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Mason Jars for Smoothies and Juicing



Mason jars, not just for canning!
Mason jars, not just for canning!

If you’re here to find out more about mason jars for smoothies and juicing, you’ve joined the ranks of the health-conscious. And you’ve started blending up healthy juices and smoothies. Right? Here are my favorite mason jars for smoothies and juicing at Amazon.

If you haven’t, this is the perfect time to start!

The internet is filled with advice on blending your own smoothies with fresh fruits. And creating those delicious nutrient-dense vegetable smoothies everyone loves.

So, the container into which you pour your smoothies and juices is just as important as the ingredients inside.

And we all know the dangers of using plastic containers. So stock up on mason jars to help you get the most out of your health drinks.

Why You Should use Mason Jars?

You might be thinking to yourself, hey, why can’t I just enjoy my smoothie in whatever container I have handy?

Well, you can. But, using mason jars to store and sip smoothies or juices can be beneficial in many ways.

Glass is Healthy

Like I mentioned before there are the health benefits…

Glass mason jars are toxin free, which is perfect if you’re looking to rid yourself of unnecessary chemicals in your everyday life.

The BPA found in most plastics is known to mimic estrogen which causes hormone imbalances and weight gain.

Phthalates are more harmful chemicals. They cause immune system imparement, reduced levels of testosterone and infertility.

Easy on your Pocket

Mason jars are handy money savers too!

Let’s be honest, fresh produce doesn’t come cheap. So buying and prepping in bulk is a super cost saver.

Mason jars are perfect if you like to juice and prepare your smoothies in bulk.

If you have spinach or raspberries that look like they’ll soon be on their way out, why not blend them up into a delicious and nutritious smoothie?

By using a mason jar as the container, you’ll be able to freeze your spinach, kale, and celery green smoothie so you can have one later on in the week!

Also, mason jars are durable. So use can reuse them over and over again. Which means, you save big time on buying containers for your smoothies instead of spending money on disposable holders.

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Kind to Your Planet

You’re doing your bit for the earth.

Glass mason jars have been revived as coveted containers for beverages. With the recent turn towards eco-friendliness, glass containers are increasingly preferred over plastic cups.

So you’ll be doing the earth a favor by cutting down on waste that ends up in landfills.

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There’s a Perfect Size and Shape for You

Mason jars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You will likely find that the 16 oz or one-pint jars are a nice size for your smoothies. If your kids love smoothies too there are sizes that will fit their little hands too.

Ball One Pint Mason Jars – Regular Mouth

These Ball 1 pt mason jars have the regular sized openings. Which I think is better for sipping smoothies from.

And of course, they’re made from thick durable glass. And they come fitted with 2-piece steel lids for sealing.

If you remember the mason jars your grandmother used for storing her homemade jelly, these are the same ones.

The steel lids are surprisingly tight when fitted for sealing in freshness. I mean, if you think about how far back this jar and lid design goes, there’s no doubt about their sealing capabilities.

So, you’re guaranteed that these will lock in the freshness of a just-made frozen smoothie even if you made it a week ago.

I also like the fact that these jars are made in the US It’s rare to find products made at home. And I’m convinced it drives down the prices we pay.

So if you’re all about made-in-America, these will make you just that little happier!

There’s one gripe I have. And that’s the hand washing. I like dishwashing my crockery. But, for the health benefits and the convenience of storing anything fresh or pickled. I’ll take it.

Two things I did notice about the opinions and reviews of other mason jar users it that the steel lids begin to rust after a while.

But, that’s nothing new with mason jars. And there are some great lids on the market that you can use to replace the regular lids.

Also, there are many reports of these jars arriving at their destination broken. The main reason reported was poor packaging.

Although Amazon makes it simple to refuse the package and return it for another one. A bunch of broken mason jars is a real annoyance though. Especially if you needed them pronto.

Ball One Pint Mason Jars – Wide Mouth

If you prefer a wide mouth mason jar for freezing or sipping your smoothies, these ones from Ball are perfect.

An extra benefit of using the wide mouth jars is pouring your smoothie mix from the blender as easy as pie.

Besides the wider mouth, these mason jars are the mirror image of the regular mouth ones.

You still get the 2 piece sealing lid which is excellent for keeping out air and locking in freshness.

And you’re still guaranteed of the non-toxic benefits, just like the regular-mouth jars. And these jars are also home-made in the United States.

If you’ve never used mason jars for freezing or canning fresh stuff, don’t worry! You’ll be happy to know there are step-by-step instructions included.

And if the jars are properly sealed, its contents can last up to 12 months!

There were a few customer complaints about these jars cracking in the freezer. But I will bet my bottom dollar that’s because they over-filled the jars.

You see, mason jars come marked with a freeze-fill line. Fill it above this line and the jar is bound to crack.

You can spot the freeze-fill line by looking just under the thread, about an inch from the top of the jar.

There are even some mason jars that are clearly marked with the words “For Freezing” on this line.

Ball Half Pint Mason Jars

So you may be wondering, “my kids like smoothies too, but the pint-sized jars are too large”.

If you have children who also like their smoothies, consider investing in a set of half pint mason jars.

At half the size they’re much easier for little hands to handle. But you get the same sealing capabilities and health benefits.

Of course, keeping our kid’s toxin free is essential. And using glass mason jars for smoothies kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

Remember those harmful chemicals I mentioned earlier?

Well, they are especially toxic to young children.

BPA causes an increase in estrogen and can lead to weight gain. And Phthalates cause immune system problems and can cause infertility – especially in boys and babies.

So, you want to keep plastics as far away from your kids as possible. By using mason jars you’re keeping them toxin-free. Add those healthy smoothies on top of that and you’re doing a fantastic job!

Like with the one-pint mason jars, an obvious gripe from other customers was cracked jars on arrival. From what I can tell, this was due to poor packaging.

Although, the last complaint about this was during mid-2016. So it seems like the packaging has improved.

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Mason Jars for Smoothies on the Go

We all have busy lives. And if you’re like me, sometimes breakfast is the last thing on your morning to-do list!

But we shouldn’t allow that to get in the way of healthy living.

Mason jars aren’t the simple glass jar and canning lid that they once were. With today’s jars there are a bunch of handy and pretty attachments. Making your daily smoothie easier to take on-the-go.

Have a delicious smoothie wherever, whenever!
Have a delicious smoothie wherever, whenever!

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Silicone Jar Jackets for Mason Jars

I love the idea of these silicone jar jackets for mason jars. They look stylish and more importantly, they’re functional.

JarJackets for One Pint Mason Jars

JarJackets Silicone Mason Jar Protector Sleeve - Fits Ball, Kerr 16oz (1 pint) WIDE-Mouth Jars | Package of 4 (Multicolor) …

View on Amazon

These are stylish and functional little jackets for your 16 oz mason jars.

They are designed specifically for the wide mouth mason jars. And they come in a 4-pack with different colors; lagoon, midnight, poppy, and sangria.

They are super lightweight and give you that extra grip. Grip is important if you’re holding a 16 oz mason jar filled with your smoothie juice.

And they’re even a little shock absorbent. Although, if you use your mason jar a football, it’s going to break! But the extra shock absorption could just save your jar from breaking if you drop it.

These jackets are made from 100% FDA approved silicone. They’re also free from toxins like BPA and Phthalates.

Which is great since it would be silly to have a non-toxic jar and then cover it with a jacket filled with poison!

And these JarJackets are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe too.

Some customers complained about condensation on their jars while using the JarJacket.

Although, I’m not sure why they expected the silicone jacket to prevent condensation of a cold drink.

Agave Mason Jar Silicon Sleeve

8 Ounce Mason Bottle Silicone Sleeve: Fits Any 8 Ounce, Regular Mouth Mason Jar (Agave Color). Made in The USA

View on Amazon

Of all the silicone jar jackets this one is by far my favorite.

It’s beautiful to look at and it’s practical, especially if you’re a parent.

This sleeve fits snugly on the regular mouth half pint or 8 oz mason jars. Making it perfect for little kiddies to hold and sip their delicious smoothie.

This sleeve is more solid than the previous JarJacket. I like this feature because it’s even more shock absorbent. Which is great should your little one accidentally drop their mason jar.

Another great feature is the window on each side of the sleeve. It takes the guesswork out of figuring out which flavor smoothie is inside.

The sleeve also has handy measurements along the side. So you can easily decide how much to fill your jar with and how much is left.

It’s hard to find fault with this mason jar sleeve. Except maybe that it doesn’t come in sizes big enough for the one pint or 16 oz jars!

Handy Lid Attachments for Mason Jars

Wide Mouth reCAP Lid for Mason Jars

reCAP Mason Jars Pour, Wide Mouth, Canning Jar Lid, Silver

View on Amazon

You can go even further take your smoothie on the go with this reCAP lid. If you have a fairly bumpy ride to work, consider taking your smoothies in an airtight mason jar with the lid completely sealed.

The lid is designed with gasket and reCAP’s locking system. So it turns your jar into a non-spill drinking bottle. Which is great for convenience.

The caps have all the non-toxic features like being BPA-free and FDA approved. And of course, they’re made right here in the USA!

A lot of regular plastics tend to stain from their contents. But this reCAP lid is stain resistant. It’s also dish washer safe and you can use it for freezing too.

But the main feature that attracts me is there’s no rust to worry about. Rust on the regular lids of mason jars is a problem. Because many juices contain an acidic component.

So replacing the regular steel lids with these reCAP lids makes rust a thing of the past.

And the lids do give that extra protection from air which helps to lock in more freshness.

It’s worth mentioning that this great sealing ability can cause the cap to get stuck on your mason jar. But there’s an easy fix…

Simply soak the jar and lid in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. This will loosen the lid from the jar so you can twist it off easily.

There is one gripe I have with these reCAP lids…

They’re pretty expensive. But if you consider how functional they are, their health benefits and you won’t struggle with rusty lids again. They are worth every dime in my opinion.

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Ball Sip and Straw Lids for Mason Jars

You already know how healthy smoothies are for your kids. And they are a super way to get those all important fruits and veggies into their diet.

And I’ll be if you love smoothies so do your kids. But little people always manage to get a smoothie in places where it doesn’t belong!

So you’ll be happy to know there are some great sip and straw lids available for mason jars!

Ball makes this handy sip and straw lids for both the wide and regular mouth mason jars.

Just make sure you order the right ones. There are several customers who had to return their order for the correct sizes. So keep in mind whether your jars are wide or regular side mouths.

Each package comes with 4 reusable lids and straws. And Ball has paid special attention to the size of the straws – they’re nice and thick.

There’s nothing worse than trying to suck a thick, juicy smoothie through a teeny tiny straw. You know what I mean?

And they are designed to be just as good for your health as the jars the fit. The plastic is BPA-free which is so important for the health of your kids.

There’s one thing I’d like to see improved on these lids though.

I’d like to see them come with a ring made from the same BPA-free plastic as the lid. At the moment, you still need to use the regular steel ring of your mason jar.

FoodSaver Regular Sealer and Accessory Hose Wide-Mouth Jar Kit

FoodSaver Regular Sealer and Accessory Hose Wide-Mouth Jar Kit, 9.00 x 6.00 x 4.90 Inches, White

View on Amazon

You might already be head over heels in love with smoothies. Or maybe you’re just starting your romance.

But, guaranteed at some point you’ll want to go full tilt with these amazingly healthy drinks.

Either way, reusing mason jars has one tiny flaw…

Once you’ve used the lid to seal a jar, it can’t be used to reseal again.


You use a FoodSaver sealer.

If you have wide mouth mason jars, FoodSaver has you covered.

Sure, you could just screw on the steel lid and be done with it. But if you want the most from your smoothie, that you made lovingly with your own hands, invest in one of these.

With this handy jar sealer, you can vacuum seal your mason jars over and over again. It’s a great money saver so you really get bang for your buck.

And you get to lock in more freshness by sucking out as much air as possible from your jars. And that’s what you want – less air equals more freshness.

It’s worth mentioning that this baby won’t re-pressurize your jars like the first time you used them. But it does vacuum seal. Which is good enough to keep your smoothies fresh and healthy.

Two things popped up several times with other customers.

Firstly, the instructions are a little tricky. So make sure you follow them to the letter. It might take a few tries before you get it spot on.

Secondly, you will get the odd lid that won’t vacuum. This is not because there’s a problem with the FoodSaver. It’s generally because the steel lid is slightly bent or the rubber seal is worn.

But none of those is a deal-breaker for me. It’s a money saver, so a little elbow grease and a few tries to get it right should be no problem.


Whichever way you look at it, mason jars for smoothies and juicing is the way to go.

They’ll save you plenty of greenbacks and keep you healthy too!

Now that you know all the benefits and what’s available, you can shop with confidence. Choosing the best mason jars for smoothies and juicing is easy as pie.

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Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Freedom II Andres and timlewisnm.

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