Everybody knows that a warm beer is absolutely unacceptable. If you were unaware before, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. Icy cold temperatures are a must when it comes to your brew. We all want our beer to be cold (and I mean REALLY cold), and there is only one way to make that [...]

The mojito – a beautiful concoction of mint, sugar, lime and rum. Like many cocktails, the true origin of the mojito has been largely disputed, although Havana, Cuba is largely recognized as its birthplace. It is well known that mojitos were a favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway. In one of his regular spots he wrote [...]

Non-stick is to cookware as all natural is to food. Sure, it sounds good, but is there more than a little room for some conveniently placed white lies and half-truths? Absolutely. And the winner? Of course I like the cast iron option from Lodge. The most notorious agent of non-stick cookware is certainly Teflon. If [...]

Despite the rough-and-tumble nature of the setting for many barbecue outfits, smoking meat is an exact science. Meticulous observation of and attention to the interior temperatures of cooking and smoking meats are imperative to not only a tasty rack of ribs, but to the guarantee of safely cooked food. The hottest pick? I recommend the [...]

With equal parts cute and cunning, dogs seem to be able to find their way into and out of virtually anything and everything. Though it may be adorable to see Rex running around with your old gym shorts tangled around his neck—haplessly thrashing about—the charm wears off when you return to the house later, only [...]

Whether hosting a cocktail party, stocking the shelves at your restaurant, or just a bachelor with an impressive mini bar, proper glassware is necessary to suit every type of drinker. You certainly would not serve a nice Cabernet out of a pint glass, and the same logic applies to whiskeys. There is actually method behind [...]

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