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Best Lunch Box Cooler For Work

Fit all of your lunch - and more - in the perfect cooler, and keep it chilled for hours!
Fit all of your lunch – and more – in the perfect cooler, and keep it chilled for hours! The Igloo Playmate Cooler from Amazon.

Let’s remember that the food we eat can either be the best medication or the worst poison for our body. In this ever more fit world, fresh is what we look for, and everything fresh is preserved in a cooler. Something as simple as a lunch box cooler can benefit your life from workouts to work.

Want to know right now? I like the Playmate by Igloo Cooler at Amazon.

Let’s unzip the mystery

You may be thinking, why is it so important to have something like a cooler? Why should I spend my money on a cooler? And, aren’t they all kind of the same anyway?

Well first, although it seems obvious, it is necessary to define what a lunch box cooler is. A lunch box cooler is a containment system which preserves the properties of your food as the hours of the day go by.

Second, a lunch cooler is an investment to your health and to your bank account. That’s why I own one, and that’s why you should get one too. They are all as unique as your personality and your job, so I’m going to help you make the best selection. Find a few more lunch cooling options here if these don’t work for you.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler

This rock-hard, sturdy box screams resistance. If you are a construction worker, architect, engineer, electrician, or just need a cooler for your travels, this should be your choice.

Let’s talk about the specifics. In terms of capacity, you can fit 6 cans comfortably. Durability is as strong as it can get. For practicality purposes, some buyers even use these as a table or chair…seriously. Coleman FlipLid Cooler, 5 Quart , Blue

Find this sturdy option at Amazon.

Picnic Time Pranzo Lunch Tote

“Fancy” is the word that comes to mind when you see this beautiful lunch box. To be completely honest, I see this product as the next fashion trend. If you are a designer, editor, blogger or just really stylish, this is a must.

NCAA Michigan Wolverines Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote, Navy Find this stylish lunch option at Amazon.

In this lunch box, you have so many pockets that you can use to easily organize everything you need. You can even separate the food based on hot and cold items. It comes in 8 different styles and even includes a dining kit with salt and pepper shakers and cutlery.

PackIt Freezable 18-Can Cooler

If you are a biologist, archaeologist, geologist, mountaineer, or traveler, this lunch box is what you’ve been seeking. This option is really practical because is as light as a feather, but can carry tons of weight and food. When you are in constant contact with nature, being trendy is not your number one priority – having a lot of food is.

The superior temperature regulation will also allow you to carry your meals for days, avoiding the risks of decomposition. Just remember to fill it with a bit of ice before your departure.

Find the PackIt listed at Amazon.

Igloo Personal Cooler – Playmate

We’re back to basics. This option might seem like the lunch box your grandpa had, but if it has lasted all those years, then it must be doing something right. It isn’t the #1 selling cooler in its category for nothing. Igloo Playmate Pal Cooler

Find it at Amazon.

This lunch box can fit all your lunch items comfortably (9 cans) and just with the click of a button, you can get to them. This allows for easy, 1 handed opening when needed. The lid tent shaped design is perfect to avoid spills, so it’s for any sporting event, outdoor use and much more.

Any one of these options is an awesome option for any and all of your lunch needs. Looking for lunch boxes for your kids? Find the best ones here.

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