I absolutely love spicy foods. I use cayenne pepper, jalapeños, and all sorts of chili peppers in nearly every dish I make, whether it’s whole chilis or spices with peppers in it. Here’s my problem… If you have been to the grocery store and made your way to the produce section recently, then you have [...]

Updated March 17, 2019. It’s no surprise that most children look forward to lunch every day. Lunchtime is an opportunity for them to recharge and socialize with family and friends. For some toddlers and kindergarteners, the presentation is just as important as taste. So, as parents, how can we make lunches cute, colorful, and fun—especially [...]

Updated Jan 30, 2019 – The last thing you want to worry about when entertaining is potential water rings on your beautiful furniture. Sweaty drinks like iced tea, water, or beer cans can create these unsightly marks that may not be removable from some types of tables. Don’t sweat it! Here’s my pick, the ThirstyStone [...]

Updated Jan 30, 2019. It’s no secret that barbecuing is an American tradition. Whether it is summertime cookouts or tailgate parties during football season, one thing can be counted on: Outdoor chefs around the nation are firing up their grills and doing their best Johnny Trigg impressions. The hottest pick? I recommend the ThermoPro Thermometer. [...]

Many people read or hear about cast iron cookware and are surprised to find that there are various types available. You may have decided that you want to begin cooking with cast iron pots and pans but you may not know where to begin.

While bare, uncoated cast iron and enameled cast iron cookware do have similar features and provide comparable benefits, there are a few key differences to note when deciding to purchase the cookware. The goal of this post is to compare Enameled Cast Iron vs Cast Iron.

Electric knife sharpeners have the advantage of speed due to the automation of the grinding, usually 1 to 2 minutes from start to finish. If the knife just needs a touch up, then the process may only take under 30 seconds! This is one of the reasons that electric knife sharpeners are ideal for kitchen cutlery applications, even gourmet cutlery made with very high quality metal.

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