Cast Iron

Do you love a freshly-baked loaf of bread? Of course you do! Bread always tastes better when it’s fresh out of the oven. Instead of heading to the supermarket for a loaf, why not bake your own? I know what you’re thinking. “Who has the time?” Actually, baking bread in a Dutch oven requires very [...]

When you’re cooking with fire, there’s a chance you could get burned! To minimize this risk and keep your hands and arms from sustaining injury, you’re going to want a quality pair of oven mitts. If you frequently cook with a cast iron pan (read about Wagner ware cast iron), it’s a good idea to [...]

This is a guest post from my friend, Kim. She noticed I didn’t have a recipe for corn bread here at the Kitchen Professor… So, here is a great recipe that Kim shared with me. Check out more from Kim at Food for Thought RD. Growing up, my family had a cast iron skillet, but we [...]

Cast iron is an awesome material. It’s able to withstand extremely high cooking temperatures, which makes it ideal for frying and searing. Over time, cast iron naturally develops a non-stick surface which also adds a rich, savory flavor to anything cooked in it. Cast iron pots and pans are generally made of a single solid [...]

WagnerWare vs Griswold. It’s like choosing Chevy or Ford. It probably has to do with what your family uses… (We drove Fords around here!) When it comes to vintage cast iron cookware, Wagner and Griswold are the brands to look for. These two companies were the most popular manufacturers of cast iron cookware during their [...]

Cast iron has been used to make cookware for more than two thousand years, dating back to as far as the Han dynasty in China. Cast iron is prized for its heat retention, durability, and the natural non-stick surface created by its seasoning. In America, cast iron cookware had its heyday from the 1850s until the [...]

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