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Best Pot for Boiling Eggs

Making some hard boiled eggs? One pot stands out as the best choice.
Making some hard boiled eggs? One pot stands out as the best choice. The Cuisinart Saucepan at Amazon.

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense and versatile foods you can find. They are a great source of protein and can be eaten in a variety of different ways at any time of the day. One of my favorite ways to cook an egg is to boil it.

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Hard boiled eggs are good as snacks of course, but they taste amazing with so many other types of meals as well. I like them best with Korean and Thai cuisines. If you haven’t tried hard boiled eggs with the spicy Korean cuisine, you really should. Something about the pairing is so satisfying.

What pan is the best?

When boiling your eggs, you want to use a sauce pan that is heavy enough to retain a good amount of heat, yet not so heavy that it retains too much heat and overcooks the eggs. Let’s look at a few different pans for making hard boiled eggs.

Note: Of course, these pans are not restricted to boiling eggs, you’ll cook many things in these pots for years to come.

Maxware Classic Professional Non-stick Sauce Pan

This heavy duty sauce pan heats up evenly. That means no hot spots that will cause your food to burn. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Of course, when you’re boiling eggs, this might not seem like a necessity but you’ll appreciate it when you’re sautéing some onions later.

Pick a size, any size

The Maxware sauce pan has three different size options, starting a 1-quart and going up to 3-quarts, so they are sure to have a size that fits your egg boiling need. Need just a few for lunch this week? Go with the 2 quart. Making deviled eggs for a crowd? Snag the 3 qt. A hard anodized exterior that gives these pots great longevity and they’re dishwasher safe.

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Glass lid to peek on your eggs

The glass lid lets you see inside the pan without having to remove the lid so you can check on your eggs without letting all the heat out of the pot. It also has a handle that is comfortable and cool to the touch no matter how hot the pan gets.

You can see the Maxware saucepan at Amazon.

Should you get this pot?

This saucepan is certainly a good product that does the job it is intended to do. The non-stick makes cleanup easy. The density of the metal keeps the heat distributed evenly. The major issue for me is the non-stick on the pan.

Usually the coating does not last very long, and you will notice the surface beginning to come off rather quickly. Nobody want’s that floating around in their eggs!

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Saucepan

Cuisinart is a staple in the world of kitchen products. You can always rely on them to make quality cookware. This classic chef’s stainless steel saucepan is no different. Plus it comes in two different sizes: a 2-quart or 3-quart pot.

Check out the Cuisinart Saucepan at Amazon.

Quality materials

It is made with a high-grade stainless steel with a rating of 18/10, has a mirror finish and a cool grip handle. The base is encapsulated with aluminum so that the pan gives optimal heating and distributes the heat evenly.

Innovative lid

This pan has a glass lid on it, letting you see into the pan without needing to take off the lid and letting heat escape. The lid has holes on the side that matches up with the pour spout on the pot so you can pour out the water when you’re done boiling your eggs. This is great as it eliminates the need for a colander. In my book, anything that makes for fewer dishes at the end of the day is a win.

Should you buy this product?

I personally love stainless steel cookware. It lasts much longer than non-stick cookware, and it looks infinitely better while doing it. The versatility of stainless steel products are second to none and can go from stovetop to the oven immediately (just not with the glass lid).

For boiling eggs, this one stands out because of the drainage holes in the side. You can gently pour out the water, and not risk cracking your eggs when you dump them into a colander.

My absolute favorite thing to make with hard boiled eggs... Deviled eggs.
My absolute favorite thing to make with hard boiled eggs… Deviled eggs.

Cooks Standard Stainless-steel Sauce Pan

This saucepan is great for hard boiled eggs. It has 2 size options: 1.5 quarts and a larger 3-quart pot.


It is made of high-quality 18/10 gauge stainless steel with an aluminum core. The aluminum core transfers heat quickly, but is easily dented, so it’s covered in durable stainless steel. This helps to regulate heat and distribute it properly, to reduce hot spots from developing in the pan causing it to warp.

High-heat friendly

The solid handle features ‘air-flow’ technology to keep it cool, even when you’re boiling eggs. It is dishwasher safe (although I recommend washing cookware by hand) for easy cleaning. And it is oven-safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

See more features of the Cook’s Standard Saucepan at Amazon.

Should you get this product?

Stainless steel anything is always a good option. When it’s a multi-ply cookware, you get the fast heating of aluminum with the durability of stainless. This one is going to be a great pot for many different uses and at a good value. However, for boiling eggs, it just doesn’t bring a lot of features. The lid isn’t see-through and it lacks the pour spout of the Cuisinart.

Wrap – Up

When you boil eggs, you want to make sure you don’t use a pan that isn’t able to distribute heat evenly. You should also make sure you get a pan that is the proper size for the number of eggs you are going to boil.

All of these pans come in different size options, so you are covered here, and each of these pans is terrific at distributing heat evenly and giving you the best possible tasting boiled eggs.

But for the specific task of egg boiling, I love the Cuisinart pan. You get the beauty and durability of stainless, the convenient drainage holes and a glass lid. All of that makes hard-boiled eggs—easy!

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