“There’s nothing new under the sun.” This sage wisdom applies to just about everything, and that includes pizza. In 500 BC, Persian soldiers were baking flatbread on their shields in the field, topped with cheese and dates. There’s evidence tracing pizza back to everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, depending on your definition. [...]

Nothing you put on the grill says lush, decadent, buttery better than lobster. But, these delightful, 10-legged crustaceans weren’t always the delicacy we consider them today. Native Americans on the Northeast coastline often used lobsters as fertilizer. Colonial Americans regarded them as fit for children, the poor, and indentured servants. In fact, by the 1800s, [...]

When you have big group of people to feed and need more than the four burners on your stove, a hot plate can be a great way to keep your sauce warm or your casserole piping hot. Switching out pots can be a real hassle, and the area beside your stove can get cluttered fast. [...]

If you are going to pay for a nice Cab, it pays to drink it from a nice glass. The science may be a little boring what with the volatile esters, temperature fluctuations, and the swirling oenophiles spend years perfecting. But, the main idea is that a Cabernet, perhaps more than most wines, needs a [...]

Bread has been a staple of the human diet since antiquity. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, where wheat was cultivated, grain was initially chewed. Humans soon learned they could add water to wheat and bake the paste into flatbreads that would keep for days. Leavened bread resulted from the accidental introduction of yeast into the dough. [...]

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