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The Best Salt Grinders (and what to look for)

Salt grinders or salt mills are mechanical appliances that use a grinding motion to grind spices and salt into powder to sprinkle on to the food.

There are various salt grinders out there that you can buy that work better or worse than the one you own. If you want to know why some are better than others, it’s because the mechanisms and build quality of some salt grinders just make them better than the rest. The better the salt the better the meal which is why my pick is the Oryx because the mechanics are ceramic for a long-lasting grinder. Check it out at Amazon.

What to Look for in a Salt Grinder/Salt Mill

Salt grinders have to be very fluid and strong for smooth operation

Mechanical Operation

Manual grinders are usually better at producing a greater yield of salt and pepper. They also do it quicker and faster than the rest of the competition as electrical grinders don’t usually deliver good, consistent grinds at a quick enough pace.

However, the speed and consistency of a manual grinder largely depend on the build of the grinder. A good build is non-negotiable if you want the best possible yield.

Good Grip

A good grip is essential on a salt grinder or salt mill. Whatever spice you’re grinding, you have to have a good grip in order to control the operation well enough. You should go with grinders with non-slip grips that have an ergonomic design. This can minimize the chances of the grinder slipping from your hand. Also go with one that is bottom heavy, since top heavy salt grinders are liable to tip over easily.

Simple Operation

If you have particularly weak hands, or if you just don’t want to exert much pressure when you’re working in the kitchen or when eating at the dinner table, a salt mill that is easy to operate and which doesn’t take much effort or force can make all the difference.

Easy-to-Fill Chamber

Get a salt mill or salt grinder that has a large opening at the top so that you can insert peppercorns and salt lumps easily. With smaller openings, it’s easier to spill some of the contents while filling the salt grinder and make a mess all over the kitchen. Unless you’re using a funnel, you’ll definitely get some grains on your floor when you’re filling a salt mill that has a small opening.

Electric mills are also not ideal in this situation since you almost always need to remove the battery pack before refilling the chamber.

Consistent Grinds

This is the most important aspect of the salt mill after the mechanical operation and makes or breaks the best salt grinders out there. If the grinder is producing, small, consistent grains that are as fine as powder, then you have a winner on your hands. Otherwise, you are probably better off searching for something better.

Here are some of the best salt grinders that will make seasoning your food a breeze.

Gold Armour Salt and Pepper Grinder

Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set of 2 - Salt and Pepper Shakers Mill, Stainless Steel Adjustable Coarseness Great Gift Set - Salt and Pepper Mill Shaker Mills Set with Bonus Stand IncludedThe Gold Armour set has a great design. It’s built with high-quality glass and the highest grade, noncorrosive brushed stainless steel available. It provides a great grip and is the perfect tool to help you season a great gourmet dinner.

Check out the Premium Salt Grinder at Amazon.

The stainless steel lid caps keep the salt and peppercorns fresh by keeping out the moisture. The grinding mechanism is simple and precise, which ensures that the salt and pepper ends up on your food and not all over the table.

There is also a rotary mechanism that can determine the consistency of the grains that you’re grinding out from coarse to fine.

Oryx Natural Desert Refillable Grinders

Natural Desert Salt, Smoked, Wine & Black Pepper Refillable Grinders /ORYX DESERT SALT/ Unrefined, Non-Iodized, Mineral Rich SaltThe Oryx Salt Grinders come loaded with sundried, unrefined salt without any additives or clumping agents. So you get the best taste for your buds. The grinder is one of the most capable that you’ll ever use. The mechanism is constructed out of ceramic for long-lasting use.

Check out the Oryx Salt Grinder at Amazon.

The Oryx salt is the main crowd puller here, but the grinders are also designed to work in tandem with the kind of salt that is filled. They can work for up to 10 refills, which may not sound like much, but that is a lot of salt that you can grind over the lifetime of one mill.

Mason Mills Prefilled Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

The Mason Mills Salt and Pepper Grinder set includes prefilled chambers of black peppercorns and high-quality sea salt. This way, you can use the grinders right out of the box without delay.

Check out the Mason Mills Prefilled Grinder at Amazon.

There is a rotor installed that you can adjust for five levels of granular consistency, from coarse to fine. The rotor is ceramic in make and can grind your spices to perfection. The best part about the Mason Mills set is the loading mechanism.

The stainless steel and glass design combo is made to ensure that you don’t make a mess in your kitchen.

Olde Thompson Pepper and Salt Mill

The Olde Thompson 7-inch stainless steel pepper and salt mill pack is the best combination of grinders you can get. They’re normal size, and they can house multiple grains in the same bottle. They also come in packs of 3 and 4 if you want more.

Olde Thompson Sienna Mess-Free Salt & Pepper Mill, 7", Silver/ClearThe mechanical operation of the grinders is adjustable since there is a nut you can tighten or loosen in order to get finer and finer grains or more coarse grains if you’re so inclined. The set comes pre-filled with coarse sea salt and premium peppercorns, so you don’t have to immediately fill the mills when you buy them.

Check out the Olde Thompson Pepper & Salt Mill at Amazon.

The best part about the Olde Thompson Salt and Pepper Mill is that it has a lifetime guarantee. It’s made to last, and if it breaks, then you have the option of going back to Olde Thompson and their customer service will repair the unit or replace it without charging you a single cent.

Note though, that any damage that is caused by an accident or deliberate improper use is excluded from this policy.

These salt grinders are the best in the market today and will get you the best value for your money and the best quality operation.

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