Best Pot for Cooking Rice

Rice is a healthy addition to most meals. With the right tools, you can cook it perfectly every time.

Rice is a healthy addition to most meals. With the right tools, you can cook it perfectly every time. The Staub Cast Iron French Oven from Amazon. 

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Rice, which is actually the seed of one of two grass species, can be grown around the world.

Although rice is most famously cultivated in the soaked-through monsoon climates of southern and eastern Asia, rice can be successfully cultivated all over the world.

This is not surprising, as rice has been a staple in all diets.

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Rice Done Right

For such a simple, widely used staple, it sure is easy to screw up rice preparation. Some methods demand a rinse, while others shy away from rinsing, claiming such preparation strips the rice of its enriched vitamin and mineral profile. Additionally, many rice cookers will soak the rice prior to cooking, in order to minimize cooking time.

Regardless of pre-cook preparations, all rice is eventually steamed or boiled. Within these parameters lay the margins of error for rice cooking. Some boil their rice too rapidly, others do not use enough water. In many rice-consuming cultures, such as Asia and Latin America, specific rice cooking machines are employed to monopolize the cooking of rice in kitchens and allow more stovetop space for the cooking of other dishes.

The Best Pots for Cooking Rice

In the average United States kitchen, where rice is not being used in every meal, the investment of such a dedicated rice cooking machine may be unnecessary, and take up precious space in already crowded kitchen cabinets.

For these kitchens, a versatile pot is likely the best solution for the non-daily rice consumer. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for rice cooking pots.

Staub Cast Iron Petite French Oven

STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 1.25-quart, Black Matte Perhaps the most effective and durable rice cooking pot, the Staub Cast Iron Petite French Oven offers the finest in rice cooking. Made of high-density cast iron, this 1.25-quart mini-French oven evenly distributes heat, and minimizes scorched, burnt rice.

Its elegant lid features a smattering of apostrophe-shaped scores, which collect steam and drop the moisture back into the rice, creating a ‘self-basting’ microclimate.

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Rather than collecting and distributing moisture to the side of the pot, effectively undercooking the middle, this technology guarantees an even cook every time. In addition to being a technically advanced design, the graceful aesthetic of this pot will make it the regal centerpiece of even the most erudite dinner table.

Marquette Castings 4-Qt Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Marquette Castings 4 qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Petoskey Gray) For the larger family to feed (with a smaller budget), the Marquette Castings 5-Qt Cast-Iron Dutch Oven offers a more voluminous and affordable solution to rice cooking. This large, 5-quart model features the same high-density, heat distributing cast iron of the finest cookware, at a reasonable cost. The sturdy construction and side handles provide an easily transportable pot, allowing any cook to easily transport the rice from kitchen to table. With 8 available colors to choose from, this Dutch oven is sure to match any dining room aesthetic.

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Circulon Acclaim Hard-Anodized Nonstick 5 Quart Covered

Circulon Acclaim Hard Anodized Nonstick Casserole Dish/ Casserole Pan / Dutch Oven with Lid - 5 Quart, Black

Now, let’s discuss a rice cooker for those of us who like to keep an eye on the rich while it’s cooking to make sure it doesn’t stick or burn. The Circulon Acclaim Hard-Anodized Nonstick 5-Quart Covered Wide Casserole Dish comes with a glass lid to make watching the rice without letting steam escape during cooking easy.  Made of high-density non-stick aluminum, this pot’s tempered glass lid that’s heat resistant.

At only 6 inches deep, this pot will come to a boil quickly, decreasing the overall prep time for a robust pot of rice. The non-stick coating will ensure speedy cleanup, so the gang can get back to studying, jamming, or partying in no time.

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Versatility in rice cooking

With any high-quality stockpot, rice can be quickly and evenly cooked. As these pots are not limited to rice, they can serve numerous purposes—both on the stove top and as simple vessels for water and other liquids. Invest in one of these quality pieces of cookware and enjoy a lasting piece of versatile kitchen equipment. 

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