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Best Muffin Pan For Eggs



Egg muffins are so many things. Get a good muffin pan and make some this weekend!
Easy. Fast. Delicious. Gluten-free. Paleo. Egg muffins are so many things. Get a good muffin pan and make some this weekend! The KPKitchen Muffin Pan at Amazon.

One of the biggest recipe trends right now are egg muffins – basically mini quiches. They’re a delicious, quick, and easy morning breakfast idea that can feed a whole family, and they’re very healthy to boot! Paleo dieters and regular cooks alike have raved about how easy and delicious these morning snacks are, so why not try them yourself?

The first step for great egg muffins is the perfect muffin pan. I like the KPKitchen Muffin Pan Set at Amazon

Best Muffin Pan for EggsWhy We Like It
1. Keliwa 12 cup Muffin/Cupcake Pan is best for a budget
2. KPKitchen Muffin Pan Set are dishwasher safe and come with recipe ebook
3. Boxiki Silicone Muffin Pan with Steel Frame silicone and steel mix the best of both worlds
4. Wilton Recipe Right Muffin Pan Multipack provides two muffin pans for one low price

How do you make an egg muffin?

Basically, you chop up whatever vegetables you’d like in your egg muffins (sautéed peppers, onions, spinach, etc.), throw them in a muffin pan, whip up a few eggs in a separate bowl and pour that over the veggies. You can also add cheese or tiny pieces of bacon if you’d like!

Throw them in the oven until they’re done and you’re all set. They’re completely customizable little cups of breakfast goodness, and your whole family is bound to love them. You can also store them for the week if meal prep is your go-to!

You’ll need a muffin pan tailored to your egg muffin needs before you get cooking. Eggs can be sticky, so getting the right muffin tin that will let them slide right out is key. Read on to see some of the top shopping tips when looking for a muffin tin, as well as some highly recommended options.

Stick With Silicone

Many cooks know that silicone is one of the best non-stick materials you can get. Eggs don’t stick to silicone. None of the other ingredients you might throw into your egg muffins will either, making this fun breakfast idea a breeze. Silicone muffin pans come in all types of shapes and sizes, and different numbers of cups as well. This will be the most hassle-free option if you’re planning on making a bunch of batches of egg muffins.


You can also go the more traditional route and stick with a steel muffin pan for your eggs. This is a good idea if you want your purchase to be as versatile as possible, and you’re planning on using your muffin tray for other cooking and baking as well as the eggs.

The only drawback of going with a traditional muffin pan is that it will need to be thoroughly greased with butter or oil or some other non-stick agent before cooking. Some people prefer this, as they make their eggs with butter anyway since it adds extra fluffiness and salt, but if dietary restrictions don’t let you add any extra ingredients, go with silicone instead.


Make sure to consider how many people you’ll be baking your egg quiches for, as this will determine how many cups you’ll need in your muffin pan. If you’re just cooking for yourself, a smaller, cheaper, 6 large cup muffin tray may be enough. But if you’re cooking for a whole family, you might want to spring for the 12 or 16 cup pans.

If you’re planning on making these for kids, mini cups might be a good option for you as well. Think about your personal circumstances before buying the first muffin pan you see in order to make the best purchase.

Top Picks: Silicone

Keliwa 12 cup Muffin/Cupcake Pan

keliwa's 12 - Cup Silicone Muffin - Cupcake Baking Pan/Non - Stick Silicone Mold/Dishwasher - Microwave Safe

Keliwa’s 12 cup muffin/cupcake baking pan is a top rated best seller at Amazon, and one of the cheapest ones available. It is bright red so it’ll add a pop of color to any kitchen. Dishwasher safe makes clean-up very easy. Microwave safe is particularly great for egg muffins because you can store and reheat them in the same container! And naturally it’s made with food grade FDA approved silicone. You’re getting a great value with this purchase.

View on Amazon

KPKitchen Muffin Pan Set

KPKitchen Silicone Muffin Pan & Mini Cupcake Pan Set - Silicon Muffin Pan 12 & 24 Mini Muffin Tin Cup Sizes - Non Stick & Safe Muffin Tins for Baking

Another great silicone muffin pan set is from KPKitchen. One pan has 12 regular size cups the other muffin pan has 24 mini cups. On top of that, you get a free eBook of recipes with your purchase. They’re made out of food grade BPA free silicone and are also dishwasher safe, and while this is a more expensive option, you definitely get more bang for your buck with this purchase.

View on Amazon

Top Picks: Steel

Boxiki Silicone Muffin Pan with Steel Frame

Silicone Muffin Pan With Steel Frame, 12 Cups Full Size | Professional Non-Stick Baking Molds by Boxiki Kitchen | BPA-Free Bakeware | Silicone 12 Cup Muffin Mold

View on Amazon

If you want to stick with a steel muffin pan, Boxiki makes a highly rated muffin pan that comes with silicone cups! You get the best of both worlds with this option. There are 12 cups, which is fairly standard, and you also get the heat conduction benefits of the metal to thoroughly and evenly brown your eggs. Clean up is easy with dishwasher safe materials, and the silicone cups are BPA free and freezer, microwave, and oven safe, which is perfect for storage and reheating of your egg muffins.

Wilton Recipe Right Muffin Pan Multipack

Wilton Recipe Right Muffin Pan Multipack, 12-Cup (2-Pk.), Assorted

Another top rated traditional steel pan with no silicone involved is Wilton’s Recipe Right nonstick 12 cup muffin pan multipack. This is a typical pan with a nonstick coating, and it is also dishwasher safe. It’s the cheapest option of all the choices listed above and you get 2 muffin pans.

View on Amazon

These egg muffins are made with asparagus. What flavors will you come up with?
These egg muffins are made with asparagus. What flavors will you come up with?

Want to cook some eggs the old fashioned way? Here’s the best pan for the job.


Egg muffins are delicious and the flavor combos are endless. Make a batch on your weekend and have easy re-heatable breakfast all week. The right pan can make all the difference. I recommend you go with the KPKitchen Muffin Pan Set. Silicone really works the best and the 2 muffin size options give you a little extra versatility.

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