Best Mixing Bowl for Hand Mixer

Get the perfect consistency every time with the right bowl and mixer.

Get the perfect consistency every time with the right bowl and mixer.

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Updated February 2020 – Anytime you cook a meal you have to prep first. Often times meal preparation includes mixing ingredients or tossing the seasoning onto the food. In order to do this, you should get a mixing bowl that is large enough to accommodate whatever it is that you are mixing.

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When looking for mixing bowls you will have several different options to choose from, but the three most popular options are; stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic bowls. Each of these has their own advantages.

Today we will look at a few different mixing bowls that will be great for hand mixers.

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Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

This mixing bowl has a holding capacity of 10.5 quarts. It is constructed with chip-resistant earthenware to make it last several years. Also, it has enough weight on it that it won’t move while you are using the hand mixer, but it is still light enough to be able to hold with one hand when pouring.

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It has a white interior so you can easily see if the mixture is smoothing out properly, and it has an artistic exterior that not only looks nice, but it makes bowl very easy to grip as well. Plus it is very easy to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher without worry.

They have several different size options available starting small at 0.35 quarts and going all the way up to the 10.5-quart bowl.

Should you get this bowl?

This mixing bowl is extremely durable, plus it has a generous amount of room in it without being too big and taking up a lot of space. Earthenware is a very nice material, and it compliments this bowl very well.

The downfall is that this product is quite a bit more expensive than I am willing to pay for something as simple as a mixing bowl. But it does look pretty, so if that is your top priority, then this bowl is one that you might like.

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Mixing becomes a breeze with the right bowl.

Mixing becomes a breeze with the right bowl.

Kukpo Easy Grip Mixing Bowl Extra Large

This Kukpo plastic bowl is made with a very sturdy build and utilizes the highest quality BPA free plastic there is. It has a nice modern look and a shiny finish that will look beautiful in any kitchen.

The bottom of the mixing bowl has a non-skid rubber surface to keep the bowl from moving around while you are mixing your ingredients. It also has an easy grip handle to help you hold it with your free hand and carry it when you are finished mixing.

The bowl is about 6.5 quarts, so it is large enough for those times you are baking for the entire family, but not so big that it takes up all of your cabinet and counter space. The best part is that this mixing bowl is dishwasher safe, and is even easy to clean if you choose to wash it by hand.

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Should you get this mixing bowl?

This is a very lightweight yet incredibly sturdy mixing bowl. It is great for using electric mixers because it has a rubber bottom that will keep it from sliding around on the counter. Plus it is made of extremely durable plastic and is free of BPA, making this a bowl that is safe to use as well.

It is a little on the smaller side though, so if you need to feed more than a family sized group,  you will probably need a much bigger mixing bowl than this. But that is the only downside of this bowl.

Libertyware 20 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

This is the mixing bowl that you have likely seen if you ever worked in a kitchen before. The 20 quart capacity of the bowl is ideal for cooking in bulk batches and measures 18.75 inches in diameter and 5.75 inches deep.

It is made of a durable stainless steel material and has a mirror finish to keep it looking polished at all times. It is very thin, so the bowl itself is extraordinarily light, even when it is full to the brim.

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It is also dishwasher safe, but because it is so large, you would be better off washing it by hand (you won’t be able to fit much else in the dishwasher and end up wasting a bunch of water).

Should you get this mixing bowl?

If you need a dish that has a huge capacity, then this bowl is for you. It is not heavy at all, but the stainless steel does hold up very well. It is easy to clean and very durable. The biggest problem with this bowl is how large it is. You may have a problem finding a place to store it if you don’t have a very big kitchen.

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Wrap – Up

Getting a good mixing bowl is very important. If you have one that is too big, it will be difficult to mix your batter properly, but if you get one that is too small, then you won’t be able to mix the batter at all.

I would recommend the plastic Kukpo mixing bowl to most readers. Its combination of durability, lightweight, and the 6.5-quart interior is just about all you will need for mixing.

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