What’s the Best Omelette Pan for Induction

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Omelettes might seem easy, but you need the right tool for the job!

Omelettes might seem easy, but you need the right tool for the job!

We all love a fluffy omelette with all the fixins, but which frying pan makes the best? Your favorite pan might do the job, but it’s worth doing the research to find a dedicated pan if you are serious about your breakfast. It is quite useful to keep a pan for eggs only, as it should allow you to keep the nonstick surface pristine for longer.

Generally speaking, an 8-inch nonstick pan is just about right for a 2 to 3 egg omelette. Keep this in mind as you are shopping around.

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking is similar to its more common cousin, thermal cooking, but uses magnetic radiation to cook food rather than a flame. The science behind this is a little complex. In essence, an alternating magnetic field repeatedly oscillates the atoms within any metal that is placed upon it, and the natural resistance of the material causes it to increase in temperature. This is of very little importance in when you flick on the switch, but it is quite interesting.

How do I cook an omelettethe right way?

An omelette does not need to be cooked super hot. A medium heat is best, so take your time. Most people grimace at uncooked albumen, but no one wants their eggs overcooked and hard. If your pan has a nonstick surface, it will allow for the eggs to move around during the cooking process, giving your omelette a nice silky inside and a beautiful lightly-browned exterior.

For a really special omelette, saute some onions and peppers beforehand, grab anything that is fresh from the fridge, and make sure not to forget some butter and cheese. Omelettes are fun, so enjoy yourself!

What are some good pans for induction cooking?

Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than flipping an overloaded omelette? Probably.

Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than flipping an overloaded omelette? Probably.

Let’s start with something a little different. The NordicWare Folding Omelette Pan is actually less “gimmicky” than it might seem. If you’re like me and hesitate to flip a half-cooked mixture of eggs and veggies, this pan will suit you perfectly.

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This model has a very good nonstick surface and a solid aluminum construction that allows you to cook much more than just omelettes. This pan is admittedly a little weird at first, but after you see what you can do (fillings on one side, eggs on the other), you may well shrug off the strange looks and make this your “go to” pan.

Cast iron is always worth a mention when it comes to cookware, and the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet mixes age old values of build quality and performance with a modern look. It is preseasoned with vegetable oil so it is ready to go out of the box! Cast iron is durable, and the fact that it doesn’t use any of the chemicals found on nonstick pans means this type of pan will be a favorite amongst health-conscious cooks.

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If you do plan to re-season the pan, first read this post on seasoning cast iron with flaxseed oil.

The Calphalon Unison Omelette Set performs very well and may be better value for your money than the top-of-the-line All Clad that we’ll get to in a moment. These are very well made pans, and they look great too! You can go for the 8 or 10 inch depending on what size of omelette you like, but the two fit so well together you might as well grab them both. If you do store them together, make sure to place a towel or cloth between them to avoid scratching the nonstick surface. The flared edges on these pans are a very nice touch and allow for easy pouring. Along with the solid handle, the flares make this pan as good to look at as to use.

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The Best Omelette Pan

If you want the best, sometimes you have to pay top dollar. The All Clad D5 Stainless Steel NonStick Omelette Pan is no exception to this rule. This model is ideal for induction cooking owing to its (quite beautiful) construction. It uses five-ply, 18/10 stainless steel from base to handle and, while not specifically made for induction cooking, is perfectly suited to it. This pan will do whatever you want! Heat it with gas stoves, electric stoves, or put it on the grill—the All Clad will not let you down.

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Eggs are one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen and one that we use nearly every day. Why not do yourself a solid and treat them with the respect they deserve by preparing them in the best quality pan you can find?

For more information on nonstick cookware, see our article on the best ceramic cookware for gas stoves.

Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Jonathan B. and Jules.

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