Best Oven Mitts for Small Hands

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Cute and efficient.

Cute and efficient.

My cousin has small hands, and we always have a good laugh about them when she cooks at my place because, well, my oven mitts don’t fit her! They just slip off her hands as soon as she puts them on, and when they are on, they eat up her hands and half her arm. It’s a pretty funny sight.

We enjoy cooking together at my place, and I take pride in my kitchen. So, I thought it would nice to surprise her with a lovely pair of oven mitts that are suitable for those with small hands. I wanted to make sure she received the best pair, so I took my time in deciding the best one for her.

My Quest for the Best Oven Mitts

I enjoy shopping a lot, and most of the time, I spend at least three to four hours in a shopping center. I like to compare one item to the other, and search the Internet for reviews. Once I am satisfied, only then will I make a purchase. Of course, that’s on something I really care about.

However, in search for the best oven mitts for small hands, I made the decision to read numerous reviews online first, and then made my way to the mall. It was not an easy task, mind you, but she’s worth it! I read about 10 reviews, and the best oven mitts for small hands are (drum roll please!) the Triumphant Chef mitts.

Oven Mitts from Triumphant Chef

The oven mitts from Triumphant Chef are made of durable silicone. As a polymer, silicone is an amazing fire-resistant material that can be as stretchy as a pair of gloves. Want to know what I like about these oven mitts? My cousin can perform the ‘thumbs up’ sign with minimal effort – that’s how flexible they are (and how much she loves them!). In fact, they’re one of the very few silicone mitts that are super bendy, but still sleek and attractive.

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The outsides of the mitts are designed with a slip-proof ‘Y’ and ‘O’ pattern that can help maintain a firm grip on pots, pans, and food items as you remove them from the grill or oven. You can find these unique patterns on the palm and finger areas for safe gripping on large and small items.

The exterior shell of the mitt is water and oil-proof, which prevents burns. These awesome mitts protect you from oil splashes from pans, or from any soggy cloth-based material that can cause heated water burns. Deep fryer owners, rejoice!

But what’s really important…

I was attracted to this pair of oven mitts because they come in various colors. Black, canary yellow, dark red, lime green, royal blue, or royal purple. Each color is rather unique, and the brand created enough shades for any cook or chef to accessorize their existing kitchen décor with the oven mitts.

The color combinations are very pretty and add a sense of individuality. You can grab a pair that match your kitchen, and some that really don’t match anything, you just love the color. I ended buying two pairs in different colors, so that my cousin could take one pair home, and leave the other at my place.

honestly this is just fun...

honestly this is just fun…

Comfortable and effective!

Aside from the vibrant colors, the Triumphant Chef’s oven mitts are also made to be comfortable, while they protect you from temperatures as high as 450 degrees for an extended time.

Unofficially, Triumphant Chef did a test on the same oven mitts that I bought. The mitts were put on a pizza stone that was heated at more than 500 degrees. There were absolutely no damages done to the oven mitts, except for some minor discomfort felt by the tester when he lifted the stone for a period of time.

From what I have read online, some users felt some sense of warmth when they removed their very hot items from the stove or oven. Personally, I wouldn’t try to test the theory too in-depth… It could get a little out of hand.

The nitty-gritty

I like that the interior lining of the oven mitts is made from quilted cotton filled with polyester. A plus point to the oven mitts – although it is not entirely removable, you can take out the liner and wash it. They’re also long enough to cover your wrists.

Here are the measurements, in case you’re interested –

  • From the tip of the mitts to the cuff is about 11.5 inches (this means the cuff extends to half of your wrists
  • The mitts are about 4.5 inches in width (it can accommodate even the largest hands, but do not worry, if you have small hands, they would not slip off!)

If you buy a set of these oven mitts, you’ll also get a silicone pastry brush with them. The brush is amazing for basting food items, and they are able to withstand very hot temperatures, too. If you’re an avid cook, there is another surprise for you – you will receive a downloadable cookbook with ridiculously interesting recipes for you to try!

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Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Silvia and veggietothemax.