Christmas Gifts for Men in the Kitchen


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Bring a smile to your gingerbread man's face with the best Christmas gift!

Bring a smile to your gingerbread man’s face with the best Christmas gift!


Christmas is all about generosity and gift-giving. If your true love fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey, however, a partridge in a pear tree might not be the best option. (Unless he’s of a mind to serve roast partridge and poached pears at this year’s Christmas dinner.)

While few presents are funnier (depending on your sense of humor) than a novelty apron, how about gifting something practical? There are few things he’ll like better on Christmas morning than an additional tool to add to his kitchen armory.

Be it a futuristic infrared thermometer for grilling, a Big Green Egg, or a brand new knife, everyone loves something shiny and new. The added bonus is he can put his new tool to good use immediately. After he’s finished his eggnog, he can enjoy his gifts while preparing dinner.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about what to buy the man in your life this holiday season.

1. Serving Blocks and Boards

Does your man usually serve up foods on a cutting board? The Black Tai Himalayan Salt Plate is a fresh take on serving boards. A truly special gift, this attractive heating/cooling, and serving surface is not just a cute conversation piece. It’s a very handy piece of kit!

See Reviews at Amazon for the Black Tai Salt Co. Himalayan Salt Plate

Does your husband, brother, or son love sushi? The board will keep California rolls and sashimi cool and fresh. It can equally withstand any level of heat he can throw at it: a centerpiece chicken will look great displayed on this board at his next dinner party.

salt-blockThis board imparts a subtle saltiness to the food, but nothing overpowering. Meanwhile, the natural antibiotic quality of salt means that it needs little more than a quick wipe to clean.

Slate Cheese Board

If you want a board that is sure to impress at parties, the Slate Cheese Board Set will do the job nicely. It features a food-safe surface, great for cheese, that he can write on. The chalk (included) lets him label any appetizers he’s serving up, right on the board!

Check the availability of Slate Cheese Board Set at AmazonThe quality and uniqueness of this piece make this cheese board a nice addition to any kitchen.

Find out which tools are best for cutting, slicing, and grating hard cheeses!

2. Knives and Knife Sharpeners

When it comes to gifts for the chef in your life, a good knife is hard to beat. Why not make it a set by pairing it with a handy sharpening tool?

The Knindustrie Coltello prosciutto BE-knife knife is as sharp as your mother-in-law’s tongue, and you don’t need a ham the size of your ex’s backside to utilize its prowess.

This knife makes short work of slicing up prosciutto, jamon serrano, or even a roasted joint of beef. Got turkey to slice? No problem! Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpening System

Help your man keep that new knife sharp with a great knife sharpener! The Apex system from Edge Pro is one of the best sharpening tools on the market today.

See the Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener at Amazon

A sharp knife is a safe knife, and a sharpening tool is as safe a bet as it comes for those who aspire to be a Michelin superstar in their home kitchen.
Check out the Chef’s Choice Trizor Electric Knife Sharpener at Amazon. It’s faster than the manual Edge Pro and a little cheaper, too.

3. Cast Iron Cookware

I love me a good pan! If you don’t have a heavy cast iron pan in your cupboard, there may be something missing in your kitchen – scratch that, there IS something missing. This Christmas, treat your guy to one of the most versatile pieces of kitchenware!

Lodge L8SK3

This cast iron Lodge skillet is pre-seasoned (and this is a big effing deal) saving you from the tedious process of seasoning your pan. Cast Iron has remarkable heat retention, cooking your food at extremely high temperatures without compromising the pot. Be careful though, the handle heats up just as quickly as the rest of the pan.

Check out the Lodge L8SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet at Amazon

Remind him to not use any detergents on it or, even worse, a scouring pad! A quick rinse with a soft cloth and warm water will take care of any unwanted remnants from the last fry, without harming the seasoning. For advice on how to maintain your cast iron cookware, check out this post.

Lodge L8DOL3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I love a dutch oven and it’s great for stews. I particularly like this one from Lodge because it is large enough to house a meal for the entire family.

Dutch ovens are perfect for stews casseroles, soups, and so much more. Pick this one up for the man in your life who loves cooking for the family.

Find the dutch oven here at Amazon.

With cast iron’s unique properties (learn about seasoning your cast iron here), this is a gift that will only get better over time.

4. Tumbler Set

A glass of wine is a wonderful way to end a busy Christmas dinner.

A glass of wine is a wonderful way to end a busy Christmas dinner.

Some nice glasses are always good to have around the house. If your SO likes to enjoy a tipple from time to time, Riedel makes some of the best wine glasses in the world.

See the Riedel O Wine Tumbler Cabernet/Merlot, Set of 4 at Amazon

A nice set of tumblers will surely be great to have during family gatherings over the holiday season. Pair them with the best wine key and a bottle of Cabernet, and you have yourself a truly thoughtful gift indeed!

If your man is more of a coffee fiend, you might also want to read about the best coffee Thermoses for his daily commute. Then pick one up for dad to use on his hunting and fishing trips!

5. Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker Oven Kitchen Turkey Remote Digital Cooking Food Grill Thermometer with Probe, 300 Feet Range, Smart LCD Backlit Screen A thermometer is one of those tools that’s worth its weight in gold in the kitchen. Pick up one of the best presents you can get this Christmas, courtesy of ThermoPro. With a range of 300 feet, the TP-07 Remote Wireless Digital Kitchen Thermometer lets him know when the meat’s done, remotely! Perfect for grilling or roasting, this device ensures that there will be no under- or over-cooked turkeys, steaks, or prime rib in his household!

See the ThermoPro TP-07 Remote Wireless Digital Kitchen at Amazon

Learn a cool trick for checking meat doneness without a thermometer!

6. Deep Fryer

As a man, I know that a cool new kitchen appliance would definitely put a smile on my face! A deep fryer is definitely cool. There are very few foods that can’t benefit from a little batter and deep frying, as we know from the ingenious battered Mars bar.

Philips Air-fryer

Give your fellow all the benefits of frying right in his own home with the Philips HD9220/20 Airfryer! This air-fryer is a great model that uses up to 80% less oil than normal fryers. Suitable for everything from calamari to home cooked french fries, to onion rings, this gift is sure to hit the spot.

See the Philips HD9980/20 Airfryer (Basket) at Amazon


See this article to read my how-to on deep frying a whole chicken!


Barware is among the most important things for men, especially if you’re like me and enjoy a drink every now and again. Okay maybe little more often than that. Either way, barware is always a great way to show your love and appreciation.

Any kind of barware works really, it all depends on what the individual you are shopping for enjoys most. Is he a cocktail kind of guy, or does he sip his favorite liquors neat?

Boston Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker

Perfect for the home bartender. We all like to host parties and make some cocktails for our guests, this cocktail shaker kit lets you do it in style.

The Boston Shaker is – in my estimation – the only way a bartender should be mixing his drinks. It has a much larger capacity than its competition, the cobbler shaker, and is more durable as well.

With this shaker set you’ll receive; 18 and 20-ounce cups, double jigger (0.5-ounce and 2-ounce), Hawthorne strainer, and drink recipes.

If the person you are shopping for loves to mix cocktails for guests, he will most definitely love this shaker set.

Find the Boston Shaker set here at Amazon.

Personalized Liquor Decanter

Those of us who love whiskey, probably love having a stylish container to put our whiskey in. Sure we love the way our liquor is packaged, but you can only have so many Crown Royal bottles on display before you start to look like you have a drinking problem. Whiskey decanters are the solution to that problem.

With eight different font styles to choose from, there is nearly unlimited personalization potential here. And best of all, engraving is free. This crystal decanter holds just under 24-ounces of your chosen spirit and the lid fits nicely in the decanter, allowing you to store your favorite drink for quite some time.

Find this personalized decanter at Amazon.

Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

One thing that is often overlooked when purchasing a high-quality bottle of wine is the process of aeration. Why is this important?

Aerating wine does a couple of very important things. First, it triggers evaporation and oxidation, this happens the moment that the wine hits oxygen. When aerating your wine you are starting the process of getting undesired compounds within the wine to evaporate faster, leaving only the aromatic and flavorful compounds.

While aeration is important for a good wine, exposing it to oxygen too often or for too long makes the wine begin to flatten. The Aervana one-touch aerates your wine only when you want it aerated (when it is pouring).

You’ll get instant aeration at the touch of a button. There is no lifting involved, simply press down on the aerator and enjoy your wine.

You can check out the Aervana One-Touch Luxury at

Shot Glass Roulette

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a kitchen gift, but it fits the bill just enough to have a place in here.

One of the most popular casino games with a twist. The shot glass roulette set is a guaranteed hit at any party and my absolute favorite way to kick off the weekends’ festivities. With 2 roulette balls and sixteen shot glasses holding one-ounce each, everybody will enjoy this gift.

Find the shot glass roulette set from Fairly Odd Novelties at Amazon.

Customized Home Bar Neon Light

Does your guy have a home bar? Get him something to personalize his setup. This neon light is fully customizable (the words, not the pictures) and adds a whole new level of amazing to your home bar. Choose from eight different colors to get the perfect ambiance for your bar.

Check out this customized home bar neon light from AdvPro Custom at Amazon.


Three new chef’s knives, two cast iron skillets, and one very happy hubby!

If you have a man in your life who loves to cook, consider picking him up a new culinary tool this year. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a meat-lover, a BBQ grillmaster, or the type who enjoys a nice glass of wine. One of these gift ideas is sure to please, and help him get most out of the kitchen!

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Cooking a Christmas spread is thirsty work!  How about adding this insulated water bottle to his Christmas stocking!

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