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Best Coasters For Sweaty Drinks


Don't set that iced tea down just anywhere! Use a coaster.
Don’t set that iced tea down just anywhere! Use a coaster. The ThirstyStone Coaster at Amazon.


The last thing you want to worry about when entertaining is potential water rings on your beautiful furniture. Sweaty drinks like iced water or beer cans can create these unsightly marks that may not be removable from some types of tables.

Don’t sweat it! Here’s my pick, the ThirstyStone Sandstone coaster. Thirstystone Brand - Desert Sand Coaster, Multicolor All Natural Sandstone - Durable Stone with Varying Patterns, Every Coaster Is An Original

Even worse, you may invest in a beautiful set of coasters only to find that they merely pool water at the bottom of the glass, rather than absorb the moisture to completely prevent spills. This generally tends to happen with cloth, cork, bamboo, plastic, or metal coasters. Stone based coasters, like sandstones, unglazed ceramics, and slate coasters, are usually a better option for absorbing sweat and preventing a mess.

Avoid this issue altogether with these highly recommended and top-rated absorbent table coasters. Get back to enjoying your time with loved ones rather than worrying about their drinks!

Thirstystone Sandstone Coasters

Thirstystone Brand - Desert Sand Coaster, Multicolor All Natural Sandstone - Durable Stone with Varying Patterns, Every Coaster Is An Original View on Amazon

Thirstystone makes some of the most popular coasters available. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a few different designs. You’ll probably find one to perfectly match your decor.

Check out the Thirstystone Coasters at Amazon. 

They are all made out of a sandstone top, which is very absorbent and will prevent sweat from dripping onto your furniture. But for added furniture protection, Thirstystone added a layer of cork underneath. That means the sandstone will not scratch the furniture itself. This is a great purchase to combat sweaty drinks with style.

Enkore Coasters

ENKORE Absorbent Coaster For Drinks - 8 Pack Large 4.3" Size Ceramic Thirsty Stone With Cork Back Fit Big Cup, 2 COASTERS For Each Design, No Holder - 4 Pretty Mandala Patterns Make A Home Decor Style View on Amazon

Enkore makes similar coasters to those at Thirstystone, so they’re another great pick. They also make a dual-layered coaster involving absorbent sand and soapstone. To boot, they have a rubber bottom for extra gripping power on your tables, and to prevent potential scratches. This will keep your coasters (and drinks!) from sliding around the table.

See the Enkore Coasters at Amazon. 

These coasters also have a silicone edge around the outside for added protection. While sandstone is a very absorbent material, it does so over time. So if a large amount of sweat is accumulated at once, it still may pool over the sandstone until it has time to absorb it. This is why Enkore designed their coasters with a silicone edge, to catch any excess that may overflow. This is a smart design and a smart buy!

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MountainStone Coasters

For a more aesthetically pleasing pick, MountainStone makes beautiful flower or sun themed coasters made out of absorbent stone materials. They come in pastel colors, creating a gentle atmosphere for your living space or kitchen area. MountainStone also has cork backing for furniture protection. They come as a set of 8, which is almost double the value of other options here.

See the MountainStone Coasters at Amazon. 

Lahome Ceramic Coasters

Lahome Marble Pattern Coasters - Round Drinks Absorbent Stone Coaster Set with Ceramic Stone and Cork Base for Kinds of Mugs and Cups (Blue, Set of 4) View on Amazon

Another aesthetically oriented option are these ceramic coasters. Featuring many different designs, the artwork is a stunning marble pattern.  This will make a beautifully artful, yet useful addition to your home. They also come with 4 different designs, making it easier for your guests to tell their drinks apart. These also come with a cork backing, and receive rave reviews for their durability, functionality, and artistic appeal.

Here’s the Lahome Coasters at Amazon. 

These drinks are perfect... almost. They just need a few coasters!
These drinks are perfect… almost. They just need a few coasters!

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There are all types of coasters available on the market, but for exceptionally sweaty drinks, protect your furniture with stone-based coasters. Also, make sure they have some sort of gentle material like rubber or cork on the back in order to protect your furniture from potential damage from the coasters themselves! On a hot day outdoors, or just entertaining guests with chilly, sweaty drinks, you’ll need the best coasters you can find. I really like the elegance and absorbency of the ThirstyStone coasters

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