Basting brushes are essential tools for any novice or a grill-master. Whether you’re just grilling a few pieces of chicken or a full ham, a basting brush can make your life infinitely easier. You can check out my favorite basting brush on Amazon. They allow you to slather on large amounts of any oil, sauce, [...]

Kitchen islands are like the brunch options of dining rooms. It’s not quite formal, but still manages to be intimate and meaningful. But what’s a kitchen island without well designed, comfortable barstools?  You can check out my favorite barstools on Amazon. Dining at the kitchen island is appropriate for a proper meal, but it can [...]

Toaster ovens are great kitchen tools because they allow you to cook a variety of foods with much more energy efficiency than conventional ovens.  I’m a fan: The Rosewill Toaster Oven with a 60 minute timer and 1500 watts.  Toaster ovens also allow you to cook food in different ways with settings and options like [...]

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? If your coffee taste leans more towards the espresso, investing in an espresso machine could save you some money on coffeehouse trips. For those new to the game, a home espresso machine (with a dual boiler) is for someone who wants to brew multiple drinks back-to-back and [...]

When you go out on those hot summer days, you need to hydrate constantly. The problem is, the heat from the sun isn’t just making you hot, it is also making your drink hot. Want the best now? The Yeti Rambler from Amazon.  We have all experienced having to wipe the condensation from our cups, [...]

Toaster ovens are an invaluable tool in the kitchen these days. If you have tight living quarters, like dorm rooms or you are in the military and live in the barracks, then toaster ovens can be your best friend. Can you find a good oven for under $200? I found three… read on for my [...]

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