Best Blenders for Smoothies and Margaritas

Smoothies make for healthy meals and snacks, but you need the right blender first.

Smoothies make for healthy meals and snacks, but you need the right blender first. The Oster Blender at Amazon.

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Smoothies are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why with our health-obsessed, nonstop culture. A smoothie is the perfect solution to the age-old dilemma of wanting to consume something healthy, but not having a lot of time to prepare that healthy option.

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With a smoothie, you can’t pull out that “I didn’t have time to make something healthy so I’m eating pizza” excuse. All you have to do is grab your fruits and veggies of choice, add some liquid, throw in a little protein powder or a dollop of peanut or almond butter, and voila! You have yourself a healthy and filling snack or meal ready to take on the road or slurp down at your desk.   

Make a lot of protein smoothies? Check out the best blenders for that right here.

Smooth and Booze

So you’ve been using your blender for your smoothies, being healthy day in and day out every day of the week. Good job! But now it’s the weekend, and you want to kick back, relax, and loosen up a little bit. Luckily for you, there are a lot of blenders that are great for both smoothies and cold mixed drinks, like the summer classic, frozen margaritas.

If you’re specifically looking for a margarita machine, check out my top picks.

Blenders used to make margaritas are traditionally of the same type and model as blenders used for smoothies. The most important quality a blender should have for making margaritas and other frozen drinks is a sharp, durable blade to adequately shave and pulverize ice.

The Best Blenders

No matter whether your goal is to get a little tipsy, start a juice cleanse, or whip up a sweet, creamy, and healthy dessert, there are a multitude of blenders that can serve your every need.

If you’re looking for the most blend for your buck, so to speak, the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish is a great choice.

With seven speed settings and a dishwasher-safe glass jar that holds up to 6 cups, the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender is versatile and a powerful addition to your drink-mixing and smoothie-concocting arsenal. Even better, the two-ounce filler cap comes complete with markings for measurements as you mix and match away.

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Use these smoothies to make delicious boozy drinks as well!

Use these smoothies to make delicious boozy drinks as well!

Not interested in sharing, and just want a blender that does the job for you? The Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender, Single Serve, Stainless Steel Blending Blade allows you to whip up personal smoothies and drinks on the go. The portable and compact design means you can store and transport the Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender easily.

The set also comes with two travel cups with lids so that you can drink your smoothie after the gym, at work, or even on the road. It’s 240-watt motor and stainless steel blending blade will do the job for any standard smoothie ingredients, and can even crush ice and frozen produce.

Chefman’s blender can be found here at Amazon.

For the Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper, Blender, Food Processor, versatility is the name of the game. Its 3-in-1 functionality makes it an all-around all-star. Its 3 jars – one 48 oz. jar for smoothies and frozen drinks, one 40 oz. jar for food processing, and one 16 oz. container for chopped, diced, or pureed food items – allow you to choose the adequate settings for whatever blend you want to make.  The 450-watt motor, though not the most powerful one on the market, manages to get everything blended and ready to go without too much hassle.

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If you want a blender that’s high-powered and best suited for crushing ice and frozen fruit, the Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender is the way to go. With 3.5 peak horsepower and Exclusive BlendLogix operating technology, the Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender is a powerhouse that can knock anything you throw at it out of the park – or, more accurately, into your glass.  

A cool memory feature even allows you to save specific settings and customize your blending concoctions as you go along. Though a bit pricier than some other blenders, the Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender will live up to the hype and churn out your favorite frozen beverages like clockwork.

Looking for Cuisinart’s blender? Find it here at Amazon.

Blend Away!

No matter what you’re looking for, these blenders will have you sipping something smooth, cold, and delicious from the time you get out of bed to hit the gym until your last party guest leaves after midnight.

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