What’s the Best Juicer for a Small Kitchen

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Juice forever.

Juice forever.

For those with a healthy and active lifestyle, a juicer is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Do your prep work in advance, and you can have your healthy breakfast ready in seconds. Unfortunately, juicers can be giant, space-killing machines. For those who care about their health more than the square-footage in their kitchen, finding the perfect juicer can be difficult. This list provides a few great options for small kitchens.

Why juice?

Fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice is the best way to maintain a healthy plant-based diet. Any health enthusiast should include the consumption of fresh juice into their daily routine, due to the nutritional benefits that juice provides. Juicing on a regular basis lays the foundation for an extremely healthy diet and lifestyle.

Carrots and apples and ginger, oh my!

Carrots and apples and ginger, oh my!

Juicers retain all the healthy “live” nutrients in fruit and vegetables that are often lost in cooking. This makes juicing one of the best ways to absorb quality enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your system.

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Kaysion Portable Juicer Cup

This mini-juicer truly does it all. Not only does it make delicious, nutrient-packed juices, it’s also a smoothie maker and a blender. The surprises don’t stop there! It’s also portableyou can take it on the run and recharge it using a portable USB cord. The all-in-one machine allows you to juice, blend, shake, and take your juice wherever you go.

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For the active types, this is ideal. There’s no need to rigorously clean it straight after use – just pop it in your bag, and off you go. It holds about 500ml of juice, which isn’t a bad compromise for grab-and-go quantity. As a smoothie maker, it also retains pulp, which often contains the majority of a fruit or vegetable’s nutrients. Being so small, it fits comfortably in even the smallest cupboard, and it’s an absolute steal at less than $30.


The other great mini juicer is the Maimon Portable. As the name suggests, it is also portable, meaning you can juice your fruits and veggies wherever you may be. It’s made from eco-friendly materials and is multifaceted. It can be anything from a juicer or smoothie maker, to a coffee blender.

With so much variety in the modern market, why wouldn’t you want this brilliant piece of technology in your kitchen? It’s a little higher quality than the previous juicer and costs about $45, depending on the retailer. You’ll really see where that extra money goes when you purchase this product and see the benefits for yourself.

Nutribullet Magic Bullet Mini

While the Magic Bullet is small, this mini model is even smaller! Great for dorm rooms, apartments, or cramped kitchens, the Magic Bullet Mini lets you juice in even the smallest of spaces.

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This model will make you delicious and healthful smoothies in seconds! The Mini weighs less than 3 lbs and is tiny enough to fit into a backpack. It comes in a 6 piece set, which includes: the High Torque Power Base, a mug with Comfort Lip Ring, a cup for mixing, cooking, and storing, a Stay Fresh resealable lid, and a stainless steel cross blade. Plus, at 30 bucks, it’s as affordable as it is efficient.

Enjoy Your Juice!

If you have a small kitchen, its all the more important to keep it organized. Thankfully, with a mini juicer, you don’t have to sacrifice your space or your health! Whether you’re a juicing pro looking for something to take with you on-the-go, or you’re just starting out with a teeny kitchen, these juicers are great options for your lifestyle needs.

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