Best Bench Scraper for Icing Cakes

Bench scrapers will give you beautiful decorated cakes with flawless frosting.

Bench scrapers will give you beautiful decorated cakes with flawless frosting.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a cake decorating superstar, you’ve probably realized how many tools it takes to become a successful cake decorator. From smoothing out icing, piping on the perfect swirls, to forming the delicate pieces of fondant, making a beautiful and delicious cake is no small feat.

Picking out the perfect buttercream or whipped cream frosting might be a difficult choice. Picking out the best bench scraper for icing your cakes should not have to be. Choosing a bench scraper that’s durable and easily cleaned will bring you many years of cake decorating pleasure.

Why do I need a bench scraper?

Even if you aren’t a professional cake decorator, you can still decorate a professional looking cake at home. The first step in making sure your cake is as picturesque as possible is applying a thick layer of icing in between your layers and then onto the outer surface of the cake.

Having a functional and well-designed bench scraper will making icing cakes a breeze. Combined with a turntable where you can easily spin around your cakes, a bench scraper ensures that your cake’s frosting will be evenly distributed. The perfectly smooth surface provides a surface for applying any other decorative piping, frosting, fondant, marzipan or sprinkles. Smoothing out your cake with a bench scraper is the first step towards building a beautifully created cake.

Can’t I just use a regular butter knife to apply icing to my cakes?

If you’re baking cakes at home and they won’t be on display for the world to see, this method may be suitable for you. If you’re having a child help you decorate the cake and it’s going to turn out messy, using a regular butter knife is fine. (Always supervise children during the cake decorating process.)

However, if you’re already taking on the cake baking and decorating process at home, you are already a step ahead. Why not take your cake decorating to the next level? For a picture-perfect cake suitable for any occasion, you’re going to want a bench scraper to smooth out the frosting. You’ll know its worth it when you have the creamiest and dreamiest icing on your cake!

What makes a great bench scraper?


It looks like a painters tool because you're creating a work of art!

It looks like a painters tool because you’re creating a work of art!

For the very best functional bench scraper, you’re going to want an ergonomic model. It should fit comfortably in your hand. If you’re going to be the primary cake decorator, be sure to pick one that fits your personal needs. Additionally, make sure it will be able to accommodate the sizes of cakes you envision yourself frosting.

Traditionally, bench scrapers are made of a stainless steel material for the scraping edge. This makes it incredibly easy to get a perfectly straight edge or smoothness when you’re icing cakes.

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Stainless steel bench scrapers

Any type of frosting you choose has the potential to be incredibly messy. This is especially true if you’ll be dyeing it different colors with food coloring or food gel. For this reason, I suggest steering clear of plastic cake smoothers and opt for solidly-constructed stainless steel.Bench Scraper at Amazon

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The handle can be made of either the same metal as the scraper, or it can be covered by a more comfortable plastic. That’s important if you anticipate spending several hours trying to perfect your cake frosting. Either option will be suitable for a perfect bench scraper, but you should always choose what you think will be the best one for you.Oxo Scraper at Amazon

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Buttercream or whipped cream frostings can dry out quickly, especially in drier climates. Make sure your bench scraper is easy to clean. Some models can be placed in the dishwasher. Read this post on dishwashers suitable for stainless steel cookware. A high-quality stainless steel bench scraper won’t rust when it’s put in the dishwasher or comes in contact with water.Norpro Scraper at Amazon

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How can a bench scraper elevate my cake decorating skills?

If you’re a budding cake decorator or just really would like to enhance your cake decorating skills, using a bench scraper can be a great way to get those excellently smooth frosted edges. Even if you intend on using a different tool to create a scalloped edge, having a smooth base is essential when you’re trying to create a picture perfect cake.

Scooping icing haphazardly onto a cake and hoping it turns out well is a recipe for disaster. Watch a few tutorials on how to quickly and easily ice your cakes. They’ll also demonstrate how to apply the perfect amount of icing to each layer, and how to effectively smooth it out equally so that the cake does not appear lopsided.

How you use your bench scraper for icing cakes is as important as the actual bench scraper itself. Apply gentle pressure as you work to ensure the even distribution of frosting. Reaching uniformity in your icing application is the end goal when frosting a cake.

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Baking like a pro!

For the very best experience when you are icing a cake, use a quality bench scraper. This small investment can help you frost the cake of your dreams. Choose a bench scraper that suits your own personal cake decorating needs. Soon, you’ll be on your way to beautiful and smoothly frosted cakes.

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