio is a creamy cheese that goes well with a lot of dishes. It has a tangy taste with a distinctively pungent smell that makes it unique.

If you’re new to the cheese word or you don’t like the way this cheese tastes, there are 10 Taleggio cheese substitutes for you mentioned above!

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