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What are the Best Storage Containers for the Pantry



Pantry pro tip: Use labels to ensure nothing ever gets lost again!
Pantry pro tip: Use labels to ensure nothing ever gets lost again!

The pantry can quickly become a site of disorganization and chaos. Nothing’s ever where it’s supposed to be. Opened packages of all sorts go stale. There’s something sticky on the floor and you don’t know what it is. Your spices are all over the place and there’s flour in the cereal boxes. How did this happen? Why? It’s a mystery, much like how socks go missing in the laundry. No one knows the answers to these trivial and banal phenomena. It’s just something that happens and we have to live with it. Until now.

The secret to organizing your pantry.

You need organization, but you also know that organization doesn’t last. Not in a pantry. Nothing lasts in the pantry. Fortunately, there is an answer! At least, there is a solution, which is what you really want. We all know a pantry is great for storage. You can keep a whole host of things in there. But, it’s no good without proper foundations for organization. This all begins with quality storage containers.

Keep your dry goods fresh for longer with the best storage containers for cereal.

You might be wondering which storage containers are suitable for the pantry. There are so many variables. Do you want to alphabetize? Will you need dividers? Do the containers need to be airtight? These are all valid questions. It’s up to you to decide on how you plan to organize your pantry. I can, however, recommend the containers to use.

Into the bin with it!

Pantry pro tip: Store like items in bins and baskets.
Pantry pro tip: Store like items in bins and baskets.

Make your life easier by checking out the multitude of stacking bins available at Amazon.com or The Container Store. With space-saving qualities, a good set of stacking bins will end your organization problems. The best part? You can stack them as high or as low as you like.

iDesign York Metal Under Shelf Storage Basket Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Bronze

You can also find baskets that make use of that wasted vertical space. The classy InterDesign York Lyra Kitchen Pantry Baskets come in a variety of styles. You can find ones that will sit on your shelves, or hang underneath them.

See the InterDesign York Lyra Kitchen Pantry Under Shelf Organizer Basket at Amazon

Seville Classics 2-Pack Foldable Handwoven Water Hyacinth Cube Storage Basket Bin, Rectangular

For a more rustic look, why not check out some beautifully made Seville Classics Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets? These will help you keep all your pantry essentials in place and organized.

See the Seville Classics Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets at Amazon

These pretty boxes can store bags of pasta, cereals, and flour. The elegant weaving will add true charm and character to the pantry, even if you’re probably the only one that regularly sees it. Why shouldn’t you be treated to charm though? You can show guests when they visit.

After you get that pantry organized, maybe it’s time for some new shelf liner? See my review. Then, add some flair to your kitchen with the best drawer liners.

For the canned goods

DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome Finish

Thus far we’ve tackled some of your problems: the spices, the cereals. But what’s to be done with that leaning tower of cans? Surely you can’t leave them just sitting there! You need the DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer.

See the DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer at Amazon

This beauty will sit comfortably into your pantry for you to fill with all the canned soups, veggies, or sodas you might be stashing in there. With the ability to stack and handy plastic dividers, it’s the height of pantry organization.

What about those old chilis you found in your pantry? Can you still use them?

Spin me right round!

A cluttered pantry or countertop can be fixed with the addition of a turntable. These are space saving organization devices of pure genius. The InterDesign Linus Lazy Susan Turntable is among the finest on the market.

See the InterDesign Linus Lazy Susan Turntable Spice Organizer Rack at Amazon

This turntable is ideal for storing spice jars, in addition to confectionary and condiment bottles. All it takes is a quick spin to find what you’re looking for. The 2-tiered version gives you the freedom of organizing in any way you choose. It rests on smooth, stainless steel ball bearings to give it a smooth and elegant rotation.

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Everything in its place

Tackling the daunting task of organizing your pantry is easier than you think! Fill your pantry with a few of these brilliant products and take back what is rightfully yours. You’ll soon be strutting into that pantry and gleefully grabbing a handful of spices or a bag of potato chips without worrying about getting lost in the mess!

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