Best Pot for Cooking Oatmeal

Oatmeal is magic. Filling, delicious and easy to make... with the right pot.

Oatmeal is magic. Filling, delicious and easy to make… with the right pot. The T-fal non-stick pot at Amazon. 

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Making oatmeal is one of the easiest most delicious things to cook. It is the perfect breakfast for when you are in a hurry or for when you want to enjoy a tasty dish. But I bet I’m not the only one that has left the pot with stuck oatmeal on the bottom or burnt it a little bit.

And the winner is?? I like the T-Fal non-stick pot. 

The thing is that if by oatmeal you are thinking of a plastic/paper bag with dehydrated sawdust flavored with (fake) maple syrup then you are doing it wrong. Even though they are so easy to make, just the microwave and that’s it, there is no comparison to real oatmeal made from scratch.

But Before Cooking It, What Is Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is made out of oat groats that are toasted to make them shelf-stable. There are different kinds but basically the thinner the oats, the faster they cook and the softer the texture when cooked. There are steel-cut oats, old-fashioned and rolled oats, quick-cooking oats and instant oats.

After finding out which ones you like best you have to decide if you prefer a very creamy oatmeal or you like the oats to retain a bit of bite. All this depends if you make them with water or milk or if you let them soak before or not or if you put them in the pot at a high temperature or very low for a long time.

Another thing you need to consider is the cleanliness. Oatmeal sometimes sticks to the pot and if you let it dry it can be really hard to clean. Nobody likes to cook something that later will give you a lot of trouble to clean up, that’s why here you’ll get a lost of the best pots for cooking oatmeal where nothing will stick to your pot and you’ll get an amazing oatmeal every morning.

The heavier, thicker the pot is the better because the less likely the oatmeal is to burn. Some people use copper-bottomed pots and they also work fine. Let’s get to them.

Find the right pot for your kitchen with the suggestions below!

Find the right pot for your kitchen with the suggestions below!

T-fal A85724 Specialty Cookware Handy Pot Sauce Pan

This is a convenient addition to any kitchen. This is a pot made of durable aluminum, covered with nonstick surfaces that are perfect for cooking anything from sauces to steamed vegetables. Because of its material, the heat distributes super fast and evenly from the center to the edges.

The ergonomically design comes with a glass lid for you to see through it and check on your oatmeal without having to lift it. The handle is designed to be stay-cool and provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Find the T-fal here at Amazon.

Remember what I told you before about the cleanliness? This pot is dishwasher safe and the nonstick cookware makes it even easier to remove anything from its surface so you don’t have to worry if your oatmeal is sticky and creamy or if you burnt a little something because everything will come right off.

Chef’s Healthy Ceramic Cooking Pot

You feel that you need healthier meals without all the fats and oil? The chef’s healthy ceramic pot is what you’ve been looking for. The ceramic coating gives a smooth surface to prepare your oatmeal or any other food.

Not only the ceramic part is great but the core is made of durable aluminum to provide efficient even heating. Don’t get stuck with your basic breakfast, this pot is super versatile for making rice, sauces and yes delicious oatmeal.

It comes with a clear glass lid and a vented lid to reduce pressure and keep all the moisture in and my favorite part, the stay cool knob on the lid comes in the beautiful same red color as the pot so your kitchen can shine and look way more sophisticated with this cookware.

Looking for this pot at Amazon? Find it here.

The lightweight feature plus the Bakelite handles make it easy to lift, handle and clean (and remember that the ceramic coat makes it even easier to this). Highly recommended pot by a lot of users and even if you don’t like it they do this 30-day money back guarantee. So win-win situation!

Cook N Home stainless steel stockpot

This is a premium stainless steel pot. The other 2 options didn’t have this feature so if this sounds like the one you were looking for, keep reading.

It is mirror polished inside and out to give it a shiny and fancy look but that also makes it easy to clean. The lid is made of tempered glass which makes it perfect for viewing everything inside while cooking.

Your oatmeal or other food can burn on the corners of a stainless steel pan or pot if you are not paying close attention, but the new impact bonding technology is a very advanced method that allows aluminum to be spread to the outside edge of the pan to eliminate “hot spots” and permit even heat distribution. And if you didn’t get the hint, yes this pot has this.

If it is just for your oatmeal a 5-Qt pot is more than enough but this model comes in a lot of other sizes (8-Qt, 12-Qt, and 20-Qt) so you can choose the one you need or get them all!

Find this great pot here at Amazon.

At last but not least the handles also have this stay cool silicone wrap that gives them a comfortable grip and the riveted design is for strength and durability.


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