Top 6 Cast-Iron Cookware Brands

Choosing the right cast-iron cookware can be a challenge for people just starting their search for this specific style of cookware, or even for those that are looking to add more pieces to their current set.  Cast iron has been a durable and reliable kitchen appliance used by everyone from cooks on cattle drives to modern day chefs. Leading to a variety of cast iron sizes and types becoming available to purchase. I have helped narrow down your search by creating a list of the top 6 cast iron brands for you to determine which suits your needs best.  In this article we look at the top brands and manufacturers of cast iron cookware, including where the cast iron is made.

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1. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

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Lodge Cast Iron at AmazonLocated in Tennessee, this company makes awesome, top-rated cast-iron skillets. Their skillets heat well and come pre-seasoned. Not only is their cookware top rated, but it’s pretty cost effective. Lodges are also pretty environmentally friendly. The company takes huge steps to make their community better than it was before they started. Reasonably priced, top rated, and community conscious. What more could you ask for?

2. Camp Chef

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Camp Chef Skillet at AmazonAs someone who likes to cook both indoors and outdoors, Camp Chef was a natural second choice. Not only are their pots and pans great for cooking outdoors, their one of the top cast-iron cook-sets you can buy for everyday cooking. They are tough, durable, and are comparable with Lodge’s quality. These are a must have if you are a person that loves cooking both on an indoor range and an outdoor grill.  The Camp Chef brand is not made in the USA.

3. Calphalon

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Calphalon Cast Iron Skillet at AmazonCalphalon is a large well-known cookware manufacturer and has a variety of options available. Their line of cast-iron cookware has stellar reviews. The great thing about these sets is that they are typically available at large retailers like JC Penny and Sears. They do cost a bit more than the first two options, but they are unparalleled and have become incredibly popular for a reason. This is a great choice if you are looking for something a bit more display worthy than your Lodge or Camp Chef cookware, but still, need to stay within a budget.  The Calphalon cast iron pans are not made in the USA.

4.Le Creuset

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Many of you will be familiar with this ever-popular French brand of cookware, known for high quality, beautifully colored exteriors and a bit higher prices than the previously mentioned brand.  Le Creuset’s main difference from other cast iron brands are their cast iron is coated in enamel.  This enamel resists staining, dulling, wear and tear, it requires no additional seasoning, provides superior heat retention, and (this may be the most important part for a few of you) it is dishwasher safe. Le Creuset is akin to a functional piece of artwork in your kitchen, well worth the bit higher price tag.  These pieces are hand inspected by French artisans and contain a stamp on the bottom of the pan.

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5. Marquette Castings Cookware

Another brightly colored cookware set, this one will impress you, but cost more in the long run. The sets are beautifully colored and touted to heat quickly and retain heat well. With the feature of it being oven save up to 500F, this is truly a feel-good purchase (and let’s be honest, you’d probably buy this adorable cook set anyway!).  The bare cast irons pieces are not made in the USA, however the enameled pieces are enameled and stamped in the USA in Marquette, Michigan.

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6. T-fal Cookware

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My final recommendation is a bit of an unknown for most people. Though they are more known for their kitchen appliances, this company also makes a mean cast-iron cook set. Highly rated, this set evenly heats and browns steaks to perfection. They also have a variety of other kitchen appliances, so you can probably save on shipping by buying them all at once. We all need an excuse to buy more kitchen supplies, right? Even better, this cookware set can be found at your local Target. If you prefer not paying that shipping cost, or just feeling a bit impulsive, you can swing by your brick and mortar store and get it today!

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See T-Fal Cast Iron Cookware at Amazon

Whether you are looking for your first cast iron piece or wanting to expand your growing collection these brands will all make a great addition to your kitchen.

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  • Betty

    Could you please tell me if the iron of a pot will seep through into the food if it has enamel on it? Will the iron seep through the enamel?
    Thank you

    • Kitchen Professor

      Hey Betty, Iron will not seep through the enamel.

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