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Best Jar Openers For Seniors In Your Life

Jar Openers are actually very helpful tools for seniors, especially in America, where nearly 12.1% of the population, almost 21 million people who are 25 and older, have arthritis. This can make it very difficult for them to open jars and really exert any sort of pressure with their fingers, hands, and wrists.

Hence, jar openers can help them out in their daily lives a lot. My favorite is the Sinceller Jar Opener because it doesn’t require a lot of force. Check it out at Amazon.

Jar Openers

Jar Openers can be very helpful to seniors with arthritis

Jar openers work on the simple principle of grip, strength, and leverage. Good jar openers ensure that users get the benefits of one – if not all of these qualities.


A good grip is absolutely essential for the easy opening of a jar lid. If the lid is slippery, or your hands don’t have an adequate grip, it’ll be very challenging for you to open it. Seniors with arthritis have difficulty getting a grip on jars.

Hence, jar openers are made with non-slip materials like textured rubber or silicone. This provides a very sharp grip.


Opening a jar by hand requires both hands. One hand is needed to grip the jar and the other to twist the lid. This requires that you not only have grip strength but arm strength as well. This is hard for people that have small or weak hands. They may require assistance, and so, wall-mounted jar openers provider this stabilization and strength.


The best Jar openers provide the user with extended leverage, which helps in applying more force to the jar lid with less effort on the part of the user. This is usually done with a long handle or with something that adds a bit of distance between the lid and the user.

This added distance means that getting the lid off requires less force than it would if you were using your hands. The mechanics of the design can amplify whatever force you exert on the jar and thus make the job easier for you.

Types of Jar Openers

There are various types of jar openers that differ by design and by the types of materials that are used to make them. Here is a rundown of the basic types of jar openers.

Wall- Mounted

These jar openers are generally made from plastic, and their design allows them to be screwed to one place to anchor them. Their grip is designed to make it easy for people to grip any size of the lid.

They have rows of teeth in the shape of a V that allow them to grip onto lids of just about any size. Ease of use is guaranteed here all the user has to do is grip the lid in the opener’s jaws and twist the jar. It requires both hands for operation, though.

Grip Bands, Pads, and Cones

These types of jar openers offer a very simple solution to your hands. They are made of silicone or rubber and come in a variety of shapes. The band wraps around the lid’s circumference while pads and cones can cover the entire lid so that the fingers don’t slip while twisting. Some bands can also come with adjustable slides and grippy teeth.

Jar Keys

These types of openers are designed to open vacuum-sealed jars. These jar openers can make the lid much easier to unscrew. The key has a ring with a small lip at the end of the handle. It’s working style is similar to that of the common bottle opener as it doesn’t damage the lid in most cases.

Twist Handle

This is one of the most popular and best jar openers for seniors, especially those who suffer from arthritis. It’s got a mechanism that resembles a ratchet that can be used to grip the lid. The handle it uses is easy to grip and opens the jar easily with a slight twist.

Clamp and Lock

These types of openers have a triangle shaped head with teeth that slide under the lid and create a strong grip. They have a long handle that makes it convenient for the user to twist to loosen the lid. Once the lid is loose, you can use your hand to unscrew the lid.


These gadgets have rings of descending sizes built in. They are made of rubber so that the sizes can fit around approximate lid sizes. The outer arms can grip the jar while the inner arms can grip and unscrew the lid.


These are battery operate attachments that can fit over lids. They are operated by the use of a button. These are compact in design so you can toss this gadget into the drawer after you’re done with it.

Brix Jar Key Jar Opener

BRIX Jarkey Jar Opener - The Easiest Way to open a Jar

This jar key jar opener is extremely easy to operate and is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to be apprehensive before using it. It’s very simple to operate because there’s no straining or twisting required. You can just lift up and pop up and unscrew the lid.

Check out the BRIX Jar Key at Amazon.

EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off Jar Opener - Under Cabinet Jar Lid & Bottle Opener - Great for Seniors & Weak or Arthritic Hands

The installation and operation of this jar opener are both very easy. It can hide neatly under a cabinet or a cupboard and even a counter or a shelf. Hence you can open lids with one-handed use. It can open the largest jars and even the smallest bottles like nail polish bottles, etc.

Check out the EZ Off Jar Opener at Amazon.

Sinceller Electric Jar Opener

Sinceller Electric Jar Opener, Restaurant Automatic Jar Opener for Seniors with Arthritis, Weak Hands, Bottle Opener for Arthritic Hands

This electric jar opener makes it very easy to open a jar since it can be done without roughing up the lid and exerting almost no force at all. It’s battery operated and can fit over lids of all sizes. It’s especially good for opening factor sealed jars.

Check out the Sinceller Electric Jar Opener at Amazon.

Kichwit Jar Opener Tool

Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel, Bottle Opener Keychain Included

This jar opener is of the clamp and lock variety and can be easily stored under your kitchen drawer. It’s designed for weak hands and is non-slip.

Check out the SUJING Jar Opener Tool at Amazon.

Jar openers are a boon to seniors with arthritis, and with the population aging, they will be required more than ever to help in daily life.

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