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The Best Rice Cooker For Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice made with a good rice cooker is always perfect and fluffy.

Rice is one of the most common and versatile staple foods across the globe today. And while it’s easy to incorporate it into any dish, jasmine rice can be tricky to prepare. Not enough or excess water can yield burned or mushy rice. My pick? The Cuckoo Rice Cooker from Amazon. Fast, versatile and easy … Read more

The 10 Best Pizzelle Makers in 2021 Review

tan pizzelles with flower design

Pizzelle makers can be easy and fun to use in your kitchen and many of them are reasonably priced. There are so many out there to choose from. And most of them can be used to make more than just pizzelles. A lot of pizzelle makers can make different types of cookies, crepes, waffles, and … Read more

Cheap Fish to Eat

  Some fish may be cheaper than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s less healthy than more expensive seafood.  Cheap seafood can also be very beneficial for your health, since it often contains high amounts of protein and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as being rich in calcium.  Fresh fish is usually … Read more

How Long Does Tofu Last

a white bowl of cubed grilled tofu with small beans scattered around it

When you want to enjoy the health benefits of tofu, but you don’t want to get sick by eating expired tofu, then you must be wondering, how long is tofu good for before you can no longer use it?  Tofu is a soy product that is sold in different shapes and styles. You can season … Read more

Best Quality Pepperoni Brands [Review Guide 2021]

    Chances are you love pepperoni pizza as much as I do. Not only that, but you likely have a specific pepperoni brand that you always run to or that your favorite pizzeria uses. For whatever reason, though, not all sliced pepperoni is created equal and can even differ significantly between one pizzeria and … Read more

What Do Turnips Taste Like

Today we’re going underground for some fresh root vegetables—turnips!  What are turnips?  What do they taste like?   Are they like rutabagas or radishes? Root vegetables are staples of any kitchen, but turnips are special.  You can make all kinds of delicious soups or substitute other more common vegetables, like carrots, with turnips. Turnips may look … Read more

Best Candy Thermometers in 2021

Have you ever been to a candy shop where they make homemade candy right in front of you? I’ve always been fascinated with how they blow sugar and  make the candy. Maybe you want to learn for yourself! If so, you’ll need a good candy thermometer, and if you need help finding the best one, … Read more

Baking Powder for Keto

We know that the Keto Diet is low-carb, which means cutting out many things from your diet. This also requires us to find substitutes for most of the ingredients we use each day.  Is baking powder allowed on the Keto Diet? We’re going to help you understand what baking powder is, why it’s needed in … Read more

How to Substitute for Baking Powder in Cookies

If you are looking for a way to substitute baking powder (including sodium free baking powder) with something else in cookies, then you are not alone. I know that I seem to struggle regularly to find baking powder in my kitchen. In fact, I usually get really excited when I think I see it but … Read more

Best Slushie Makers for Kids at Home in 2021

a bright blue and a bright green slushee with blue and yellow straws in white styrofoam cups on a table covered with a blue tablecloth in front of a wooden fence

It’s hard to get the kids to have fun without using some sort of electronic screen. What about trying some new but old-fashioned fun with them? As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to make snow cones with my family in my backyard. Keeping the little ones entertained while spending lots … Read more

Best Apple Peelers Corers & Slicers in 2021

Having fruits or vegetables to peel or core is never an easy task to undertake. This can also be especially true for times where you want to make homemade meals that are already time-consuming. It is during these times we always wish we had a kitchen appliance that could cut down the time requirement for … Read more

How to Sift Flour Without a Sifter

Baking is wonderful, and the results can be heavenly to your taste buds. But most recipes call for sifting flour. What’s up with that? Well, the honest truth is that many people skip this step, and to be even more honest, even professional bakers sometimes skip it as well. But using a sifter for your … Read more

Why is My KitchenAid Mixer Turning Food Gray?

Your KitchenAid mixer makes delicious treats for your familyKitchenAid mixers have been in kitchens for decades, used for many purposes:  pulling chicken and pork, mixing meatballs, and blending sweet and savory ingredients.  Most often, however, these wonderful gadgets are used to mix dough and batter to make delicious sweet treats. Unfortunately, sometimes the mixer and … Read more

Best Cast-Iron Tortilla Presses for Easy Homemade Tortillas [2021]

Dough for corn tortilla on press viewed from above.

Tortillas’ popularity has been on the rise in the US for years. Millions are spent on tortillas each year. One way to cut costs is to buy a tortilla press and make your own! Homemade tortillas are cheaper, healthier, and better for the environment than prepackaged ones. However, finding the right tortilla press can be … Read more

Biggest Air Fryers for a Large Family [2021]

wings in circle on plate with dips in middle and salt and pepper shakers on side on black table

  Air fryers have become a very popular trend lately. Even my family bought one after hearing all the hype, and we were not disappointed. It can make enough for my family of three, which got me thinking: what about big families? Surely there would have to be bigger fryers, and there are many on … Read more

Best Tofu Press Review & Buying Guide

Some people aren’t aware that you have to press your tofu before preparing it. Store bought tofu is full of water that will make it difficult to change the texture or add any flavoring. To ensure your tofu is the best it can be, you need to dry your tofu. While you can use two … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Kids & Toddlers Plates

Any parent will know how big of a mess kids can be, especially when they’re eating. For parents, lunchtime can become a chore. It’s hard to keep your little ones clean when they’re eating. Luckily, many people know about this common problem. Some companies have made dishes for keeping kids as clean as possible during … Read more

The 10 Best Quality Instant Coffee Brands

Dalgona whipped coffee has taken the world by storm. You’ve likely seen the frothy coffee drink all over Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook recently. Even though it looks like a professional made it, it’s simple to make. All you need is sugar, water, milk, ice, and instant coffee. Instant coffee is a great alternative to … Read more

Top 8 Best Fondue Pots of 2021

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows for Fondue

Ever heard of the old fondue tradition? If a man loses his bread in the fondue pot, he has to buy a round of drinks. If a woman loses her bread, she has to kiss all of her neighbors. Though this isn’t a very common tradition in most countries, it could be a fun fact … Read more

Best Tupperware for Meal Prep

      If you are a fitness lover like me, you know that meal preparation is key. Meal prep is basically pre-cooking your meals for the week, and it’s often called the biggest influence in your fitness success or failure.  Your meals’ proper storage is nothing to joke about. I’ve certainly gone through many … Read more

Dementia Friendly Coffee Makers

a cup of homemade coffee

7 Best Coffee Makers For Senior Citizens – Independence For Those With Dementia Every three seconds, somebody gets diagnosed with dementia.  Dementia is a serious illness that affects the lives of millions of people every year. This makes certain everyday activities a lot more difficult. Everyday things can become dangerous. It’s important to find easy … Read more

Best Instant Ramen for 2021 – Our Top 12 Reviewed

white bowl of ramen and vegetables and boiled egg on table

Whether you’re an adult, an exhausted college student, or a child who will eat anything, you’ve probably heard of ramen noodles – and you probably love them.  But before you buy a mega pack online, check out our favorite brands of ramen below.         Top 12 Instant Ramen You Can Buy in … Read more

5 Cooking Upgrades While Stuck at Home During a Pandemic

An Empty Howard Johnson Diner Counter with Barstools and Coffee Mugs

We aim to keep it real here at The Kitchen Professor.  Make the best of a bad situation and take the opportunity to upgrade cooking in that kitchen just a bit.  Take some of that time and try out some easy upgrades to eat like a king at home. 1. Try a New Pan, Any … Read more

Best Toaster Oven for Toast

    Some of us are bound to small living spaces. Due to space constraints, those of us living in condominiums, apartments or even dorm rooms may not have the luxury of owning an oven. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to deny yourself freshly baked croissants or homemade bruschetta. Like a toaster, … Read more

Best Pot for Cooking Rice

  Rice, which is actually the seed of one of two grass species, can be grown around the world. Although rice is most famously cultivated in the soaked-through monsoon climates of southern and eastern Asia, rice can be successfully cultivated all over the world. This is not surprising, as rice has been a staple in … Read more

Best Pan for Deep Frying

I love wings! I mean, I really love wings. So when the wing shop I frequented (on a near daily basis) closed down, I became somewhat unhinged. The idea of not being able to step outside my building, cross the street and get my daily fix of 20 wings (half extra hot, half lemon pepper, … Read more

Best Frying Pan for Bacon

Bacon is the best part of every morning. Make sure you're cooking it right with the best pan.

  Let’s not kid ourselves – of all the smells that emanate from the kitchen, few are quite as saliva-inducing or endorphin-firing as the whiff of a sizzling hot skillet full of thick-cut, juicy bacon. In a hurry? My pick is the T-Fal pre-seasoned cast iron skillet from Amazon. Far from considering myself a morning … Read more

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Vs. Cast Iron

Enameled Cast Iron vs Cast Iron

Many people read or hear about cast iron cookware and are surprised to find that there are various types available. You may have decided that you want to begin cooking with cast iron pots and pans but you may not know where to begin.

While bare, uncoated cast iron and enameled cast iron cookware do have similar features and provide comparable benefits, there are a few key differences to note when deciding to purchase the cookware. The goal of this post is to compare Enameled Cast Iron vs Cast Iron.

The Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles

The Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles

  When you’re welcoming a new bundle of joy into the home, you may be a bit preoccupied on the bigger details of what baby might need. You’re busy stocking up on clothes, linens, strollers, carriers, and bottles. It’s also important, however, to think about which soap you’ll be using to clean out baby bottles. … Read more

Best Meat Mallets and Why You Need One

Meat tenderizers, meat mallets or meat pounders are instruments that are used to beat meat in order for it to become softer and more edible. Through this process, the meat is also tenderized so it can be cut up, mashed up, and broken up into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to use this meat … Read more

Best Tamale Steamers (and what to look for)

Tamale is a Mesoamerican dish that features steamed, corn-based dough which can be eaten with meats and cheeses as well as fruits and vegetables. They originated in Mexico thousands of years ago and have gone through various changes from the indigenous cultures of South America to the United States today. The Aztec and Mayan civilizations … Read more

How to Keep Strawberries from Molding? 3 Best Ways to Store Strawberries

The lovely warm weather is not the only thing that comes with the spring season, it brings us strawberries too. The delicious red delights are not only one of the best guilt-free snacks but are also packed with numerous health beneficial compounds, giving us the liberty to chow on them all day long. Rich in antioxidants, … Read more

10 Ways to Use Up Heavy Cream

Whether it’s a dollop of cream with apple pie or a white swirl in tomato soup, cream makes any food taste decadent and delicious. Just seeing the fluffy white goodness on your food can spark a feeling of joy and warmth inside you. There are many different types of cream with the key difference lying … Read more

The Best Silicone Baking Mats for a Magical Baking Experience

The saddest thing for any baker is when they have to peel their perfectly shaped cookies off the baking tray and watch their corners break off. This usually happens when the surface of the baking tray is not stick-proof, resulting in the cookies clinging to it. This leads to the cookie breaking or burning from … Read more

7 Delicious Recipes You Can Make In a Rice Cooker

We all have a few kitchen appliances that we believe are only made to serve one purpose and hence, they remain underutilized. A rice cooker is one of them. In addition to helping you cook the perfect rice, every time, the electrical pot can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods that can … Read more

How to Freeze and Thaw Butter like a Pro

Butter has been around since civilization itself. Clarified butter, or Ghee, was presented as a gift to the Hindu God Krishna for at least 3000 years, butter was used as a medicine to be swallowed for coughs and spread on aching joints, and it is mentioned as a celebratory food in the Bible. Butters origins … Read more

How to Pick a Good Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer fruit. It’s refreshing, delicious, and healthy. You can use it to make desserts and juice or eat it as is. When you go on your watermelon buying adventure, you will meet with one big hurdle — how to pick a good watermelon? From the array of watermelons before you, all of … Read more

Heat and Sweet: Delicious Grilled Desserts

If you didn’t know about grilled desserts before, then you’ve been missing out on some of the tastiest food on earth. The tastiest grilled desserts on this earth can go toe to toe with the best non-fried non-heated, cold desserts out there. You just need to find the right ones. Grilled Pineapple Sundaes This looks … Read more

How to Batch Prep Grab n’ Go Smoothies

Everyone loves fruit smoothies. Shakes and smoothies are just universally loved since they’re such a good snack to have and are also healthy to consume. However, there’s a lot of processed sugar and other additives that can make these smoothies high in calories, and these manifest by going right to your thighs. So, instead of … Read more

10 Food Preservation Guides That Will Turn You into a Canning Genius

Do you like going to the local farmer’s market and picking out your favorite produce, fruits, and veggies? Sometimes, this hobby becomes an obsession, and instead of picking a limited amount of food, individuals tend to go a little overboard. This is when being educated in preservation comes in handy. It is important to understand … Read more

Here’s How to use a Smoker Grill in 8 Easy Steps

Barbequing in the United States is a tradition as well known as apple pies and the fourth of July. Grilling hot dogs and steaks in your backyard is one of the most American traditions out there and that’s why there are so many grills and brick ovens in residential areas around the USA. This is … Read more

How to Use Smoker Chips in Any Type of Grill

Smoker chips are wooden chips that emanate a flavored smoke when you burn it. When you blend more than one smoker chip together, they give off a combination of different flavors. If you want to use smoker chips, first, know about the most common types to use for grilling. The 5 Types of Smoker Chips … Read more

Tips on Freezing Fresh Produce

Assortment of Fruits and Vegetables

We all freeze fruits and vegetables in fridges and freezers in our home in order to keep them fresh. However, just like most things in our lives, we don’t really pay attention to the intricacies or the science of freezing produce since it’s such a throwaway thing. Freezing produce is a very technical process and … Read more

The Best Jar Openers For The Seniors In Your Life

Jar Openers are actually very helpful tools for seniors, especially in America, where nearly 12.1% of the population, almost 21 million people who are 25 and older, have arthritis. This can make it very difficult for them to open jars and really exert any sort of pressure with their fingers, hands, and wrists. Hence, jar … Read more

Find The Best Sushi Making Kit For Home Use

Have you ever stared in wonder and amazement at sushi chefs slicing seafood with military precision? Their immaculate rolls and sashimi slices are always perfect. If you’re in the mood for some sushi and you don’t want to go out, or you just want to try making it yourself, it’s time to invest in a … Read more

The Best Cooling Racks for All Your Baking Needs

It’s a little misleading to call it a cooling rack since they are good for so much else. What they basically do is find a way to evenly distribute heat so that it spreads around and doesn’t remain with the baked goods right out of the oven. Hence, it can also be used in combination … Read more

7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Use A Knife

Does your little chef like to help you out in the kitchen? If your child is your sous chef in the kitchen, you need to teach them how to use the knife safely. Even if your child has no interest in cooking, a quick lesson on how to use a knife properly is still necessary. … Read more

7 Brilliant Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Let’s be honest with ourselves, our kitchen cabinets are a mess. You don’t really think about what you’re putting where and you find things in the strangest of places when you really need them. Whether it’s pots and pans or knives or Tupperware, you won’t find things when you actually need to. A few more … Read more

10 Freezer & Refrigerator Organization Tips & Hacks

  What would you consider as the most helpful and useful kitchen appliance to be? Your refrigerator, right? It is safe to say that the refrigerator or fridge is the most helpful and useful appliance in your kitchen. It is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your food from expiring. The fridge is the … Read more

7 Produce Chopping Tips Every Home Chef needs to Know

If you’ve ever chopped up a cucumber or an onion, you know it’s not as easy as it looks as it is on cooking shows or movies. However, you can practice and get better with these tips. They don’t take a lot of your time, but if you’re serious about getting better with a knife … Read more

Choosing the Best Double Burner Griddle for All Your Pancake Needs

Every culture has its own unique cuisine and signature dishes. But there are some foods which may have different names and appearances but are universal in essence. One such food is pancakes. Whether you know them as crepes, hotcakes, or pancakes, this breakfast food is eaten worldwide. You’ve probably attempted to make those perfect looking … Read more

The Best Way to Cook Artichokes

“Eat green,” is probably one phrase everyone has heard -at least once- growing up. There’s really no match to the benefits that green vegetables offer our bodies. Known as the ultimate source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins, green veggies have proven themselves time and time again. Amongst the different green veggie options, there are artichokes. … Read more

The Best Canned Chicken & The Ingredients That Make Them Great

If you are in the mood to eat a delicious chicken meal but don’t want to spend hours buying and then cooking chicken, there is a quick fix for you. Instead of making the effort of driving all the way to your nearest grocery store or deli, you can simply choose canned chicken to do … Read more

The Best Rotisserie Ovens (and what you need to know)

Are you in the mood to have fancy food? Well, the fanciest food at the top of my head would be rotisserie chicken. This tender, succulent chicken can be paired with your favorite sides and tastes absolutely delicious. The best part is that there is no need to get out of your home or order … Read more

Choosing the Best Tart Pan for Savory or Sweet Treats

Whether it’s a three cheese tart with a buttery shortcrust pastry or a dark chocolate and caramel tart with a crumbly digestive biscuit base, tarts are a delight to eat. Essentially, it takes two key components to make a tart: a pastry base and a filling of your choice (it may be sweet or savory). … Read more

How to Roast Garlic and stay Healthy all Year Round

Raw garlic is famous for its pungent smell and how it can ward off vampires, but it’s also famous for being a very healthy food item. However, roasting garlic gets rid of its putrid smell so it can be a pleasant snack overall. Now that’s not as straightforward as it may seem. The best way … Read more

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker (and why you want one)

It is safe to say that rice is one of the most eaten foods all around the world. Whether it is plain white rice, egg fried rice, or sautéed rice, this star ingredient is always a safe resort. However, cooking rice to perfection can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have the … Read more

Deep Clean Your Hard Working Dishwasher in 3 Easy Steps

It is safe to say that your dishwasher is one of the most loyal companions in the kitchen because it takes the responsibility of cleaning all dirty dishes to perfection with just one click. This could be the reason why the idea of giving your dishwasher a deep cleansing treatment may sound a little weird … Read more

How to Clean Your Wooden Cutting Board

There are many types of cutting boards available for you to use. While plastic cutting boards are a durable, practical, and economical option, granite, glass and marble cutting boards are not the ideal choice for daily use. Another great option is a wooden cutting board.  A wooden cutting board is known to be the most … Read more