What are the Best Oven Mitts for Cast Iron

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Traditional oven mitts might not protect you when working with very high temperatures!

Traditional oven mitts might not protect you when working with very high temperatures!

When you’re cooking with fire, there’s a chance you could get burned!

To minimize this risk and keep your hands and arms from sustaining injury, you’re going to want a quality pair of oven mitts.

If you frequently cook with a cast iron pan (read about Wagner ware cast iron), it’s a good idea to look for oven mitts that can withstand the high heat conducted by.

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Don’t get burned—use oven mitts with cast iron!

Cast iron cooking can seem like a daunting task, if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of cast iron cookware. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll quickly come to understand the level of heat you’re dealing with.

To prevent this high heat from causing burns, I recommend investing in a pair of oven mitts specially designed for cast iron cooking.

The best oven mitts for cast iron should be resistant to heat above the regular temperature threshold for oven mitts. Your standard cloth mitts aren’t going to cut it! They might also be longer than your typical oven mitt to prevent forearm burns, which many cooks are prone to getting when they deal with oven baking.

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Why do I need a different oven mitt for cast iron cooking?

For regular cooking and baking at the usual 350° to 450°F, many commercially produced oven mitts are sufficient to ensure your hands are protected as you handle hot pans, pots, and baking sheets fresh out of the oven.

With cast iron cooking, you’re usually going to be dealing with higher temperatures that come close to or exceed 500° to 550°F!

This level of heat is going to require a much more protective oven mitt, so you don’t land yourself a one way ticket to the emergency room on account of a second or third degree burn.

If the oven mitts at your local stores don’t seem to be thick enough to protect you from burns, you might consider ordering from online retailers. Many carry oven mitts specially designed for high-temperature cooking. These speciality oven mitts are heat resistant to temperatures above 500°F, setting them apart from other mitts that are likely to crumble (or burn or catch fire) at those temperatures.

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What qualities will a great oven mitt for cast iron have?

For cast iron cooking, picking an oven mitt that has these features will help ensure your safety in the kitchen:

  1. An oven mitt designed for cast iron cooking should be able to withstand the heat of a very hot oven. Ideally, the mitt will be able to withstand the high heat for at least a few minutes before heating up inside the glove (and therefore heating up your hand). An oven mitt that disperses heat well enough to keep you from being burned within seconds is a good oven mitt for cast iron cooking.
  2. The oven mitt should be long enough to go up the forearm. The best mitts protect that area of skin, not just your hand. Long mitts are perfect for when you’re lifting a heavy cast iron pan out of the oven in an uncomfortable or irregular position.
  3. The mitt should be durable, but also designed for hassle-free cleaning. It goes without saying that every cook knows it’s almost impossible to keep a pair of oven mitts clean. However, having a pair that can be easily cleaned in the event of a sticky or messy spill is a great feature.


Oven mitts made for cast iron cooking will be made of a thick material that slows down the transfer of heat from the pan to your hand. The material these mitts are made of may vary.


Some mitts are made of kevlar (yes, the same material from which bulletproof vests are made). Kevlar is extremely flame- and heat-resistant, but does not lose its form when exposed to high temperatures. This material is light and easy to manipulate, so you won’t feel constricted as you’re lifting a heavy cast iron pan from the oven.


Others are made of a silicone exterior and a cotton lining. A removable, machine-washable lining makes cleaning the oven mitt much easier. This type of oven mitt can be helpful if you anticipate your cooking getting messy and splashy. Additionally, silicone is great for gripping the cast iron.

Welding gloves

If silicone gloves or other insulated oven mitts haven’t been able to stand up to the cast iron test, you might be interested in an unconventional alternative. Many hardware stores stock gloves designed for welding. These gloves are highly durable, extremely heat-resistant, and allow the user to move their hands around inside the glove. They also make excellent oven mitts for handling cast iron pans.

If your cast iron skillet gets too hot, you might have a flare up!

If your cast iron skillet gets too hot, you might have a flare up!


G & F 1682 Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Gloves

These gloves by G & F are made from DuPont Nomex and Kevlar heat- and flame-resistant fibers. They are designed with cooking, grilling, baking, and even using a fireplace, in mind. Able to withstand temperatures up to 480°F, the long design ensures your wrists, as well as your hands, are protected.

See the G & F Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Fireplace and Barbecue Pit Mitt on Amazon

Both sides feature a silicone palm to provide extra heat resistance and help you maintain a good grip. A five-finger design gives you added control as you cook, bake, and grill. One thing I particularly like about these gloves is that they are suitable for righties and lefties.

These also include a breathable, sweat-resistant cotton and polyester blend lining, so you perspiration isn’t an issue. The G & F gloves are machine-washable.

HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts

For a 100% FDA Approved & BPA Free silicone option, check out these mitts by HOMWE, approved for temperatures of up to 450°F. The silicone is non-slip and waterproof, so you shouldn’t have an issue keeping a hold on your cast iron pan. They are also easy to clean, as you can throw them into the dishwasher along with your pots and pans. A quilted liner provides extra comfort and heat protection.

See the HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts on Amazon

The HOMEW gloves feature an extra-long design and measure a little over 14 inches, so your wrists and arms will be safe from steam and flareups. The only downside is that they don’t employ a five-finger design, instead opting to use the more traditional mitt-shape.

Knight’s Armor Oven Mitts

You may not be jousting or saving princesses, but when you cook with cast iron, you need armor. The ambidextrous Knight’s Armor oven mitts tolerate an impressively-high temperature: 932ºF! Kevlar and Nomex fibers, and an interior cotton liner offer superior protection, and the silicone grips give you the non-slip control you need.

See the Knight’s Armor 932F Oven Mitts on Amazon

These gloves aren’t quite as long as some of the other models out there, but they do cover your wrists. If you are using cast iron on a grill, you should certainly consider grabbing a pair! They also double as a Trivet Mat.

LauKingdom BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

LauKingdom also produces gloves approved for heat up to 932ºF. This is possible owing to a layered design that combines heat resistant fibers, latex, and cotton for superior thermal protection. The Armid fibers are similar to those used by professional firefighters, though the manufacturers don’t recommend sticking your hand in an open flame. (Seriously, don’t do that).

Don’t worry lefties, these gloves can be used on either hand.

See the LauKingdom BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves on Amazon

Whether you’re cooking bread in a cast iron Dutch oven or tending the grill, these gloves will protect your hands and forearms as you handle super hot items in the kitchen and outdoors.

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Most importantly, be safe!

Stay safe in the kitchen! Cast iron cooking has health benefits, but you must exercise caution whenever you work with hot temperatures.

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