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Best Kitchen Mats for Tiled Floors



Keep your beautiful tiled floor beautiful!
Keep your beautiful tiled floor beautiful!

A tiled kitchen is a homemaker’s dream. They’re aesthetically beautiful and ergonomically functional.

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Spills will become a minor clean up job. And you’ll never worry about staining the carpet again.

Because of their durability and all-around easy maintenance, tiled kitchen floors have only increased in popularity. What’s best about tiled kitchen floors is that they provide the freedom of creativity.

There are traditional designs, such as black and white plaid design, a rustic burnt orange color, or the minimalist’s favorite: white.

But, if you have an eye for interior design, you can make up your own tailor-made design to suit your personality in the kitchen.

What are some problems with tiled floors?

Tiled kitchen floors can be expensive. It’s not something that you’re going to do cheaply because there is a stark contrast between cheap tiled floors and more expensive ones. They also require maintenance, though mopping a floor is less laborious than shoving the vacuum cleaner around the room for an hour.

Also a problem is that they can be dangerous. They become extremely slippery, and you’ll really know about it if you slip on a hard, tiled floor.

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Think about dirt!

People tend to take a few liberties once they’ve become accustomed to tiled floors, and this is where mats come in. Most tile floors inevitable accumulate a few lanes of tracks going through the kitchen from kids, dogs, or whomever. As a result, you’ll need to source yourself a decent mat to keep in the kitchen for everyone, dogs included, to wipe their feet on as they enter.

Add comfort to those floors!
Add comfort to those floors!

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What about comfort?

There’s also the issue with comfort. Are you the type who likes to walk around the house in your socks? Then you know a tiled floor isn’t the most comfortable place to stand. Nor is it good for your posture.

Over time, standing on tiled floors will damage the way you stand. This will ultimately have an effect on your spine. So, there’s also that to consider when thinking about kitchen mats for a tiled floor.

What are the Best Floor Mats?

Thankfully there are a few options out there to help you with tackling these problems and getting the most out of your kitchen’s tiled floors.

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Gel Mats

Gel mats were designed to take the ache out of standing in the kitchen for long periods of time. They cost more than a piece of fabric or vinyl mats, and they’re designed to be non-skid, so they’re heavier than fabric or vinyl versions.

WellnessMats Original 3/4" Anti-Fatigue Mat - Comfort & Support - Non-Slip, Non-Toxic - 24"x36"x3/4" Gray

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Two good brands within this field are GelPro and WellnessMats. They offer more or less the same function, which is to offer comfort at the kitchen counter. The difference really comes down to taste. WellnessMats offer plain designs, often with a leather finish.

GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Chef Floor Mat, 20x36”, Basketweave Truffle Stain Resistant Surface with 1/2” Gel Core for Health and Wellness

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GelPro offers something along the lines of a basket weave design, or crocodile skin for the daring amongst you.

After long nights of cooking, maybe for a party, you’ll really notice the difference. You won’t have those achy calves or sore feet. They are pricy Even so, they are definitely worth the cost to ensure you’re comfortable in your own kitchen!

Fabric Mats

Keeping a fabric mat at the entrance of your tiled kitchen is one way to maintain that gloss you just applied. In a family home with dogs, you’re always conscious of the sight of paw prints running across the tiled floor. While the job of cleaning it once isn’t too daunting, when it happens over and over again, you’ll get worn down. This is why a simple fabric mat is useful. The fabric will absorb a dirt and water from the feet of anyone who passes over it, leaving you little to no mess to mop up. They’re much cheaper than a gel mat, but maybe a gel mat isn’t exactly what you need.

If you have a lot of spills or foot traffic, consider the Notrax rugs. They feature a very tightly-nibbed loop that entraps debris and hides it, so they always look beautiful. The vinyl backing helps them stay in place. You can find these at Amazon in a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Notrax - 136S0023GY 136 Polynib Entrance Mat, for Home or Office, 2' X 3' Gray

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Berber also makes excellent fabric mats for a fraction of the price of a gel mat, and they’ll do more than their bit to keep your floors shining!

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