Most people get their bread from the grocery store. It comes wrapped in plastic lasts a long time. I use to think that bread just had a long shelf life. But the opposite is true. Any way you slice it: I like the Brabantia Bread Box on Amazon. The only reason store-bought bread stays fresh [...]

Despite not being an American dish, lasagna is one of the most beloved dishes in American homes. The layers of cheese, pasta, and sauce is iconic in our nation. Not only is a favorite dish for family dinners but it is also an excellent choice when serving a group of people. Skip to the good [...]

Electric tea kettles are great. They generally heat up faster than a stove top kettle and don’t require that you have an entire stove to do it. This makes them great for the office if yours doesn’t have a kitchen. And the winner is…Aicok Stainless Steel Electric Kettle on Amazon.  They are much safer than [...]

If you just need a cup of tea for one, there’s zero reason to pour tons of water into your 3-liter tea kettle. Here’s the lowdown: I like the Zell Premium Stainless Steel kettle.  Of course, you could always just fill up your regular kettle only to as high as you need for one cup, [...]

Brewing tea in the morning is one of the more relaxing rituals I have found. The process is comforting because it gives me a chance to gather all of my thoughts before I start my day. Here’s the short version. I like the Willow & Everett Whistling Tea Kettle from Amazon.  Then, of course, I [...]

So you’ve finally realized you need a bread box.They look cool, keep your bread soft and help prevent mold. But now you want to know: What’s the best bread box? Easy. I suggest the Now Designs Bread Bin from Amazon. I also like a couple others, which we’ll get to soon. But first I’d like [...]

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