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Peeling potatoes is an important first step to creating delicious potato dishes.

Peeling potatoes is an important first step to creating delicious potato dishes.

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Peeling potatoes can be a monotonous and boring task. It takes forever, and I can almost never find the potato peeler after I set it down somewhere. Plus, it causes a mess in the kitchen, and I already have enough to clean after cooking.

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But have you heard of electric potato peelers? You probably did, and I probably should have. I mean, everything else in the world has an electronic counterpart, why not the potato peeler?

Anyway, since being introduced to the godsend that is the electric potato peeler, I have never been so ready to make mashed potatoes or any other dish that calls for peeled potatoes.

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Today we will look at a couple of electric potato peelers on the market, and we will try to decipher which one is the best for your money.

Eleoption Multifunction Stainless Steel Electric Peeler

ELEOPTION Multifunction Stainless Steel Electric Fruit Apple Peeler Potato Peeling Machine Automatic (Black) This, like the title says, is a multifunction electric peeler that peels potatoes, apples, and pretty much any other kind of food that you would ever need to peel. But the truth is, they are all multifunctional.

This one has an ultra safe design that allows you to press a button and watch the machine do all of the work for you. There is no need to hold the potato while it is peeling, meaning there is no chance of you getting cut while it is peeling the potato (unless you are being irresponsible while operating it).

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It has a non-slip base that you put the potato onto, a robotic arm with a blade that you place at the top of the potato, these two work in conjunction to keep the potato upright while the base spins around and the blade cuts the skin off of the potato.

The robotic arm will adjust to any size of the potato to ensure a perfect peel each and every time you use it. It also comes with a hand thumb knife so you can scoop out the eyes of the potato.

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Should you get this peeler?

This is a perfectly good potato peeler. You just set the vegetable on the base, place the arm where it belongs, and press the button for it to start. No muss, no fuss, it is truly that easy. I see no reason that you shouldn’t get this product.

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Lohome Electric Potato Peeler

LOHOME Electric Potato Peeler [2 Extra Blades] - Automatic Rotating Fruits & Vegetables Cutter Apple Paring Machine - Kitchen Peeling Tool Again this is a potato peeler that doubles as an apple peeler or any other food you will ever need to have peeled. It has an ultra-safe design (as do most potato peelers), utilizing a humanized button design where all you have to do is set the robotic arm and press the start button then let the machine do the rest of the work for you.

The arm can adjust to any thickness in real-time and balance itself out so that you get the perfect slice with uniform thickness (essential when you are cooking). It has high-quality stainless steel blades that will not rust or dull so you can peel your food with confidence every time.

Get perfectly peeled potatoes every time with an awesome electric peeler.

Get perfectly peeled potatoes every time with an awesome electric peeler.

It also comes with a few different accessories including; three replaceable blades, a thumb knife to scoop out the eyes of the potato, and more. It can use more than one source of power, it works with four “AA” batteries (not included with the peeler), and can be utilized with the power adapter and cord (the cord and adapter are included).

This potato peeler works at incredible speeds peeling each potato in roughly ten seconds.

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Should you get this peeler?

The ability to peel a potato in ten seconds was previously unheard of for me. But now that I know about this device, I will never go back to hand peeling a potato. I also love that you can use batteries or a power adapter (although the cord could be a little bit longer).

There is one potential weakness though. If you have very soft potatoes, then this doesn’t always peel them very well. This can be a problem if the only time you ever peel potatoes is when you have some that are getting soft, and you need to eat them before they go bad.

Starfrit 93209  Rotato Express – Electric Peeler

Starfrit 093209-006-BLCK Electric Rotato Express, Black This is the most economical of the three that we are looking at today. It also peels both potatoes and apples (and any other fruit that can fit on it), and it does so by utilizing a base at the bottom, an arm that will guide the blade, and a button to make it peel.

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It includes a hand thumb knife so you can scoop out potato eyes, four spare blades so you can change out dulling blades for optimal results, and all of these fit comfortably inside of the storage compartment on the base of the peeler.

The Starfrit 93209 operates on both a six-volt power adapter and four “AA” batteries (batteries not included with the device).

Should you get this peeler?

This is by no means a bad potato peeler (particularly in the price point), but one issue with this unit is that the blades are weaker than they should be, causing inconsistent peeling at times, resulting in you having to do a little extra peeling manually.

Wrap – Up

Potato peelers are very helpful for getting your peeling done quickly and with less of a mess. Because it peels the potato all in one motion, you only have a singular large peel, rather than several smaller ones, that end up all over the countertops.

They could be made a little better and a little more reliably if they had better blades, but overall, I think it is a worthwhile investment if you find yourself peeling potatoes often.

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