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Best Kitchen Towels for Drying Dishes



Dishes aren't the only things that need to dry
Dishes aren’t the only things that need to dry

If you’re in any way environmentally conscious, you probably don’t use paper towels to clean your kitchen. I’m right there with you! I used to recycle old t-shirts by cutting them into cleaning towels, but have recently graduated to the finer things: kitchen towels. (Though, there are brands of paper towels that use recycled materials.)

Hopefully this list of a few favorites can help in your search to reduce your carbon footprint!

Now Design

Now Designs Ripple Kitchen Towel, Set of 2, White

The Now Designs Ripple Towels are made from 100% Turkish Cotton. These extra large kitchen towels are extremely absorbent, and durable enough to tackle messes, big or small. Turkish cotton is softer and stronger than other kinds of cotton, so it’s comfortable and reliable.

See the Now Designs Ripple Towels at Amazon

Now Design towels are 18 x 28 inches, making them useful for drying dishes, large spills, and protecting your countertops. The delightful towels come in many different colors, so you’re sure to find one you love.

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Aunt Martha

Aunt Martha's White Flour Sack Dish Towels, Size 28-Inch by 28-Inch, 2 Per Pack

Aunt Martha’s Flour Sack Dish Towels are another great option. They’re highly absorbent and durable. I got one about three years ago and it’s still goin’ strong! These dish towels are made using 130 premium threads, making them more suited to the rough work.

See Aunt Martha’s Flour Sack Dish Towels at Amazon

They’re washed and pre-bleached to make them soft and ready to use straight away. Not to mention… super affordable. Aunt Martha must be doing something right!

Here are some useful tips for laundering your kitchen towels.

Sometimes you have to improvise.
Sometimes you have to improvise.

Keeble Outlets

Keeble Outlets makes very professional dish towels at a reasonable price per dozen. They have a herringbone stitch, making them so durable you may never use all twelve.

See the Keeble Outlets Kitchen Dish Towels at Amazon

You might recognize these towels – they’re pretty common in most professional kitchens, and their brilliant white coloring is hard to miss (luckily, they’re machine washable and bleach safe).


DII Cotton Waffle Terry Dish Towels, 15 x 26" Set of 4, Ultra Absorbent, Heavy Duty, Drying & Cleaning Kitchen Towels-White

Finally, the DII Soft Everyday Kitchen Basic Waffle Terry Towels are a beautifully designed towel, ideal for all kinds of jobs in the kitchen, especially drying dishes (they’re 15×26 inches, ie huge). The waffle print design is extremely absorbent due to the tiny, deep squares pressed in.

See the DII Soft Everyday Kitchen Basic Waffle Terry Towels at Amazon

DII towels come in varying colors for every kitchen.

Hope this article wasn’t too… dry

So remember your carbon footprint next time you tear off a paper towel… that’s a tree. But it could be a big, beautiful, reliable dish towel that looks super fancy and professional in your lovely kitchen.

Of course, you could just get a dishwasher to do the drying for you. See the best dishwasher for pots and pans. You might also like this article about which soaps are best for cleaning baby bottles.

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  1. Amazon.com is the best option of course. I purchased several. it’s all natural eco-friendly Turkish cotton. It’s super soft and great colors. Received tons of compliments from all my friends. I would recommend them..


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