Best Mandoline Slicer for the Money

Use your new mandoline slicer for all kinds of cooking in your kitchen.

Use your new mandoline slicer for all kinds of cooking in your kitchen. The Premium Mandoline by Culinary Cooking Tools at Amazon.

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Regardless of how the machine came to bear its unusual name, the fact remains that to this day, the mandoline slicer remains an invaluable piece of kitchen technology. Any kitchen set up for large output of salads, sandwiches, or other entrees will absolutely need a mandoline slicer. 

What’s the best? The Premium Mandoline from Culinary Cooking Tools at Amazon. 

Having evenly cut, thin slices of everything from cucumbers to potatoes to tomatoes is crucial to a smoothly operating kitchen. Make a lot of sweet potatoes? Find a mandoline slicer perfect for that job.

Equally important is the mandoline slicer in the discerning home kitchen. Anyone concerned with the aesthetic presentation of their food (not to mention their fingertips) would benefit from investing in one of these handy devices. Need a bread slicer as well? Find the best ones here.

While there are numerous varieties of mandoline slicers on today’s market, the basic concept remains relatively common throughout and true to the original form. Essentially, a mandoline slicer offers an angled surface, with a blade somewhere near the middle. Some sort of ‘feet’ keeps the device steady on a counter or tabletop. The user then repeatedly slides the food product (usually, though not always, some sort of vegetable) across the blade, creating perfectly even slices.

Let’s explore a few of the best mandoline slicers available today.

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0 OXO Good Grips Chef's Mandoline Slicer 2.0

The tireless engineer team at OXO offers what may be the kitchen industry standard for mandoline slicers. Their Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0 offers everything one could ask for. Find it listed here at Amazon.

A clearly read indicator window shows the height of the blade, which is adjustable from 1/16th of an inch to 3/8th of an inch. The spring-loaded food holder protects fingers and stores on the underside of the slicer. The double-sided, stainless steel angled blade offers a traditional straight cut as well as a ruffled/waffle cut for a more textured slice. Non-slip rubber coating on the feet ensures a sturdy slicer.

Culinary Cooking Tools’ Premium Mandolin Fruits and Vegetable Cutter Premium Mandoline Fruit & Vegetable Cutter for Home and Business-Cheese Grater, Potato Slicer | Vegetable Chopper: Includes 5 Inserts (Black), Blade Guard, Finger Guard | Free Recipe E-Books

Culinary Cooking Tools’ Premium Mandolin Fruits and Vegetable Cutter provides a more accessorized, innovative design at a lower price than the OXO model. This slicer features dual stainless steel blade action, which reduces the wear on each blade and maximizes blade lifespan.

The 5 included BPA-free plastic inserts allow a great deal of customization of slices, facilitating the creation of all sorts of sliced fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the included food holder protects against painful skin shavings in your food. The foldaway feet make this design easy to pack up and store between uses. Sound like something you’d use? Find it here at Amazon.

Slice up some beautiful vegetables with the right mandoline slicer for your kitchen!

Slice up some beautiful vegetables with the right mandoline slicer for your kitchen!

T-Fal 84329 Comfort Mandoline Slicer

For the versatile, budget shopper, look no further than the T-Fal 84329 Comfort Mandoline Slicer. This most affordable model includes a plastic compartment for catching your sliced and grated food, preventing wasteful spills on your kitchen floor. It has 4 included graters and blades allow for fine and coarse grates, a Julienne slice, and a thin slicing blade for customizable slicing and grating.

The attached finger guard allows its user to safely move the food over the blades or grates, without risking pesky knuckle nicks. The whole kit is completely dishwasher safe, making it perfect for busy kitchens. See it listed right here at Amazon.

Start slicing!

With an easy, affordable mandoline slicer purchase, you can begin churning out professional-grade slices of your favorite vegetables. Start making your own French fries, potato chips, Julienne salads, and much more with the help of one of these useful mandoline slicers.

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