The Best Salad Spinners on the Market

Spin me right round, baby!

Spin me right round, baby!

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We all could use more veggies in our diet. The thing is, preparing those veggies can be a pain. Ever go through the trouble of chopping up lettuce and preparing a salad, only to realize the leaves are dripping wet? Never suffer soggy salad again! All you need is a handy dandy salad spinner!

What’s a salad spinner?

Salad spinners are designed to dry your greens. They have all worked in basically the same way since two French designers came up with the concept in the 1970s.


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A salad spinner has a perforated basket that sits inside a larger bowl. There is a mechanism, normally in the lid, that spins this basket around at high speeds. This action pushes the contents of the bowl to the side, where excess liquids pass through the perforation and collect inside the bowl.

After washing your salad, the spinner is essential to dry the greens. Why? Because nobody likes soggy leaves, of course! Also, by removing this water, you’ll find that salad dressings and oils will attach better and not just slide over your salad.

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Salad spinner come in a number of designs. Let’s quickly run through them!


The traditional crank or handle requires the user turn the basket through a gear system by rotating a handle. The downside is that they can be cumbersome. For the frail, they may require too much effort to operate.


In a push or pump model, the spinner is operated through pushing down on a pump at the top. This is a very popular design. Usually, the pump can be locked down to make storage of the device easier.


Industrial and commercial venues may use an electronically powered spinner. This can turn and churn far greater volumes of salads in one go. However, they are not viable for the domestic kitchen, owing to their price.


While there are some metal spinners on the market, all the models I’m going to recommend are plastic. They’re lighter and very easy to use, which make them great for the home kitchen.

The pump-operated version is a popular take on salad spinners.

The pump-operated version is a popular take on salad spinners.

The Best Salad Spinners on the Market

Progressive Prepworks Salad Spinner

For value for money, my pick would be the Prepworks salad spinner by Progressive. It’s easy to use and has two different spouts to pour away excess water (great for right or left handers).

Being a cheaper model, there has to be a drawback. For this device, it is the size. The capacity is really only enough for a maximum of two people. If you are preparing a salad for a large meal, then this is probably not the most efficient choice for you.

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Also, while it does dry the lettuce, it is not the best for this purpose. It may take a big longer to get rid of all the excess water. However, it does what it’s supposed to, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher without affecting the functionality. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, this might be the salad spinner for you.

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Cuisinart Salad Spinner

The Cuisinart spinner is another fine choice. It’s very good at drying, which is the most important thing. With only three parts, it’s also easy to clean. That said, the bulky handle can sometimes be a pain for storage if you’re trying to fit it into tight spaces.

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Jobox Salad Spinner

The Jobox is another spinner that I liked a lot. First, and this has both good and bad points, is that it’s a 5-liter container. Great for big salads, not as great if you don’t have a lot of space. However, the handle does fold down, which is a useful feature that makes it a little easier to store.

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This model is very straightforward to dismantle for cleaning and simple to put it back together again. Also, the internal basket can double as a serving dish!

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OXO Good Grips Green Salad Spinner

Universally, it seems this spinner is considered the best. I think so, and I’m certainly not the only one. This model is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easy. The bottom has a non-slip ring to make life easier, and less chance of your greens ending up on the kitchen floor.

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The basket that collects the dried greens also doubles very nicely as a serving bowl, which is a feature I really like. In the past, there have been some complaints about a faulty spin mechanism, but during my testing, I found no evidence of this. All appears to have been sorted out in the OXO design rooms.

The OXO Good Grips Spinner is my top pick.

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Salad topped with awesome!

Get more greens into your diet with a salad spinner. Check out the models on this list for tastier, crisper salad!

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