Hangovers are one of life’s greatest torments. It’s a terrible feeling, and one that you can only blame on yourself. It comes at you after a night of hedonistic debauchery, sliding in through the curtains to rouse you in the early hours. It taps at your forehead as you gain a bit of consciousness and [...]

There are fewer more frustrating experiences than sitting down on the toilet and nothing happens. It’s a hugely uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes a coffee can help but, for those individuals trying to limit their caffeine intake, an alternative might be necessary. Constipation usually arises as a result of a lack of fiber in your diet. When [...]

Those of us that like a nice cup of coffee in the morning, another at mid-morning, a thermos at lunch, and a pre-commute pick-me-up in the afternoon (OK, you get the picture), will soon end up with a coffee pot the same color as a coal miner’s work clothes. While this hue does impart a [...]

My cousin has small hands, and we always have a good laugh about them when she cooks at my place because, well, my oven mitts don’t fit her! They just slip off her hands as soon as she puts them on, and when they are on, they eat up her hands and half her arm. [...]

You must have heard of honing steels before, but if you haven’t, they are also known as, well, steels. I have visited a lot of homes and almost all of them have one stashed away in their knife block or kitchen cupboard. In case you forgot how it looks like, it is a metal rod [...]

Natural corks breathe air, which allows for the regulated aging process of wine.That’s why they have been the preferred choice for sealing wine bottles in storage. Here’s my favorite corkscrew for old corks and the best cork retriever on Amazon. While corks do allow for a beautifully aged, delicious wine, the downside is that they too [...]

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