When your conventional stove top does not have enough cooking area to feed a house full of dinner guests, there are a few kitchen appliances that will give you some much needed real estate. Today, the appliance we will talk about is the electric skillet. TL;DR? I like the Presto Skillet best.  What are the [...]

There is no doubt that stainless steel is quality cookware. It is tough and durable, and will long outlast its users with minimal care. High quality stainless steel retains heat more effectively than cast iron. It won’t rust or corrode nearly as readily as cast iron. It will not leach its flavor into the food [...]

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is not even one person in this world that doesn’t have to use a can opener from time to time. Heck, I need them several times per week. Skip to the end? I like the Black + Decker Spacemaker Opener. But what about for big cans? I host quite [...]

According to a recent study done by the CDC, at least 40% of adult Americans do not drink the recommended daily amount of water. While it is true that beverages aside from water (coffee, tea, juice, soda, even beer) add up the day’s total hydration, the auxiliary effects of many of these beverages can compromise, [...]

Who doesn’t love having burgers on the grill? The grill lines from the grates, the flavor that the charcoal and hickory chips infuse into the meat. It is no secret that hamburgers on the grill are simply better than any other burger. Need to know NOW? I picked the Hamilton Beach Indoor Flavor Searing Grill [...]

As home chefs, we all need herbs and spices. But you can’t always buy your favorite herbs and spices year round. Why is that you ask? When the weather changes, certain foods are no longer in season. One of 2 things will happen. That product will either no longer be available or the scarcity will make [...]

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