Mason Jars for Smoothies and Juicing

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Mason jars, not just for canning!

Mason jars, not just for canning!

Have you joined the ranks of the health-conscious and started blending up healthy juices and smoothies? If you haven’t, this is the perfect time to start! Blending your own smoothies with fresh fruits is a great way to start the morning. Vegetable juices make for tasty, nutrient-dense snacks.

The container into which you pour your smoothies and juices is just as important as the ingredients inside. Enhance your experience by stocking up on mason jars to help you get the most out of your health drinks.

Why should I use mason jars?

You might be thinking to yourself, hey, why can’t I just enjoy my smoothie in whatever container I have handy? Theoretically, you could. However, using mason jars to store and sip smoothies or juices can be beneficial in many ways.

If you make a bulk batch in your blender, you can freeze several jars to consume at a later date. This is a cost-efficient way to make the most of your healthy ingredients.

Additionally, most mason jars are very durable. This is great because you will be able to reuse the cup for years without having to worry about replacing it. By reusing the same set of mason jars instead of opting for disposable cups and straws, you’ll be doing the earth a favor by cutting down on waste that ends up in landfills.

Mason jars aren’t the simple glass jar and canning lid that they once were. Today’s models come equipped with different lid and straw attachments, making your daily smoothie easier to take on-the-go.

Save time and money!

Are you the kind of person that bulk shops, prepares several meal at a time, and then freezes them for a later date? If the answer is “yes,” then mason jars are likely your best option for juices and smoothies. You can whip up a big batch and freeze several jars for later.

If you have a container of spinach or raspberries that look like they’ll soon be on their way out, why not blend them up into a delicious and nutritious smoothie? By using a mason jar as the container, you’ll be able to freeze your spinach, kale, and celery green smoothie so you can have one later on in the week!

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Mason jars are the perfect size.

Mason jars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You will likely find that the 16 ounce (or 2 cup) mason jar is perfect for accommodating your drinks. If you have children who also like their smoothies, consider investing in a set of half pint mason jars, too.

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Standard, pint-sized mason jars are great, but wide-mouth mason jars may be a better option if you prefer a wider opening. This comes in handy when you’re trying to transfer your smoothies from blender to mason jar. The same thing goes for your juicer.

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Eco-friendly containers for health-conscious people.

Glass mason jars have been revived as coveted containers for beverages. With the recent turn towards eco-friendliness, glass containers are increasingly preferred over plastic cups for transporting juices and smoothies.

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Many juices contain an acidic component, which will usually stain any plastic containers if left to sit too long. Additionally, mason jars can effectively cut off any air from your juices, which preserves its freshness for longer.

Glass mason jars are BPA-free, which is perfect for someone who’s looking to rid themselves of unnecessary chemicals in their everyday life. Mason jars are also fairly easy to clean when you’re all done drinking that smoothie.

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Juices and smoothies on-to-go.

Have a delicious smoothie wherever, whenever!

Have a delicious smoothie wherever, whenever!

If you’re frequently traveling, a mason jar for juices and smoothies could still fit into your lifestyle. Recently, a new market has emerged for mason jar accessories. They are brilliant solutions that help make mason jar juices sensible and trendy.

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For starters, you’re going to want to choose a mason jar and lid setup that suits your lifestyle. If you have a fairly bumpy ride to work, consider packing your smoothies in an airtight mason jar with the lid completely sealed.

Do you like to have a breakfast smoothie while commuting to work or school? You can easily find mason jars with lids that will accommodate a straw!

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They’re great for kids!

Suppose you have kids who love smoothies, but always manage to get smoothie in places where it doesn’t belong. Thankfully, a mason jar lid attachment that resembles a kiddie cup sipping lid can mitigate that issue.

If your little one can only down half of your regular-sized smoothies, consider packing them smoothies in half-pint mason jars.

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Choosing the best mason jar.

Big brand mason jars, such as Ball, are usually made of glass. It’s the preferred material because it keeps colors and odors from leaching into the cup. These jars are expertly crafted and offer features that other, newer materials lack. Glass mason jars offer the longevity that a plastic container simply can’t compete with.

Be sure to select a mason jar that will work in your favor when it comes time to press a big batch of juice. Take into consideration the size of your freezer and see exactly which shapes and sizes will stack best.

With a quality mason jar, you can enjoy easy access to freshly-pressed juices and delicious smoothies, anytime, anywhere!

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