Best Double Boiler for Melting Chocolate

Can't make your own chocolate peanut butter cups without a double boiler!

Can’t make your own chocolate peanut butter cups without a double boiler!

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Has this happened to you? You plan on making chocolate sauce or a cake or fondue or anything that requires melted chocolate and you just burn or turn it into an unusable goo? Yeah, I have been there too.

In a hurry? I like the Farberware Double Boiler at Amazon.

The thing is, chocolate melts really fast and if you don’t pay close attention or the temperature isn’t right things can get messed up. Let me introduce you to the best double boilers so you’ll never burn chocolate again.

How does a double boiler work?

This multipurpose kitchen device consists of two or more pots. A lower and larger one that looks like a saucepan and an upper pot that fits inside the bottom one. This last one, called the insert, is used for putting the food or what you want to cook while the one in the bottom simmers water to heat the insert.

They are perfect for making custards like crème anglaise, emulsions like hollandaise sauce, keeping gravy warm or the most common use, melting chocolate.

How does it melt chocolate?

Basically, there’s a barrier between the heat source and the chocolate (or anything else) that you put in the upper pot. That barrier is water. The water in the bottom pot boils and uses the steam that produces to heat the insert pot. The chocolate never touches water (which will make the chocolate seize and become useless) but slowly heats it to a perfect melted consistency.

Why is it good for melting chocolate?

The temperature at which chocolate becomes this easy to work with, gooey, delicious liquid is also close to the temperature at which it burns (bummer). But, the slow, even and constant heat from a double boiler makes it much easier to avoid burning it.

Even if you don’t pay much attention or you forget that you were melting chocolate, using a double boiler makes it almost impossible to burn the chocolate because the water will evaporate before it becomes hot enough to actually burn it.

Convinced already? Well, now I got you a list of the best double boilers you can get for melting delicious chocolate and achieving your favorite recipes.

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Cook N Home Double Boiler and Steamer Set

Made of mirror polished stainless steel this set includes the double boiler insert but also a steamer insert, which is similar to a regular one but with holes in it so you can steam vegetables or other things like pot-stickers. It also comes with a glass lid.

The bottom of the pot is designed for full heat distribution but without burning or overheating your meals or your chocolate.

Works on every cooktop

It works perfectly on any heat surface (electric, gas, halogen etc.) and even though it might seem a bit big (measures 12 x 8.5 x 12 inches) it will let you cook more than just chocolate and it is dishwasher safe!

See the Cook N Home Double Boiler at Amazon. 

The price is very affordable and once you get the hang of it you’ll end up using is almost every day. Ready to surprise everyone with the best chocolate?

Cuisinart Universal Double Boiler

Cuisinart 7111-20 Chef's Classic Stainless Universal Double Boiler with Cover

No one said you have to buy a whole new pot just because you want a double boiler. This option from Cuisinart works with 2-, 3- and 4- quart saucepans. Chances are, this is going to fit with a pot you already have. 

Getting this one gives you the quality of Cuisinart, but at a lower cost since you don’t have to buy the pot as well as the double boiler.

Tapered Rim

It comes with a tight-fitting lid and the rim is tapered so once that chocolate is perfectly melted, pouring it out is easy and low-mess.

Made from stainless steel, this is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 550º and will last a long time.

See the Cuisinart Universal Double Boiler at Amazon.

Melt your chocolate perfectly every single time without having to buy a whole new set up. This is a great addition to your kitchen.

Make a chocolate ganache with the help of your new double boiler.

Make a chocolate ganache with the help of your new double boiler.

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Farberware Classic Stainless Double Boiler

Farberware Classic Stainless Series 2-Quart Covered Double Boiler

For over 100 years people have trusted Farberware to make exceptional cookware, and this double boiler is no exception.

Made of heavy duty stainless steel and aluminum core for quick and even heating, this set will become one of your best friend when cooking. Also, it is polished to a mirror finish to give your kitchen a classic but modern touch.

Classic black stay-cool handles

The handles are very comfortable and will stay cool so you can handle them with ease. The knob handle on the lid is easy to get a hold of in a hurry. It comes with a lid that seals in all the heat and moisture.

Here’s the Farberware Double Boiler at Amazon. 

It is oven safe up to 350º F and you can still put it in the dishwasher after a long day of cooking because it is dishwasher safe.

This set combines technology, styling, and quality that Farberware has been known for and delivered for decades. No doubt you remember your mom using these same pots and pans.

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To properly melt chocolate, it’s not just a matter of getting it hot. You have to get it hot evenly, slowly and without burning it or introducing water to the mix. The best way to do all of this is with a double boiler. These are all great choices, but my favorite today is the double boiler from Farberware (Amazon). I love the classic stylings of the black handles and the quality construction of stainless and aluminum core. Now you’re ready to make some chocolate.

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