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Do you want:

  • Cool information about food?
  • Interesting and tasty recipes?
  • A nerdy outlook on anything in the kitchen?

We are a small team of people who share a passion for food and cooking. It all started back in 2014 when Doug took his engineering degree and started applying it to food. There may have been a stopwatch involved. Our goal is to give you math and logic in your journey towards cooking well and having fun in the kitchen. We look at kitchen tools and gadgets as well as delicious recipes and give you the advice we would want.

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If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then, my friends, you are in the right place. My name is Doug, also known as The Kitchen Professor. No, I’m not really a professor.

Doug – The Kitchen Professor


The Kitchen Professor grew out of a modest blog that was dedicated to vintage cast iron – Wagner Cast Iron in case you’ve heard of it. That site isn’t out there anymore but you can find most of those old posts in the cast iron section.

I post a few recipes and review some products, too.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been cooking ever since I can remember. I first perfected the art of a grilled cheese.
  • When my mom taught me how to make scrambled eggs for the first time, I cracked the egg directly on the counter and failed to get any of the egg in the bowl.
  • I used to bake a lot of bread and I loved it.
  • But right now I am staying away from most grains, especially gluten-rich grains like wheat.

CONTACT INFO: Email doug (@)thekitchenprofessor.com

Rose – Lead Editor and Contributor

Rose Reinhard is a half Thai, half American foodie from Los Angeles.

She currently lives in Thailand, a hub of interesting foods and culture! Cooking is one of her hobbies and growing up multicultural has definitely added some spice to the mix.

She can’t live without her air-fryer and uses it to make many yummy fusion dishes.

David – Contributor

David holding a durian fruit

David is an American living a nomad lifestyle abroad. In the last 9 years, he has lived in France, Romania, England, Ireland, Albania, and Morocco, and currently resides in the Philippines.

Having learned to cook at an early age after his mother told him that he couldn’t live on pizza forever, Dave uses his modest kitchen skills to recreate sorely-missed recipes from home and to occasionally steal new favorite ones from places he is visiting.

In his free time, Dave enjoys video games, novels, and arguing with anyone who believes that Tex-Mex is not the greatest food on the planet.

Brock– Manager

Brock Yates

Brock Yates is the website manager for thekitchenprofessor.com, where he shares his passion for kitchen gadgets and technology.

With years of experience in the culinary industry, Brock enjoys experimenting with the latest kitchen gadgets and exploring new techniques in the kitchen.

His expertise and enthusiasm make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their cooking skills or upgrade their kitchen tools.

Because Brock is the tallest member of the team at 6 foot 5 inches, when he’s not thinking about food, he’s eating his favorites: pizza, burgers, tacos and burritos.

Adeena Tariq

Adeena – Contributor

Adeena is a freelance content writer and cooking enthusiast from Pakistan. She is currently a business student, and when she wants a break from her studies, writing on her favorite topics and cooking yummy dishes are her favorite things to do.

Donaldina Lugeumbiza

Donaldina – Contributor

Donaldina is a home cook and writer who enjoys experimenting with different flavors. She loves to take her readers on a fun-packed, palate pleasing journey through different recipes.

Along the way she recommends the best equipment and tools to prepare tasty meals.

Rhonda Richardson Editor headshot

Rhonda – Editor

Rhonda grew up with parents who gardened, hunted, fished, canned, and preserved food. Her mother actually was a professional cook and Rhonda credits her with teaching her everything from how to make homemade biscuits and gravy to what kind of meals to serve for different occasions.

In the kitchen, Rhonda uses a mix of old-fashioned country cooking and up-to-date fads in the kitchen, often experimenting with replacing higher-calorie or fat ingredients with healthier options that still retain the delicious flavors of the originals. She also enjoys watching cooking shows and videos to learn new tips and tricks for food storage, preparation, and presentation.

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