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Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for a Smoker

For a perfectly smoked chicken, you need the perfect smoker thermometer.
For a perfectly smoked chicken, you need the perfect smoker thermometer.

It’s no secret that barbecuing is an American tradition. Whether it is summertime cookouts or tailgate parties during football season, one thing can be counted on: Outdoor chefs around the nation are firing up their grills and doing their best Johnny Trigg impressions.

Barbecuing is more than throwing your food on the grill and flipping over until it looks done. No, that doesn’t work for true pit-masters. You have to spend time with the food, you’ve got to monitor it from start to finish.

This is where a smoking thermometer comes into play.

Smoke it low and steady

When smoking your food, you want to have the heat low and steady. This gives the food time to really take in the smoke flavor you want infused in the chicken, roast, or any other meat you are cooking.

This can only be done by having a dependable, consistent smoker thermometer. It will ensure the proper temperature not only in the grill but in the meat as well. Today we’ll show you some excellent wireless thermometers that will help you smoke your food to perfection

ThermoPro TP08 Wireless Thermometer

This is a tremendous thermometer with several features that are sure to help you smoke like a pro. Let’s look at a few of these functions.

Broad temp range

The TP08 has a broad range of temperatures and is able to read as low as 32-degrees Fahrenheit and can read as hot as 572-degrees Fahrenheit. It has an extraordinarily accurate cooking thermometer that can read the temperature of the food quickly and precisely.

Wireless connectivity

The TPO8 uses wireless technology, so you will no longer be tethered to your grill. All you have to do is the initial setup for the device, and you will always know the temp of your smoker, no matter where you are. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker BBQ Grill Oven Thermometer with Dual Probe Kitchen Cooking Food Thermometer

See even more features of the ThermoPro at Amazon.

Built-in timer

Use the built in timer to manually set your cook time (available in countdown or count-up mode), and never worry about burning the food. Having the ability to configure the alarm for the digital meat thermometer is nice as well.

Solid guarantee

The greatest thing about this thermometer is the company that produces it. ThermoPro stands by their device and offer a lifetime sensor probe warranty. Because the probes can become less accurate over time due to prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures, they provide their customers with sensors free of charge.

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Should you purchase this one?

The TP08 is an excellent all around the thermometer. It is ideal for both intermediate and beginning outdoor chefs. Pick it up and you won’t have any regrets, just perfectly smoked meat.

This meat isn't *quite* done. How do I know? Dual probe thermometer.
This meat isn’t *quite* done. How do I know? Dual probe thermometer.

Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer

This thermometer is a beast. It has temperature settings that have been pre programmed for six types of meat and nine types of game. If you don’t see the pre set temperature that you need, then you can simply program in your own temperatures.

Dual probe

The dual probe system means you can get a reading for more than one meat at a time, or get a reading for your grill and meat simultaneously. The probe wires are three feet long and have a temperature rating of up to 716-degrees Fahrenheit.

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Possibly the most appealing feature of the Maverick ET-733 is its long range wireless capability. The monitor can reach up to 300 feet away from the probes themselves. And when it does happen to go outside of its reach, there is an alarm feature that will let you know you have veered too far.

Get a Maverick for yourself at Amazon.

Should you purchase this one?

This is a high-quality thermometer and the long range capabilities makes it perfect for those who get preoccupied with other things while they are supposed to be tending to the grill (especially if you’re doing double duty and cooking in the kitchen as well). The pre-set temp settings are helpful for those who haven’t been smoking for very long.

Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer

This one brings smartphone tech to your grilling game. It has a gorgeous look and fits seamlessly on your Weber grill. The Weber Genesis 2 and Genesis 2 XL grills have preset drill holes that you can attach it to. Once you have it attached, you are ready to use it with the Weber iGrill App.

Lots of probes

The iGrill 3 has the capacity to use up to 4 probes and 2 meat probes are included with the device. The Bluetooth smart connection works up to 150 ft from your device. Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

See the Weber iGrill at Amazon

Sleek design

The best quality of this thermometer is that it looks so sleek and when you install it on your grill, it is indistinguishable from the grill itself.

Should you purchase this one?

Unfortunately, it only works with two specific Weber grills. If you don’t have one of those grills, then don’t get it. But if you’re a Weber griller and you’re into the latest technology, you’ll have fun using a grill that works with your device.

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Wrap – Up

All three of these are excellent products. It depends if you like having pre-set temps like the Maverick, or you want a more basic (aka less expensive) thermometer like the ThermoPro. The iGrill is really only going to appeal to those with Weber grills, but it’s an interesting new direction for smoker thermometers, so I wanted to give it a mention.

In my opinion, the best overall thermometer is the Maverick. It has the most range of either one of these and is going to serve all of your barbecue needs.

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